For a while I faced a pretty tough period in my life struggling every day in a job that left me unfulfilled in this setting I had to deal with various people telling me what to do and what not to on top of dealing with challenging colleagues and a tumultuous relationship honestly I felt pretty negative about all of it.

Realizing I was losing control of my life each day seemed like a NeverEnding hard battle as if I was at my lowest point on one of those days aimlessly browsing YouTube I stumbled Upon A fascinating video titled how stoicism can transform your life based on a book by contemporary philosopher Ryan Holliday that's when I discovered.

Stoicism something I'm extremely grateful for unplanned I began incorporating its Concepts into my daily life studying more about the subject and reading various books and that's when my life started to change after devouring over a dozen books on the topic I became so captivated by this philosophy that I decided to share it with others the.

Transformations were incredible anxiety and stress turned into calmness and inner peace my choices became more lucid and aligned with my values and virtues most importantly I began to find deeper meaning in each day now I want to share with you how stoos is M can be a turning point to transform your lives let's dive into the foundations of this philosophy.

And see how they can be applied in today's world moreover we'll discuss how these principles can be a valuable guide to face the challenge of rebuilding a more meaningful life thus if you are poised for this Voyage of personal revelation and transformation via stoicism I extend an invitation to accompany me to the conclusion of of.

This video it is destined to rank among the most profound presentations on this channel let us Embark with my initiation into stoicism a beacon in the darkness of my existence absorbing the teachings of stoic luminaries such as epicus senica marccus Aurelius and xenome I was ushered into a realm of extraordinary.

Sagacity stoicism succinctly put is a philosophic iCal Pursuit centered on cultivating virtue self-mastery and insight its core principle posits that although external events are beyond our sway we wield influence over our responses and perspectives this grants us a formidable instrument to navigate life's variegated challenges a critical.

Element of stoicism is Discerning between what lies within our sphere of influence our thoughts deeds and choices and what eludes our grasp such as external occurrences and the viewpoints of others stoicism imparts the wisdom of investing our efforts in areas we can effect change instead of expending energy on the unchangeable however this.

Philosophy transcends mere conceptualization it endows us with tangible methodologies for daily existance aiding in the management of stress anxiety Melancholy in decision making processes and in seeking authentic and enduring Felicity throughout this video we shall delve into stoicism's fundamental tenets and.

Their practical implementation we shall Converse about the significance of tenets like virtue fortitude acceptance and conducting ourselves in alignment with our core principles if you've ever felt overwhelmed by life's demands wondered how to find calm in chaos or s sought practical directions to improve your.

Life this video brings valuable teachings and perspectives for you stoicism could be the key to a new beginning in your life opening doors to a richer more meaningful existence however it's important to remember that this philosophy is here to guide and provide Direction the real action must come from you no philosophy.

Can transform you completely you also need to engage in this transformation don't forget to subscribe to the channel and turn on notifications to keep up with the valuable tips I'll be sharing on this journey to becoming a true stoic let's move forward together to discover how this ancient yet still so relevant philosophy can change our lives.

As it profoundly changed mine now imagine if you could restart your life have the ability to press a reset button and start all over again would you do it restarting doesn't necessarily mean forgetting or disregarding your past in reality it's about absorbing the lessons from lived experiences using this accumulated wisdom to shape a brighter.

More promising future Marcus Aurelius taught us that what stands in the way becomes the way everything you need is to take the next step as he said take the next step no one can stop you starting a new is an art a balance between learning from mistakes and moving forward with renewed hope our reactions to situations reflect our own.

Perception if we see the world as a hostile place we act defensively but if we approach it with kindness our actions reflect love stoicism encourages us to question and adjust our perception of life to see reality objectively and clearly without being blinded by uncontrolled emotions as senica pointed out we often.

Suffer more in our imagination than in reality sometimes suffering is caused by something that hasn't happened yet or exists only in our minds what if we saw every obstacle as an opportunity for ourselves true stoics view challenges not as fates of Destiny but as exercises to strengthen the spirit this can open A New Path taking us even further than we.

Were they encourage us to see difficulties as chances for growth reminding us that just as fire purifies gold adversity perfects strong individuals strengthening and improving us day by day this is what makes me a follower of stoicism everything we face in our lives can eventually shape our existence this is what makes stoicism so.

