Full data about Moringa leaves powder 2024 || Can Moringa aid in Hair Loss ??


Full data about Moringa leaves powder 2024 || Can Moringa aid in Hair Loss ??

As you must have understood by watching the title of the video, which product am I going to talk about today or which is the product which I have included in my diet? Yes, today I am talking about Moringa powder. The product I am going to do is Moringa powder and today I will talk to you in full detail about what is Moringa powder, what are its health benefits, what are the pros, what are the cons, who can take it and is it really beneficial for hair fall? It is a helpful product, with this we start today's video Hello to all my beautiful and lovely friends welcome and welcome back to my channel which is good life with some I hope you all will be very good I am also absolutely fine I.

Hope You people are bringing positive changes in your lifestyle and are making your life and your health better every day, so let's start today's video with this. If you have seen my last video, then you will definitely remember. I have made a complete detailed video about which shampoo I have switched to control hair fall. All the details about its benefits are a complete review. If you want, you can go to the channel and watch that complete video. I will also share the link of that video with you on the I button here. Along with this, I also shared with you that along with switching the shampoo, I had also made some dietary changes, so which dietary changes were they? There are changes, among them.

I am going to share one dietary change with you all today, so as you must have understood by looking at the title, which product I am going to talk about or which one. This is the product which I have included in my diet. Yes, today I am going to talk about Moringa powder. That product is Moringa powder and today I will talk to you in complete detail about what is Moringa powder and what are its health benefits. What are the pros, what are the cons, who can take it and whether it is really a helpful product for hair fall or not? We will discuss all these things in detail. First of all, I would like to tell you whether it is Moringa or it. In which region it is known by which name?.

Me being Bengali. In our mother tongue or in Bengali, it is called Sojane Data. In English, it is called Drumstick. Maximum people know it by the name of Drumstick. In Maharashtra, it is called Shevga. And in UP it is called Drumstick, in UP and Bihar side it is called Drumstick, in Delhi and Punjab side it is called Swajana, in some regions in the South it is called Malang and in maximum parts it is called Moringa and internationally it is also called Moringa. If it is known from the same name , then basically you understand that we are talking about the drumstick itself . The Moringa tree is called a miracle tree and its leaves are called nature's multivitamin. Why are they called like this because each and every one of its There is a part.

Whether it is its leaves or its leaves, whether it is its fruits or its flowers, everything has its own magic, believe me, I am not saying this, I am doing a research here, I will share the screenshot with you here. Check it yourself, the rest of the research is available on the internet. If you want, you can also check it. Still, I would like to read out a little bit for you here, what is found in the leaves of Moringa and why. I would like to tell you by comparing in what quantity it is available, you can see what are the benefits of Moringa leaves. Moringa has seven times more Vitamin C than oranges 10 times more Vitamin A than carrots 17 times more calcium than milk 9 times.

More calcium than yogurt, 15 times more potassium than a banana and 25 times more ions than spinach. Now you must have known why it is called nature's multivitamin. Apart from that, it is full of antioxidants, which helps in any life happening today. If you take style disease, the main reason for it is high inflammation level in the body, then Moringa is very helpful for that too because the anti-inflammation properties of Moringa are found in Moringa and that too in very high quantity. This is one of the best reasons to include it in our everyday. Apart from this, if you produce high uric acid in your body or your blood sugar levels remain high or even for cholesterol disease, that is, if the cholesterol.

Level is high. If yours is very high then this is a very good product for that too, meaning it has a lot of benefits to reduce all this. It also cures any kind of hormonal imbalance in the body of males and females. Of course, if it is followed with a good red comes that how should we incorporate it in our daily diet or daily life, then I would say if You have never tried Moringa in any of its forms, you have never tried its vegetable, you have never tried its leaves, or you have never tried anything, so it is always good to start with the vegetable first, then the drumstick is very easy. If the place is available, you can take a drumstick and make vegetable out of it or if you get its leaves from anywhere,.

Naturally i.e. in natural form, here in Maharashtra, Ijli is available from the vegetable vendors. If there is a tree of it somewhere near your house, then it is available in the market. Take off the leaves and make a simple curry like fenugreek or greens. You can prepare its curry in that manner. Start taking it in your diet in this manner and check for any allergic reaction. If you eat something like this, there will be no problem. That means the vegetable is suiting you and it is not going to give you any kind of problem, so you can easily include it, that means its leaves or the leaves of Moringa are also not going to give you any kind of problem in vegetable form. If you prepare it or prepare vegetable from its leaves, then you.

