How one could presumably per chance make greater habits: Ally Love shares weight loss blueprint and fitness pointers


How one could presumably per chance make greater habits: Ally Love shares weight loss blueprint and fitness pointers

now to our special series transforming 24 the Jacobs family has committed to making big changes this year so we connected them with a panel of experts to support them along the way all all week and now we're focusing on the wellness piece okay one of daa's and Anthony's goals was to live a healthier.

Lifestyle so let's check out what happened when our girl Ali love surpris them with a little knock knock surprise knock knock all right friends so I'm outside of the Jacob's family's house they don't know that I'm here it's a surprise okay.

Hello how are you I would like to feed my family better meals even if I'm in a rush not pasta if pasta comes to my house one more time the pantry is full of pasta at the moment there will definitely be pasta happening at some point this week when we talk about health and wellness the first thing that comes to mind is.

What we consume I don't believe that you should take things off your plate I think you should add them in so however you currently consume food whatever you currently consume the rule is that you're going to have vegetables with every meal with the vegetables we want to eat them as close to Raw as possible what doesn't count M lettuce really so.

No like Roma or Iceberg I know that's a limitation but I don't want you to say well for lunch I'm going to have a salad and therefore I am healthy okay that is not we want to diversify the amount of ingredients that we're putting in vitamins and minerals sounds good nutritious good for listen I just celebrated my 50th.

Birthday and I have a 4-year-old and I have a 15-year-old that I still have to keep up with you know it's see it's very difficult one of the things that came up for yall is that we want to spend more time doing things as a family so one of the things that I try to practice is when we do go for walks is coming up with a word so it's a way for you to not.

Only get outside for you to connect with each other but to have conversations that are fun so you can talk about like things like forgiveness or courage or something funny maybe it's a riddle Mom's here so I think it's a great way on your recovery day days that you get outside and just take that quick sounds good I love it easy I always like easy.

Tips easy doable but matters a lot we have this really cool bike downstairs had it for a while I would say about five times you got on that bike and I got a pair of the shoes and I I put them on to try them on so they fit and I stood next to the bike but I haven't committed to getting on the bike this is our day one this is our day one.

We need to find your fun it is so important when it comes to working out and sweating so whether that is an instructor a music a type of Fitness class on the bike it's here we want to get the most out of it so you're going to clip in for a 20 minute right pick three days we can pencil it in your calendar three times cardio two times.

Strength a rest day nothing a recovery Day family walk I love it that is the schedule let's do it they cute oh okay oh my God I got on the bike all right my girl do you're doing it you're doing it doing it well oh my gosh stuff is happening in that house first of all Ally wow to.

Surprise everybody but here's what first thing I thought was you you said for a plate for a good nutritious plate you're not in the subtraction business you're in the addition business so go into that a little bit more yeah I think the objective is to build new habits in doing so we don't want to eliminate because then we start to Crave and it.

Becomes itchy we just think about the thing we don't have so do all the things that we're currently doing and what we want to do is Edge out those things by including good things the nutritious foods and small portion of pasta and some more vegetables yeah add more veggies and then take okay okay we Anthony we hear you're on the road for.

Work quite often and you have actually a very specific concern yes definitely uh what to eat while I'm on the road oh yeah it's I see a bunch of fast food restaurants and I know they're not good for me um but when you're in a crunch and you're always moving around it's like all right my body is just saying get something what what do you suggest.

Ellie well we talked about this and and it doesn't sound cool but it is cool all the leftover veggies make sure that that is kind of like your meal prep right your raw veggies you take it with you on the go so that's the first thing and that's the thing is like that's the first thing you eat when you're hungry it may not be the last thing that you.

Snack on but it's the first thing you consume so you're getting nutrition and we love the idea of y'all doing this together does it feel like that has it worked I mean on the bike what's been happening yeah we got on the bike together as a family we even used a video and the guide and we had so much fun with that we were able to do some.

Stretching together so we've been having a lot of fun getting together and doing it as a group okay and what about the kids guys what do you think I I see you doing your stretches yeah J what do you think about that J are you having fun yeah I'd rather do that than get on the bike it looks way more fun love that we have to give a shout.

Out to your mom who met Ali love and almost fainted we needed to bring Medic in because she couldn't believe yes I she's she was in shock it was amazing it was incredible we didn't get we didn't capture the moment literally I was standing there and I didn't realize you know we're all together someone from the neighborhood runs up screaming and I'm.

Like there's an emergency something happening and she gives me the biggest hug and it was just a of how incredible yeah they they are and their whole family is in this journey and so okay it feels like good things are happening transformation rder interor thank you guys thank you Al.

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