Amazing and relevant in Marcus aurelius's meditations he wasn't sharing his words with the world but his deepest Reflections daily reminders to live with authenticity and purpose they show that the internal dialogue we maintain with ourselves is crucial in our lives therefore we must be our own friends I'm not saying we don't need companionship.

But that we should value our own presence anywhere finding happiness in ourselves regardless of others dependency on others happiness can be the biggest trap stoicism reminds us of the transient nature of everything happiness pain success failure and encourages us to live with Detachment valuing significant moments but always.

Ready to let them go epic tetus reminds us that everything has a cost choose what to value and be ready to give up the rest the stoic Journey though not easy is extraordinarily rewarding it teaches us to value ourselves find strength in difficulties and live with purpose dealing with disrespect or other.

Challenging situations silently can be tough but it's essential for a fulfilling life stoicism emphasizes the importance of living in harmony not just with the outer world but also with our inner nature ask yourself am I acting according to my true desires and principles or am I just reacting to others expectations.

Remember we are constantly evolving and our thoughts shape Our Lives often we try to please others seeking external validation forgetting our true Essence stoicism invites us to recognize our internal worth independent of others opinions as epic tetus said true freedom is not being subdued to the will of others in other words the key to being a.

New you is yourself accepting is not the same as resigning it's understanding reality and acting wisely acceptance means recognizing what's beyond our control but maintaining the ability to control our reaction to these events it's about understanding reality and deciding how to deal with it instead of waiting for the storm to pass we learn.

To dance in the rain the present is the only time we truly have the past is a memory and the future uncertainty true power lies in the now worrying about the future or dwelling on the past distracts us from the present unfolding before us keeping us trapped in a vicious cycle the stoics didn't just talk about their philosophy they lived it every day.

Constantly striving to improve learn and grow what Legacy do we want to leave stoicism teaches that it's our actions not just our words that Define our Legacy life is measured not by the number of breaths but by the moments that take our breath away in the world where people often seek to take advantage of us remembering the power of.

Silence both external and internal is crucial in silence we find Clarity purpose and a deeper connection with ourselves this space allows us to reflect recharge and focus on what's ESS itial following epitus advice don't explain your philosophy embody it we realize that often the secret to moving forward is letting go of what holds us.

Back whether it's an old resentment or an outdated perception of ourselves through stoicism we find the freedom to pursue our true potential the quality of our thoughts is crucial to the happiness we experience more than wealth power or status valuing virtue the manif estation of good in our actions means acting with Integrity.

Authenticity and kindness we must reflect on which virtues we are cultivating on our journey as Zeno of citium reminds us it is not that we have a short time to live but that we waste much of it on trivialities life filled with inevitable challenges can't be ignored but stoicism teaches us that what's essential isn't.

What happens to us but how we respond to it don't waste your time on trivialities always seek to evolve for it is through this Evolution that a new you can emerge if you're enjoying this don't miss out on the opportunity purchase the ebook now stoicism in the 21st century ancient strategies for modern challenges and unlock your.

Prosperity abundance and improve your Rel relationships with this ebook Link in the pinned comment every challenge is an opportunity for learning growth and strengthening as epicus put it in life it's not about avoiding wounds but not surrendering to them when we were younger the future seemed like an Endless Sea of.

Possibilities so why does it now feel like nothing works analyzing your actions Discerning what worked and what didn't can be a water shed however as it happens in many Journeys a shadow fell upon mine alcohol once an occasional Refuge from the world's chaos became a daily necessity it darkened my days and made my nights.

Bleaker I found myself drinking daily surrounded by superficial friendships based only on the presense of a drink without which there was no fenip or relationship happiness became Elusive and the relationships I Valu began to crumble it was then at the height of this spiral of self-destruction that the video about.

Stoicism mentioned at the beginning of this text introduced me to this philosophy it was at that moment I realized what stoicism truly is that video marked the beginning of a new phase deciding to be a different person adopting stoicism as my philosophy of life I hope this text is the starting point for your new beginning so comment.

