Excessive Blood Strain Food regimen क्या खाएं क्या न खाएं | कारण और समाधान | Excessive BP Detailed Q&A


Excessive Blood Strain Food regimen क्या खाएं क्या न खाएं  | कारण और समाधान | Excessive BP Detailed Q&A

Friends, in today's video I have brought answers to many of your questions which you asked me in my videos, but before that, if you are watching me for the first time, then please subscribe to my channel and also press the bell icon. So keep getting such health formative videos because I make such health informative contacts. So let's start and take the first question. The first question is from Mr. Indreesh he has asked that my BP is 128 B 90. If my blood pressure is high or normal then see if it is high, low and normal. It is considered normal if your blood pressure is in the range of 110 and 120 . Systolic means the upper BP.

Which is called systolic, if it is between 110 and 120 then it is normal and the lower BP which is called diastolic BP, if it is between 70 to 80 then it is normal BP. In both the types of BP, whether it is systolic or diastolic, if your ranges go up then suppose your upper BP is between 120 to 140 and if your lower BP is between 80 to 90 . So let's assume that now you have started having hypertension, you should pay attention to it, if you look at your BP, if the upper one starts staying above 100, 50, 160 and the lower one starts staying above 16, then it is confirmed that you are hypertensive, you have high blood pressure . If there is a disease of pressure, then there will be a need to pay attention to it. Now coming.

To your original question, you asked the question that if your BP remains 128 and 90, then is it high? Look, it cannot be called high, it is possible that you may have high BP. It is beginning because many times no symptoms of BP are visible in the initial days. If the blood pressure does not increase continuously, then you should continuously monitor your BP. If your BP remains upward in this range, then consult a doctor. Along with this, I would also like to tell you that if you pay attention to your diet, reduce your salt intake and increase some physical exercise, then your BP will become normal, which is the second question, this is from Miss Sabiha Naz. It has been asked that when I wake up every morning, my head remains heavy and there is slight pain, then have I got high BP? See, if.

You wake up every morning, my head remains heavy, there is slight pain in the head or mild dizziness, then yes. These are the initial symptoms of high blood pressure, you should not ignore them. You should chart your BP every morning at a particular time for at least 10 days in a week. Get your BP checked regularly and then see whether it is normal or not. Based on these symptoms, where are you falling in the high or low range, I think yours will rise only a little, if this happens, then you should do dietary control first. If it still continues to rise, then you should visit your doctor and get treatment in time. Its treatment should be started. Along with this, let me tell you what are the common symptoms. If someone's blood pressure starts increasing,.

Like they said, there will be mild headache after waking up in the morning . Apart from that, there may also be heaviness in the head. You may feel slight discomfort in the chest. Some people may feel short of breath while walking. A slight tightness may be felt in the chest. If the BP continues to increase inside the eyes then light red streaks of blood may appear inside the capillaries. These are some common symptoms of high blood pressure. If you have any of these symptoms, then definitely get your BP checked and check it regularly to see if you are suffering from hypertension. Now next. Let's take the question. The next question is, can eating too much sweets also cause high blood pressure? Tell me what are the reasons for increase in blood pressure. This.

Is someone Manish ji. He has asked the question, so see, this is a fact. You must have seen that There are high blood sugar patients and diabetic patients, the risk of increasing blood pressure is very high in them, so it is a fact that eating too much sugar can also increase your blood pressure. Indirectly, first you will get diabetes, after that your blood pressure will start increasing. Because if high blood sugar remains in your body, the secretion of insulin increases, due to which it affects your capillaries and it can cause hypertension. Like you asked the second question, what can be the other reasons for increase in blood pressure? There are many of them, one of the reasons is genetics, if you have any family history, if your mother or father.

Has high blood pressure, if anyone is a cardiac patient, then you too may be at risk that you may also have high blood pressure. Have pressure or hypertension disease The second biggest factor is your dietary habits, if your eating habits are such that you eat too much greasy food, you use too much salt, salt is the enemy, too greasy food, fat, food which is too saturated . Eating animal fat is the main reason for high blood pressure. Apart from that, if you do not do yoga, you do not exercise, you have a sedentary lifestyle, then your obesity starts increasing due to which your heart has to work more, then this also. One reason for high blood pressure is hypertension and also.

One of the main reasons is smoking. People who smoke get injured in the capillaries, there the risk of clots forming increases and the arteries start getting narrow. There are chronic smokers, the risk of diseases like high blood pressure and heart attack increases in them. Apart from that, some other diseases also become the cause of high blood pressure, like we talked about diabetes, someone is obese, hyperthyroidism or you have some other disease. Many kidney patients take such medicines, they develop hypertension, which are birth control pills, there are some antidepressant medicines too, they also increase the risk of increasing blood pressure, so these are some of the main reasons due to which blood pressure increases, but which The main.

