How one couple lost more than 100 kilos together


How one couple lost more than 100 kilos together

Brendan and I have been married for 2 years throughout the years we've always been active enjoying time Outdoors but that quickly changed when the pandemic hit in 20120 we stayed home and in the 3 years since we ate a lot for me my weakness was grabbing a bag of chips at night before bed any movement for us went out the window in early 2023 I.

Weighed my heaviest 260 lb and I weighed 225 lb we tried different diets but nothing stuck I had zero energy and always felt EX exhausted throughout the day in May 2023 I won a trip to Maui but instead of feeling excited we felt embarrassed about how we looked we knew we had to make a change we started switching up our diet eating Whole Foods.

And saying goodbye to snacking and to our surprise we saw immediate results before our vacation we eventually joined a gym where Ashley remains focused on strength training and I've become obsessed with pickle ball in just 7 months we've lost a combined 115 lbs and we feel better than ever all right guys again here's Ashley.

And Brendan before this whole Health journey and they are here so let's meet them now Ashley and Brendan come on out my goodness hello welcome you look so nice nice to meet you oh my goodness congratulations guys you look amazing you look amazing oh my goodness excited.

To be here well this is so much fun I know you guys like so many couples have tried to lose weight together before what was it about this dream vacation that really just kind of got you guys going yeah well the trip was definitely the Catalyst for us to really make a change this time and but I think our approach is what made the big difference.

In the past we would join a gym try to work out like bodybuilders in two weeks we would burn out and we would be done and then the same on the diet we tried kind of the mainstream restrictive diets that would that were really hard to maintain we would do them for two weeks and then we were done once again so it was really hard for us to um um really.

Stick with it but Maui got us excited we were won the trip then we were embarrassed but it really set us on this this lifestyle change and we're super excited where we're at I love that people said goals but rarely do they follow through you guys delivered on those goals it did require you to make some important adjustments in the ways.

That you eat what were some of those adjustments um yeah so we like Brandon said we kept things simple so we weren't overwhelmed with anything so when I would go into the grocery store I decided to eliminate the middle aisles which is where I'd find the cookies the snack that we were consing and I stuck to the.

Outskirts of the grocery store where the fruits the vegetables the lean proteins were and that really did the trick for me to stay focused you know with what food was going to come into the house so you guys shop different you also play different a little pickle ball yeah I don't know if we have enough ti me for me to talk about pickle ball but cuz I am.

Very I'm obsessed at this point I think I play 7 days a week and it has numerous benefits for me so it the physical benefits are it's my cardio um I can't run on a treadmill for 3 hours but I can play pickle ball for four or five hours so it's amazing to be able to do that and then the Mental Health and Social aspects so I'm able to get out meet new.

People make new friends um and really just have fun we actually spent Christmas day with um my pickleball partner um this year so it was phenomenal so we're making real friends and having a lot of fun just life changes yeah absolutely and asy I know you have type 1 diabetes how has losing weight actually helped in that regard.

It's been a tremendous benefit I just saw my doctor earlier this month my numbers look beautiful my cholesterol blood pressure everything is down and I've decreased my daily insulin from 50 units to 25 units so that makes me really happy and proud W just with diet and exercise just with diet and exercise yes incredible talk about the impact.

This you guys have only been married for a short time before you sort of went on this journey together which I trust can only draw you closer how has this impacted your relationship well it's been phenomenal so we've been together for over 10 years married for two and in the beginning we would kind of blend our Hobbies so she would come fishing with.

Me I would spend time at the craft stores and that we kind of got away from that um but now we have a common goal and we have a common hobby that we're we're both working towards so it's it's really been phenomenal um and then I think the other piece is we really get to celebrate each other so not only when I hit a goal I can be happy about it but.

When Ashley hits a goal and does our first pullup or loses that next 10 pounds we can really be happy for each other and then an accountability partner is always helpful when you're going through these kind of changes yes if just one of you had done it if you had that little cookie it might be a little bit hard put it down right exactly.

Congratulations you guys thank you I hope we can Inspire someone to make small changes make small changes be consistent and set small goals and you'll see big results pickle ball two to three days a week is enough doesn't need to be seven days I don't know about that a littleit at least seven days a week thank you guys so much for sharing.

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