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Focal point Atlanta - Sleep Health

hello and welcome back to focus Atlanta again I am your host kha lansin thanks so much for continuing to watch in this segment we're going to talk a little bit about how to maximize your health I'm here with Dr he thank you so much for coming on the show hi thanks for having me absolutely.

All right well first of all give give us some tips are there any small ways that we could start to maximize um and and get to Better Health get to where we want to be do we have any small tips yeah you know I think a lot of people want to get better sleep but they don't know where to start um you know a lot of people are stressed they're.

Overworked so they're they're looking to alcohol to unwind they might have a late night snack um they're browsing their phone without realizing just how disruptive these things are to sleep um science is showing us that it's not just the hours that you're getting but really about the Sleep Quality um so some simple tips if if you want to.

Have that glass of wine maybe have it while you're making dinner or with dinner rather than later on at night um if you can shift that late night snack to maybe more of a dessert following dinner um things like dimming the lights around the house in the evening that has a big impact uh maybe consuming a warm herbal tea in the evening that that's a.

Great tip um all these things are going to help get better sleep and probably the biggest one is maybe try to find a book to read at night rather than you know check in that social media that's you know really going to be disruptive to your sleep oh right see even there those are some tips that I think that sometimes we don't even really think.

About we we don't assume that that glass of wine is going to hinder our sleep but you're you're saying the later we have that glass it might just be a problem in terms of not only getting to sleep but maybe even staying asleep yeah for sure you know alcohol is one of those things that it's it's called what fragments your sleep so you.

Might fall asleep but then what's happening is throughout the night as you're breaking down that alcohol it's actually disrupting both REM and deep sleep and those are what's required to get some long-term health benefits of sleep um so yeah it's kind of a silent thing I think people aren't quite aware of you're right you're right okay I.

Hadn't thought about that but I have to say the the other tips that you you've given should some of that be kind of common sense I mean I I think that you know that blue light from the phone or that blue light from the from the television I always assume that that's going to hinder my quality of sleep um do we have any I don't know a gauge like.

Cut that out about 3 hours or two hours before you need to go to sleep is is there a gauge yeah there's some I think there's some general advice I think you know it is common knowledge that that screens disrupting sleep what's not common knowledge is the extent at which it's disrupting the quality of that sleep so.

I think a lot of people think well I can check my phone I have no no problem falling asleep but the Sleep Quality is compromised so the best thing to do is if you could try to cut it out an hour before sleep that's probably going to give you sort of the you know the best bang for the book so to speak oh that's a fantastic tip I think you know I think.

That's that's helpful for us because again we're all kind of attached to it right to some extent and we just don't know how much it may be a problem in terms of us getting the quality rest that we need well yes I think you know some of the long-term Health impacts of doing this on a day-to-day basis is you know disrupting that sleep it it it can.

Lead you know increased risk of Alzheimer's disease uh cardiovascular disease uh it impacts your mood depression and even has a connection to obesity um you know there's a great study out there that showed people who are sleep deprived they gravitate towards fattier and Sugar Foods um so cleaning up cleaning up that sleep.

Hygiene might even help you lose that last couple pounds oh my goodness now that is it's fantastic information I think that you know we make assumptions about you know or or we categorize things right we don't necessarily make the connection about you know how those things are really affecting our overall health in terms of you know what we're.

Eating and and how we're metabolizing it and how it's going into our body um it's super helpful to have that type of information is there a place that we could go for those kind of tips maybe a website yeah we've got more Wellness tips at our website oh excellent can we close out with one.

Thing that you know I want our viewers to try tonight to get better better sleep what what would that one thing be if you if you had to give someone a tip you know it's i' say you know that phone is probably the biggest so trying to read a book um another good one would be you know relaxation technique even just some slow simple rhythmic breathing.

Uh in the evening will help tremendously thank you so much for your time thanks for the tips and thanks for coming on the show it was a pleasure to meet you of course thanks for having me on absolutely all right when the doctor says that it sounds completely doable right it sounds like something that we.

Can make happen well these are all tips that each of us can put into our you know put into that routine to get a little better rest take the opportunity to visit the website and learn more thanks guys for tuning in to this segment we'll be right back yeah.

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