Can easily include it in your children's diet. It does not have any side effects. In this case , you are not able to get the leaves of Moringa. Or you are not able to get the Drumstick leaves, then in that case you can consume the dried powder of Moringa leaves which is easily available in any medical store or on any online shopping portal. In fact, it is in powdered form, meaning the powdered form of dried leaves is much higher in nutrient value than fresh leaves, as if I want to explain to you, if you want some particular amount of nutrients in your body, then you should buy fresh leaves. If you cook and eat the vegetable in the form of leaves, then you.

Will have to take it in very large quantities. Whereas if you take it in the powdered form of dried leaves, then you will have to take it in much less quantity and its nutrient value is equivalent. Same means it will remain same, now the next question comes that how can we take it, so you can take it in any way, you can take it with hot water, you can take it in soup, you can take it in dal, as you like its taste, you can take it in that way. You can take it from 'How is it in the taste? Not so good to be honest, it is not very good in the taste, its fragrance is like the fragrance of dried henna leaves, by the way, it is pregnant but I want to tell you one thing . I would like to ask, what is the good taste of the medicines which we take after our health gets bad or.

After any problem becomes very major and none of the medicines are tasty but it is not that bad either. It is such that if you people have ever taken any Ayurvedic medicine then you can take it easily, I have told you how to eat and drink it, you can take it in any form, of course you will not like the taste but you will see its health benefits. You can definitely try it once. Now the question comes that who cannot take it? So first of all, any pregnant lady or any lactating mother should avoid it. Apart from this, any of your on If you are on any ongoing medication or have any serious medical history or have recently undergone surgery, that is, if.

You are undergoing any treatment, please check all your medical history before consuming it. Consult a professional whether you can take it or not along with your on going medicines. If they permit you then you can definitely use it. Now the question comes is it really a good product for hair fall? Or does its intake actually stop our hair fall, then I would like to tell you that it will definitely happen because it is so full of nutrition, it has so many ions in it, it has Vitamin E A in such high quantity, every single thing is in it, so why not this for your hair. It will stop the fall, it has been very beneficial for me too and I would like to tell you that it is not that I have just.

Started taking Moringa or Drumstick recently, I have been following it for a long time, it is a part of our diet since childhood. Earlier also I have drank tea of ​​Moringa leaves, I have drank soup of Moringa, it has been in my diet for a long time, but as I told you, the dried powder is very concentrated and its The nutritional value is very high as compared to leaves or fresh vegetables, hence whatever I was doing externally and along with it, as soon as I started consuming Moringa leaf powder, it started the healing process of my hair fall. Well, it has given a boost to it, so it could also be the reason that I have got amazing results from it in hair fall, so I am sure that.

This is a very powerful product for hair fall, you should definitely try it. You can do it as I have already given the disclaimer as to which people should not take it, for whom it can create problems or even if you take it then in what form should you start it, all those things. Keeping this in mind, you should definitely try this product once. The last question is, does it give us instant results for hair fall or for any disease related to our nutrition? So I would like to tell you that intentionally You do not get results from natural remedies, you have to be patient and give it some time. In the case of Moringa, it is said that its minimum is three months.

At what time of food intake, at what time are you eating and at what time are you drinking? If you are eating the right kind of food then it all depends on whether these habits are already very healthy then of course your health will get a next level boost to your lifestyle at the same time if your lifestyle is not up to that level. Do you think that no, it is not that healthy or your consumption of junk food or process food is not good, you are not able to sleep at all, your stress level is very high, then first of all you can try this product or any natural product. When you start, it will first heal your body, whatever damages are there inside you, only after healing them, the product will be able to show its effect, then of course, for this.

You will have to have a little patience, it completely depends on you. On lifestyle, if your lifestyle is good then there will definitely be positive results for you and even if it is not then gradually you will start feeling the difference in your life and your health. So can I recommend this product to you people? I definitely recommend it because it is such a powerful product. There are problems with such powerful ingredients, it works for them too, so you should definitely try it. The nutritive value of Pra is so good that it is obvious that its Positive results will definitely be visible in the body, so this was my today's.

Review of Moringa powder. How I consume this product, for this I will show you a video in the next part and till then you all take good care of yourself. If you liked the video at any point, then please do not forget to like the video. If you find it helpful for your friend or family member, then do share it with them and if you feel that you will get such information videos in this channel. If it is helpful for you then please subscribe this channel, till then you all take good care of yourself, see you in the next video, thank you so much by taking care .

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