Homemaking Habits for 2024 | Biblical Womanhood | Melody Alisa


Homemaking Habits for 2024 | Biblical Womanhood | Melody Alisa

In Titus 2 in the Kings James version it saysthat women are to be the keepers of their home and when you dive a little bit further andtranslate that to the Greek keepers of the home translates to to guard and dwellingso women are called to guard their dwelling and what that really translates to is tobe the people who set the tone for their home hello everyone welcome back or welcome to mychannel my name is Melody and I make faith-based content here on YouTube I post new videos everysingle Monday so if that's something you're interested in definitely be sure and subscribeI would love to have you join the family so in today's video we are going to be talking about atopic that I have been learning about in growing in first hand over the last 3 years and this topicis drum roll homemaking and I can't lie I never.

Thought I would make a video on this specificsubject because I never thought I would have anything new to add to the conversation and forthat to kind of make sense let's rewind a little bit so at 12 years old my parents divorced andafter that point I kind of just saw my mom do the darn thing she kind of handled everything in thehome she also worked outside of the home but there was never any conversations that I had with herabout any habits that she had developed to keep our household running I never talked her about howto incorporate God into how she takes care of the home and I definitely didn't understand back thenand not until honestly recently that God calls all women to be the keeper of their home whether theyare single or married whether they have children or not whether they live in a house and own thehouse or live in an apartment or live with family.

So today I'm going to be sharing five homemakinghabits that I've been implementing slowly okay it's been a slow process over the last 3 yearsthat have really helped me and my heart my heart posture when it comes to taking care of my homenow before we hop into it I think it's important that we kind of talk about what hom making isand what homem making isn't nowadays homemaking can be kind of like a buzzword that's synonymouswith homesteading or being a stay-at-home mom or wearing aprons or only wearing dresses andwhile all of those things are beautiful in and of themselves none of them are only for hommakers none of them are the definition of what it means to be a homem maker in Titus 2 in theKings James version it says that women are to be the keepers of their home and when you divea little bit further and translate that to the.

Greek keepers of the home translates to to guardand dwelling so women are called to guard their dwelling and what that really translates to isto be the people who set the tone for their home we're called to provide structure and routine anda place of comfort and so much more and to do all of this as if it is unto the Lord because it ishomemaking is inviting God into the process of how you manage and run your home homem making iscontrolling the atmosphere of your home and making sure it's an inviting place when people walk intoyour home they also have the opportunity to meet Jesus so with all that being said and now thatwe're on the same page about what homemaking is and what homemaking isn't let's go ahead and diveinto five habits that I've been implementing over the last 3 years as a newish mom a newish wife andsomeone that is also new to homemaking so number.

One on our list the very first homemaking habitis having the right priorities and then letting these priorities guide Our Moment to moment inour day to day now I got this idea out of a book called The Creative counterpart I will haveit linked down below it's been really great a great read as I again am just like a newly iswife a newly is Mom it's all been a big learning card for me and this book has been really greatguidance and so something that the author talks about is having the the right priorities meaningwe live our life in alignment with what actually is most important and not letting somethingthat's not that important take priority and I know for myself that is where I start to feelstress when something that is like number five on the priority list I'm making it and treating it asif it is number one so I'm going to share with you.

The list of these six priorities and the hierarchythat they go in so number one is God number two is my husband number three is children number four isthe home home number five is myself and number six is outside of the home and so I found for myselfit was so easy for me to take number six outside of the home which would be work which would behanging out with friends but for me specifically it would be work and I would put work at likenumber two or number three and so I'm constantly feeling this stress oh my gosh I got to get thisdone I got to get this done and I was missing that it was never supposed to be that high on mypriority list and that's not to say that I don't get my work done like hello we are showing up hereevery single Monday putting a new video out being consistent on Instagram running my membershipclub but I make sure that before I jump into.

Work I'm spending time with God before I'm jumpinginto work I'm making sure that I said hello to my husband and I made him some dinner that night orbefore I'm jumping into work I'm making sure that I sat down with my baby and I played with herso having this list of priorities and letting it guide me has allowed me to keep the stress ofbalancing so many things at Bay not to say that I don't feel stressed sometimes but often times whenI do do I realize man my priorities are just out of whack and so for my sisters that are single formy sisters that are maybe don't have children yet your list is going to look a little bit differentbut definitely just take it to the Lord make sure first and foremost that God is always a numberone and then ask God to guide you on what things should come after that and then once God gives youthat priority list move in accordance with it so.

Number two on our list the second homemaking habitis to make it easy where you can and get get help and so I want to be super transparent with youguys about all the help that I have here around the house first and foremost we do have cleanerswe have people that come every two weeks and so my husband and I only really have to worry abouttidying day in and day out and that has taken a big weight off of our shoulders another thing thatwe started doing this year and I'm super excited about it is we have a wild grain subscription boxif you never heard of wild grain they are the very first ever baked from Frozen subscription boxfor sourdough breads fresh pastas and artisanal pastries every single item bakes from Frozen inunder 25 minutes and it is fresh and ready to go I'm sure you guys have seen all of the girliesgetting into the sourdough starter and making.

Their bread and for me while it is definitelysomething that I'd love to do one day it's just not the season of life that I'm in right nowbut Wild Grain is actually allowing me to give my family that fresh sourdough bread and these reallygreat pastries as if I did it on my own but I had some health our personal favorite right now is thecroissant and I've never baked a croissant at home before but having it come out of the oven beingall flaky and warm it just hits like no other with Wild Grain you can fully customize your boxso whether you want five loaves of bread or maybe just two or three batches of pasta or maybe justone they make it so easy for you to get what you need and get that delivered right to your door forlimited time you can get $30 off your first box plus free croissants in every box when you go towild.com / Melody to start your subscription you.

