How I gain extra shunned apps! | 7 HEALTHY HABITS for PRODUCTIVITY


How I gain extra shunned apps! | 7 HEALTHY HABITS for PRODUCTIVITY

So maximizing productivity isn't just down toyour time management skills or the amount of productivity apps you have on your phone it'salso down to the healthy habits that you choose for yourself sometimes the lack of energy orthe inability to focus is down to how we manage our health so here are a few things for youto increase your productivity and boost your day to a healthier and more productive lifestylebut first things first is nothing more important to productivity than setting the right toneand that is the right tone when you wake up your morning routine this isn't about waking upearly or waking up at five o'clock every day in the morning because research shows that some of usare actually night owls however it's about waking up consistently at the same time we are animalsthat run on a circadian rhythm and our rhythm is.

Really important to how we manage our day soit's important to actually set the right time and the same time that we wake up every singleday regardless of whether it's the weekday or the weekend the Singapore circadian rhythm cancause a whole host of problems including energy levels or focus our concentration ultimatelyour productivity so rather than having an early morning routine I think the point is to focuson having a consistent morning routine after a good night's sleep your body needs hydrationto kick-start its metabolism I've got my mug of water here and all of you who know me knows thatI love water and it's pretty much all I drink but I've talked about the benefits of water beforeincluding energy levels metabolism and weight loss but really fueling your body with water thefirst thing in the morning before everything else.

Will help boost your metabolism and boost yourproductivity and boost your energy levels to keep a bottle Next To You by the bed so that you'reable to access that the first day when you wake up now of course other than a water it's importantto fill your body with all the nice nutrients macro and micro I'm not here to talk about whatmeals you should have when but more importantly what you feed your body with make sure your mealsare a combination of healthy protein healthy fats and Fiber Well that's open with fruits and greensmoothie or Avalon toast if your body is a car feed it and feel it with premium feel becausethat's really what it deserves and actually the better the feel the more productive you areand then really get moving movement increases endorphins which are your feel good hormones it then helps decrease your stress hormones like.

Cortisol when you're less stressed and feelinggood you're going to be much more productive and really it doesn't have to be a full-blown gymworkout if you don't have the time but schedule in like a 10 to 15 minute walk or movement around thehouse is really important get the blood pumping the oxygen flowing so they're able to enhanceyour focus and really taking care of your mind is just as important taking care of your body and forthose of you who know me you know I really like to Prime my morning and set my morning up for successI factor in breath work and meditation right before I get out of bed and that really helps mefeel centered and feel grounded and be able to focus on what I want to achieve for the day butreally by factoring breath work and meditations throughout the day will help you reduce stress aswell as then improve productivity by increasing.

Your focus and concentration and then take breaksif you've heard of the Pomodoro Technique you'll know the importance of taking breaks and howactually taking breaks rightly throughout the day will help increase your productivity it also helpsincrease your well-being because our concentration levels just don't last that long you know thatworking on one thing for too long actually decreases your efficiency and your productivityso scheduled in short breaks whether that's taking a walk or looking out the window just stoppedworking for a period of time and finally gratitude those of you who know me know I keep at gratitudejournal every single evening before I go to bed really because life happens so quickly we oftenforget to reflect on the achievements that we've made that day or things that we are gratefulfor and really early in the end of the day I.

Highly recommend you practice gratitude throughoutyour day as well because our life is down to what we focus on so gratitude throughout the day willset the tone generally as a positive note and then having gratitude at the end of the day will seta positive tone for the next day as well so there you have it just some healthy habits that you canuse for a productive day remember it's not just about time management or the apps it's also downto how you lead your life and the healthy habits that you choose to have small changes in how youmanage your health will make a massive difference in your life but if you enjoyed this video do giveit a thumbs up I do a lot of videos of mindset health and personal finance and those sorts oftopics interest you do check my channel out and subscribe otherwise I'll see in the next one inthe meantime stay happy and stay healthy bye!.

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