Expert shares tricks on straightforward systems to discontinuance active with Parkinson’s illness


Expert shares tricks on straightforward systems to discontinuance active with Parkinson's illness

And now to learn more about living with Parkinson's we have personal trainer and instructor Karen simmers with cone health sagewell health and fitness now we're going to start off we're going to be talking a little bit more about Parkinson's the individual that you saw in the video goes to a support group that meets at cone Health med center.

Greensboro at drawbridge Parkway I want you to talk a little bit about this program and how people can get connected if they're interested yes well um this meeting takes place every month it is on the second Wednesday of each month at 2 o'clock uh any Parkinson's disease victim and their caregiver is welcome to.

Attend and this these are very educational infor informational meetings and if th if anybody is interested in learning more about those meetings you can contact Amy Marriott at con and be put on the email list Amy marot uh other organizations where people can uh tap into to find out more about.

Parkinson's is the Parkinson's Foundation the Michael J fox Foundation the Davis finny foundation and Mar Parkinson's Association of the Carolinas I think this is great information also I love the energy that was provided in the class I think it's a good time so my next question for you would be when living with a health issue.

Whether that's heart disease whether that's diabetes or right as Parkinson's how important is it to talk with a medical professional before you start exercising well first of all a doctor doesn't need to tell you exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle however if you don't already exercise and have a health issue of any kind it.

Is recommended to check with your doctor first I think that's great advice too what are some of the health benefits you've witnessed while working with the sage well members who were living living with certain health issues wow um there there's so many uplifting stories uh anything um let's see let's start with decrease in.

Medications for people with type 2 diabetes or hypertension quick recovery from a joint replacement increased uh ability to address stressful situations painfree movement for members who have Osteo or rheumatoid arthritis um and one particular person that I'm thinking about has made a lifestyle.

Turnaround over the period of two years U starting with um poor eating habits unhealthy weight declining health and now it's a robust life weight loss improved nutrition and this person is training for her first 5k wow that is incredible we love to see that you know sticking this is the other challenging part right here sticking to.

To an exercise plan right can be hard for anyone not just those living with a health issue so what are some of those tips to help keep us all going on that exercise routine yeah I agree it is difficult but if you start slow and you're consistent and it can be something as as little as a 15minute walk three times a week then.

Um schedule it on your calendar make sure that it's a part of your life allow flexibility if you miss an exercise session resched it and pick up where you left off it's important to have a support group so um find other people that have similar health issues and you can provide feedback and input for each other which builds confidence you can.

Try a fitness app um finding something that you enjoy and that keeps you coming back whether it's a class a sport or even it's something as a motivating playlist or a podcast an audio book something to listen to while you're exercising I mean the other thing we had seen that group that we just showcased right where they're kind of you know.

Transforming their lives too I mean talk to me about some of those experiences that you've had there as well with those who are you know battling Parkinson's yeah they are they're something else um you know and we they have told me how it has improved their daily activity of living anything from making the bed to.

Preparing a meal to getting dressed and we not only do big fullbody um extension movements but we work on exercises for voice dexterity gate balance coordination cognition and about every other week we'll play a game like balloon bad mitton or pla practice tongue twisters and the last few classes we've taken time to learn some basic.

Words in another language that's really cool okay so we're going to head to break grab your notebook so you can write down some of these tips because they are Cru

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