Health Highlight: Current habits can reason kidney be troubled


Health Highlight: Current habits can reason kidney be troubled

Health Spotlight presented by Community Health Network about 37 million people have kidney disease and according to the CDC 1 million of them will die from it this year that's right and most people actually don't experience any symptoms so they don't know what to do when they cause them uh depending on your.

Lifestyle you could be damaging your kidneys without knowing it here's more in today's Health spotlight me Barry whiteis Gary Coleman kings move one square in any direction Bobby Fisher have one in common they all pass from.

Kidney disease it's a silent disease so symptoms may never show up or not until it's too late the symptoms of kidney failure can include usually very vague things like um some nausea um decreased appetite patients may have some um you fatigue um changes in memory in terms of urination they may notice that um they're getting up at.

Night m ore often to urinate if kidney disease is not found or treated in a reasonable time frame it could result in death but most people don't know the common habits that cause the deadly disease eating processed food or fast food can have long lasting effects on your kidneys so can dye in your hair the dye contains lead acetate and bismuth.

Taking blood pressure medications or NSAIDs things that uh that my doctor and and I discuss a lot is you know what medications I'm taking and what kind of impact they have you know pro and con on on my kidneys being aware of these common habits could keep your kidneys healthy and you alive much longer Camila Fernandez Wish TV and like us.

On Facebook well if the kidney damage goes unchecked for too long some signs might eventually show up like sleep problems loss of appetite swelling of ankles and feet and dry itchy skin

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