Heard me right sis free croissants with everybox and $30 off your first box when you go to wgra Melody and one more time that is wild.com SLmelody or you can go to Wild Grain and at checkout input the code Melody so thank you so much to WildGrain again for sponsoring this portion of the video and for helping me along on my hom makingJourney all right sis so that is habit number two let's go ahead and hop into homemaking habitnumber three so habit number three today our third homemaking habit is to do things in batches andlike do it one bite at a time often times there are things around the house where it feels like abig elephant like we need to clean out the garage what a big task we need to clean out that coatcloset we need to rotate our baby's clothes we need to do this big kind of tedious task and itfeels really overwhelming but I found that when.

I break it up into bites like you can't eat anelephant all at once you got to eat it bite by bite that's the concept that I try to applywhen it comes to projects around the home and just the overall Home Maintenance so some of theways that I implement this specific habit is to keep one load of laundry going at all times nowwe're only a family of three but I feel like as I'm implementing this habit as our family growsa Lord willing one day I'm not pregnant okay but Lord willing one day this habit will sustain meas there are more clothes to be cleaned something else that we also try to do my husband and I isjust close the kitchen every night load up that dishwasher cuz I found starting the day witha clean is it doesn't have to be perfect but a clean-ish kitchen makes all the difference withjust my anxiety and how I feel about getting in.

There and trying to get everything together foreveryone in the beginning of the day something else that I also try to do is set every month likethe big project what is the big thing that I'd like to accomplish this month and often timesthe big thing is just cleaning out the closet going through the toys donating some clothes likeit's nothing massive but when I don't try to do it in one day or one week even and give myselfthat time it doesn't feel as overwhelming and so that is the biggest reason why I like toimplement this habit because I found that I would feel really overwhelmed and then when I getoverwhelmed I kind of just I just like veg out and I don't do anything and so this keeps me movingand making progress in the right direction so that is going to be habit number three so numberfour on our list today the fourth homemaking habit.

Is to work as as if you are doing it for Godbecause sis you are now before we get too far into it I want to go ahead and pop up a Bibleverse on the screen where this specific habit stems from and it is in the book of Colossiansso read along with me sis it is Colossians 3: 23 and 24 and it says whatever you do do it fromthe heart as something done for the Lord and not for people knowing that you will receive thereward of an inheritance from the Lord you serve the Lord Christ so for me this is a habit that Ihave to go back to time and time again because it keeps bitterness and saltiness from entering intomy heart and taking root because honestly a lot of the tasks that we do as Homemakers as the keepersof our home they can go unnoticed cleaning up all of the toys at the end of the day putting thecouch back together rearranging the furniture.

All these little things that make the home morehospitable and more cozy and more of an inviting place they can go unnoticed and I found thatif I'm waiting for my husband to praise me or I'm waiting for my toddler to praise me which whoknows when that will ever happen at the end of the day if I'm waiting to get prais for my husband orI'm waiting from recognition of somebody walking in my house and saying wow it's spotless it's sonicely decorated I am getting my worth from what they are saying back to me I'm not just doing itbecause this is something that God is calling me to do because he has given me these things and sothis just keeps my heart in a humble position and again it keeps the bitterness and the saltinessat so I think if nothing else make sure that you are implementing this habit system so number fiveon our list our fifth and final homemaking habit.

Is to enjoy the journey and to stop rushing Ihave these moments often where I feel like I'm running out of time oh I got to do this I gotto do that and I feel like the Lord reminds me time and time again Melody just do it with me youhave plenty of time in the day now this definitely comes down to wise time management as well butthis feeling in this pressure of got to do this got to do that got to do this take one step at atime with the Lord and in that enjoy the journey I was recently listening to a sermon I'll have itlinked down below for you I have been absolutely loving Journey Church it is in Orlando Floridamy best friend goes there and so she's got me on to listen to the sermons and it's just beenblessing my life but in this particular sermon the pastor talked about it is not about us gettingto the destination so it's not about us getting to.

Be these perfect hom makers it is about enjoyingthe process with the Lord and going through it so that's why I wanted us to end on this particularhabit sis enjoy the journey enjoy the progress that you see day in and day out enjoy the thingsthat the Lord is highlighting to you in the small moments I think when we're able to see the beautyof being the keepers of our home that really is the point of it all so that is going to be habitnumber five all right sis that is going to be it for me I hope you enjoyed today's video if youdid please be sure to give it a thumbs up thank you again one more time to wrain for sponsoringa portion of today's video again you can check out the link in my description box to get you $30off your first box as well as free croissants now with all of that being said of course it is nowyour turn so in the comments below I would love.

To know where are you in your hom making Journeyif you're anything like me maybe you're kind of on this bash track and trying to figure it out ormaybe you are already a pro or maybe it's kind of been something on your mind but you're notreally sure where to get started so let us know down below I think it'll be really encouragingfor us to just share openly and honestly where we are on this homemaking Journey because againthis is something that God is calling all women to do we are all called to be the keepers of ourhome so let us know in the comments and definitely take a second and scroll on through as always Ilove you guys and I will see you in my next video peace.

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  1. good day, sis!! let's chat, toda/y's inquire: where are you to your “homemaking” bolt? are you unique(er) to it like me, haven't given it unprecedented though yet, quite seasoned in the sport or somewhere in between?! let us know in the comments 👇🏽♥for me: as prospects are you’ll per chance per chance per chance per chance present, we’re silent making our arrangement however I'm at ease with the growth so a long way. I would prefer I knew in the beginning that these habits don't correct manufacture overnight and the plan in which predominant it is a long way to attain all of it as if it's JUST for God!

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