Finest Methodology to Burn Elephantine | Advantages of Take a seat-ups | Wholesome Habits | Dr. Manthena’s Effectively being Pointers


Finest Methodology to Burn Elephantine | Advantages of Take a seat-ups | Wholesome Habits | Dr. Manthena's Effectively being Pointers

[MUSIC] Greetings to all the seekers of good health! Parents and teachers commonly punish children with sit-ups, if they do something mischievous Many children have experience doing sit-ups as punishment There are many scientific researches which say that sit-ups are like exercise Only, some people follow the exercise of sit-ups everyday You will be surprised to know all the benefits that sit-ups have for the body Mainly, if parents make school going children do 20 to 25 sit-ups daily,.

Their intelligence and memory will improve and they will excel in studies. A scientific study has been conducted on how sit-ups benefit children In 2019, Okayama University of Science in Japan conducted study on 1189 children. All of them are students of class 7 to 9 The 1189 children are divided into two groups of equal number for the study The first group of children did 20 sit-ups and 50 minutes of running Children in the second group did only 50 minutes of running and no sit-ups These 1189 children of two categories were studied for 2 years In the 2-year study, children who did 20 situps daily were observed,.

to excel in studies, memory and intelligence. The research has proven that this is not the case in children who only did running Therefore, it is best for you to make your child do 20 to 25 sit-ups every day It increases the blood supply and hence improves, oxygen supply to the upper body parts like brain and heart The physical fitness of the body increases a lot with sit-ups Now let me tell you all the benefits of sit-ups for kids and adults They make muscle above the bones, the skeletal muscles strong and more toned So, Bones and muscles stay strong with sit-ups.

If the skeletal muscles become stronger, they can withstand long periods of playing, long running, and long standing. Sit-ups has this major advantage to the calf muscles It has been proven that if people under 40 do sit ups from a young age, they do not lose muscle strength in old age This is the benefit of doing sit-ups from childhood into adulthood Doing sit ups from a young age keeps muscles healthy in old age National Institute of sports and fitness in 2016 has proven this fact They demonstrated that doing 10 situps in the morning and.

10 situps in the evening will have many benefits to muscles in old age. It keeps the body and muscles active without pain even after walking a lot It is a proven fact A third benefit is that if people between the ages of 20 and 40, do 15 to 20 sit ups for 20 years every day, It has been proven by American University that back pain is less likely to occur in old age This fact has been proven by conducting study on soldiers Also, doing sit-ups between 20 to 40 years of age can help a lot to, prevent back pain, which is common in old age.

So, research proves that there will be lot of advantages of sit-ups in old age Fourth, the muscles of the legs and calf mucles are called the second heart Sit ups strengthen calf muscles and thigh muscles They help in pumping blood to the heart These days, blood is pumped by the heart to the legs but, blood from the legs and lower body does not go up to heart easily This is due to muscle weakness which is caused by lack of physical activity, It leads to pooling of blood in the leg blood vessels and causes varicose veins If you do sit-ups from childhood, you will not get varicose veins.

Blood flows easily through the blood vessels. Situps help prevent soreness, calf muscle tightness and leg muscle weakness. I do about 50 sit-ups daily without a miss Normally, 50 situps should take around 3 to 4 minutes and not more Regular sit-ups will also keep the cartilage between the joints healthy The joints do not turn stiff, does not wear out and hence all joints stay healthy Therefore, teenagers and children should do sit-ups every day Adults with knee pain, hip pain and heart pain should avoid sit ups Everyone else should do sit-ups from the very beginning to avoid muscle problems.

Especially, situps are high recommended for children and youth Namaskaram!

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