Figuring out Habits and Behavior Loops: Step Regarded as one of Creating swap


Figuring out Habits and Behavior Loops: Step Regarded as one of Creating swap

Hello everyone how are you um those of you in the Northeast who are joining me I hope you're staying warm today uh it's cold it's been cold out there but um I love the winter weather I get outside I actually got out in bitter cold yesterday and went for a walk uh if you bundle up enough you can really go out and enjoy it but anyway um that's not.

What I'm here to talk about um I am here to talk about habits and um I just did a talk in in our um group uh realign your ride body and mind around habits and the body um and I thought well let me talk a little bit about habits and and you know and there too I talk about mindset but I'm going to get dig in here really about habits.

And your mindset um and I want to first talk about the idea that habits are really necessary so many times we think habits and we think oh habits bad habits right that you know if we have you know we want to that H the connotation of habits is there's something bad about it but there's many things that we do that are habitual that if we didn't do them.

Habitually we would have to think about them so the brain automates things right it it automates habits to make us efficient so um you know everything we do if we had to think about every step of our day and they weren't automated or we wouldn't you know get much past you know our morning routine because we would be taking so long to do all the.

Things right because we'd have to think consciously about them where when we do things that we need to get done you know and um you know there can be good habits so good habits are getting up and brushing your teeth getting up and you know taking a shower getting up and working out all those things getting up and meditating you.

Know those are you know good habits right so they're not the habits aren't necessarily bad but then um they uh there are some habits that maybe aren't so so good not so much right and I don't say bad because I just don't like using that word because it has such a Negative mindset it's just they are what they are they're not desirable we.

Want to remove them they aren't getting the results we want so they habits that are um maybe disempowering there habits that may be you know defeating us there habits that you know are blocking our Pro forward progress but I don't take the take the bad out because the bad makes us feel like we're bad right so it's just like something they're.

Changeable we can do it the brain can be rewired so they're just habits that we want to replace that they aren't getting the results we desire so habits are based around Hab they work in a loop um you have a trigger um say um for me I can tend to I'm going to use an example I like using my own examples to show you that I have my own habits.

And things that I need I'd like to change and I work on this is and that's actually how I got into mindfulness is I can get triggered about something that I needs to get fixed or wor you know get into worry that some trigger uh a problem with my car can trigger oh no a worry habit Loop where I start worrying creating stories around all these things.

That I may think will go wrong with it so I have that kind of you know uh worry about the future habit Loop um and so you have the behavior the you know the oh car you know car problem behavior is worry and the result is a lot of stress and anxiety and it doesn't solve any problems anyway right and um I take the car and get it fixed and it's.

All whatever happens happens but I've stressed out about it and not had enjoyed it and it's prevented me from doing other things well you know same thing with you guys when you're riding you know um say you get on your horse and it's right now say it's winter it's a cold and windy day and by the way Izzy's joining.

Me she join me for my other live it's she just loves to be part of the action um it's a cold and windy day and I know my horse is going to Spook and right away you know you're they'll habit Loop is you know trigger cold and windy day Behavior tension and worry because you think your horse is going to Spook the result is your prob horse probably will.

Spook because you create tension in the horse and told them things are spooky and or the horse is running away with you or or whatever so um you know that's the haveit loop and the trick is you want to kind of think of ways to change that we'll talk about that in a little in a little bit so these limiting beliefs that we have and limiting.

Beliefs are things like I'm not good enough um me talking about you know worrying about the future oh future worries creating big stories um I need to do things perfectly every time you know if the wind eliminating belief my horse is going to Spook every time the wind blows right things like that.

Um those are liting beliefs that get us you know those that create and we create habits around them right I think you know my horse is going to be spooky and I my habit is getting tense and all that and then creating other issues in my writing so you have negative results the result of the Habit isn't so so positive right so the loop is the uh trigger the.

Behavior and then the result and we think about it as a re it can be a reward but it's not so rewarding because we don't get a POS positive outcome so in order to make any sustainable change you really have to identify what the Habit that's you know really map it out and think about it that the Habit that's creating it an.

Issue and then you know how that habit is working the whole thing what happens the the trigger even you know like it's the behavior and the result that are really important part and then at that point is is you can start thinking now you can you know figure out what would I like to replace that with what kind of positive result would I like to have and.

That's when you can start doing the work to to make that happen and the Brain will start recognizing the positive benefits and and that habit can be created faster but it's really something you have to to consciously work on um you can't just say oh you know I get nervous when my horse does this and I want to fix it you've got to really.

Think about it notice the patterns notice what happens and do it without judgment do it you know do work work is map it out without thinking I've got to fix this right now I'm bad or whatever just map it out notice it you know notice it over time do it you know for a while really start recognizing it and developing an awareness around it being.

Very present with it that's mindfulness and then you can start connecting your mind and body to the part that isn't so good that isn't so desirable that creates discomfort that um you know you would like to to change and then you can come up with the change that would be more desirable but it's a process it.

Doesn't all happen magically and it takes some work but it is doable so I just wanted to share that today um I am actually starting a a uh my first program for 2022 um for writers to help adult writers create those change and to change habits it's an eight-week online course um for building your your writing.

Confidence feel and bringing back joy in your writing um so you can find that in my um on my website Mindful and there's the courses page and it's the first course in there um and it's an eight-week course online we meet by Zoom it has lots of cool stuff a lot of handouts a lot of worksheets a lot of uh.

You know good uh tribe collaboration with the tribe that you create a private Facebook group so it's it's a place where if you got if you're looking to change habits and need some support it's a place where you can do that so that's something I want to just mention and otherwise if you have any questions or anything please feel.

Free to contact me at least at mindful or if you'd like to set up a clinic or oneon-one coaching or again any kind of the you know the uh group coaching or anything please reach out to me and if you have more questions um or if you'd like to set something up and have a wonderful day everyone.

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