I will be a new person and today's date let's start a renewal here and now just as senica described how unchecked passions can imprison us I reflected on my self-imposed prison and how alcohol addiction dominated my life inspired by the lessons of Marcus aelius epitus and other stoic philosophers I began my journey towards sobriety I.

Learned about the import of self-control resilience in the face of adversity and understanding that while we can't control everything that happens to us and what people say we can control our response to these events in a way that they don't affect us today several years after this turning point I have left behind the previous version of myself.

Every day I'm grateful for encountering stoicism at that critical Moment 4 months ago I completed 2 years without a drop of alcohol because I decided to change to be different and you how long will you wait to change this philosophy taught me to Value life face challenges with strength and find a true sense of Freedom alcohol no longer controls my.

Life now I am the captain of my own Clarity and purpose now my mission is to share all these teachings with you although the journey hasn't been easy stoic teachings have been a beacon in the darkest and most difficult hours here are some suggestions to develop skills and incorporate transformative practices into your daily life by.

Applying them from today or rather From This Moment you'll be on the path to complete renewal and a clear directed future one morning reflection time dedicate a few minutes each morning to meditate reflect on your experiences from the previous day and visualize how you want your current day to unfold mentally preparing for challenges and.

Maintaining calm in stressful situations two gratitude Journal write down three things you're grateful for every day in a journal this helps focus on the positive and appreciate life's small Joys three regular physical activity engage in regular physical exercise stoics valued a healthy body be it through walking running yoga or any.

Activity you enjoy four principle of control when facing challenges remember the stoic principle of distinguishing between what you can control and what you can't focusing on making wise decisions and serenely accepting what is beyond your control five self-discipline cultivate self-discipline in eating.

Finances and time management set realistic goals and work towards them consistently six nightly self assessment before going to sleep reflect on your day's actions assess if you acted according to your values and stoic principles identifying areas for improvement and planning seven learning from.

Inspirational examples explore books or biographies of figures who embody stoic values such as CA epitus and Marcus Aurelius learning from their experiences eight Detachment from others opinions avoid overly worrying about what others think focus on acting according to your own principles and values nine awareness of life's.

Impermanence remember the inevitability of death using it as motivation to Value life and make mindful decisions 10 skill development dedicate time to learn or improving skills personal growth is essential in stoicism increasing confidence to face challenges 11 accepting the uncontrollable recognize that there's no harm in what.

Happens to you unless you choose so accepting the uncontrollable reduces distress 12 valuing authenticity in relationships seek genuine and mutually beneficial relationships based on virtue 13 daily reading of philosophical texts commit to daily reading of philosophical texts or stoic authors reflecting on their teachings and applicability in.

Your life 14 contemplation of mortality set aside moments to ponder your mortality helping to contextualize daily concerns and value available time e 15 cultivating positive self-respect face challenges with self-compassion and motivation instead of self-judgment for factors outside your control 16 altruism and Community.

Involvement look for ways to help others without expecting rewards strengthening a sense of purpose and fulfillment remember stoicism requires constant practice and doesn't promise immediate changes but over time these practices can transform your life and mindset in the face of challenges remember the obstacle is the way seek growth and.

Learning in in adversities maintain balance in desires and emotions and cultivate emotional self-discipline practice empathy control negative impulses and establish healthy boundaries for your mental and emotional health in summary stoicism presents a powerful path for personal transformation we've discussed a series.

Of daily practices inspired by this ancient philosophy that can help you cultivate self discipline resilience and serenity in everyday life it's important to jot down every relevant aspect of this text as this will be crucial for your development the practices range from morning meditation to empathy and serving others providing the necessary.

Tools to face challenges with calm and focus however the key is action as Marcus aelius said take the first step it's not enough enough to just know these ideas it's crucial to apply them daily start today choose one or more of these practices and observe how your perspective and well-being transform over time if this text has been helpful.

And you want more guidance on personal development and practical philosophy show your support we are interested in hearing how these practices impact your transformation journey and what topics you'd like to see covered in future t texts remember the path to a richer and more meaningful life begins with small daily actions and the constant.

Application of stoic principles thank you all for your ongoing support and presence I hope this reflection has been helpful and if you really want to change your life there are some important actions to start doing first thing in the morning we've left a video here for you stay with the Creator everyone

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