Reason is your lifestyle and eating habits. If you improve these then your blood pressure will not increase. Let's move towards the next question. Is this someone Bajrang ji? He has asked the question that I am 38 years old and the doctor has told me that I have BP. This is the beginning of hypertension and if it is not controlled then you will have to take medicines continuously. Please tell me what measures should be taken to control high BP. Look, it is very good that you have asked a question and it is good that you have gone yourself and got checked by your doctor. If you are still in the initial days, then you can stop taking the medicine, just by taking some measures, I will tell you about those measures. If you follow these measures, then it is possible that you will not have to take the medicine for blood pressure. If you have to eat and your blood pressure.

Can be controlled only by taking these measures, the first solution is to reduce the salt in your food. If you eat salt, sodium increases the blood pressure very quickly and impairs kidney function. Due to which your blood pressure starts increasing, if you want to do better, take salt in less quantity, but if you take salt regularly, it will be better, except if you use salt in your normal house, otherwise You should use more vegetables. If you are non-veg then reduce non-veg. Do not eat red meat at all. You can eat fish etc. You can eat egg white but use more green vegetables. By eating more fruits, you get potassium. And when there is a proper balance of sodium and potassium,.

The blood pressure does not increase. It starts getting controlled, so if you improve your dietary habits, the blood pressure will not increase. Third, it is related to this, eat less greasy food, less fatty food. Eat fatty food, do not eat red meat at all and avoid eating animal fat and fourthly, stop going to the shop. I mean to say, you take a lot of drinks, drink cold drinks, eat too much sweet fruits, eat too much outside things. You should stop eating them because the food you eat from outside, whether you are eating pizza, burgers, drinking cold drinks or even if you are taking too much, then these also become the reason for increasing blood pressure, you can reduce them. If you do or don't eat, you will remain healthy. Apart from that, if you exercise regularly,.

It will be very good if you take a brisk walk for at least 30 minutes. You can do cycling or do light exercise at home. Save yourself from obesity. Do not eat too much sweets. Don't eat too much salt. Don't eat too much greasy food. This will not increase your blood pressure. Control stress. Although there is a lot of stress in today's working era, still try not to take too much stress. You take too much stress. Release the tension. This happens due to which your blood pressure starts increasing and at the same time, if you smoke, if you smoke, then you should stop it. Smoking is the biggest reason for increasing blood pressure. There were some reasons if you stop these. If you avoid it then your blood pressure.

Will not increase and you will lead a healthy lifestyle. The next question is from Miss Zeenat. She has asked that I take one BP tablet every morning, now it has reduced a little. Home remedies to control high BP. What measures can be taken, see, it is a good question, if you are taking medicine then keep taking the medicine regularly and take it off. Do not give up rot, but if you do some home remedies, if you adopt the remedies, then it is possible that your dosage may be reduced or even the medicine may be stopped, then you should see in your food, the first thing is that you should include garlic in your food. Increase its use: There is a compound called alliin inside which is very helpful in reducing high blood pressure by regulating it and also reduces the deposits of other cholesterol. If you want, you.

Can also chew raw garlic if you want. You can also use vinegar by making it. I had made a video on how you can make garlic vinegar. Its lump will be easy to eat, it tastes good and you can eat it easily. You can also use ginger. If you consume it in excess, there are many compounds in ginger. Firstly, they reduce anti-carcinogens, secondly they also reduce cholesterol levels and also help you in maintaining blood pressure. You can use Arjuna bark continuously. You can take the bark of Arjuna which is a spice that you use in your kitchen and make a decoction of it. Take a little bark of Arjuna, crush it and.

Soak it in about a cup of water overnight. Let it boil well in the morning and filter it and drink the water. You will do this continuously. It is a natural source, it is a spice, it will also give you energy, it will also work as an antioxidant and will also lower the blood pressure. Arjun's bark is used in many Ayurvedic medicines. It has been used since ancient times in medicines that reduce blood pressure, so you can take advantage of it. Thirdly, if you use basil leaves, you can make tea from basil leaves and use it. You can use it by adding it to tea or If you start chewing basil leaves even raw, one to two leaves every day will help in lowering your blood pressure and will also help in reducing mouth sores.

. These are fenugreek seeds. Firstly, see, they also control sugar and their effect has also been seen as a vasodilator, they also help in controlling blood pressure. Now what do you have to do with fenugreek seeds? Again, you need about one spoon of fenugreek. Soak the seeds in water overnight, take one cup of water, boil it well in the morning, when about half, one-fourth, three-fourth of this water remains, filter it and use this water every morning, it is excellent for BP. There will be medicine, your digestion will be fine, along with blood sugar, blood pressure will also be under control and you will see that gradually the dosage of your other medicines will also start reducing and apart from this, you should take Amla and such fruits which have Amla. Vitamin C.

Is found in high quantity. Vitamin C improves your kidney function and at the same time increases your immunity and also helps in lowering blood pressure. So, by adopting these home remedies, you can reduce blood pressure. If you can manage to a great extent then see, if you are watching me for the first time then do subscribe to the channel and also press the bell icon so that you keep getting such health informative videos, thank you.

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