Evolved English Dialog: Our healthy day-to-day habits


Evolved English Dialog: Our healthy day-to-day habits

Welcome to a real life C-level Englishconversation. I am Camille. I'm Calvin. Today's topic is a very important and amazingtopic and very important as well to both of us, and that is health. Nice. Yes we didn't even planthat. So first of all we just want to share some things that we do every day in our own livesand we feel like it adds benefit to our health, so what are some things that you do Calvin? I meanthere's obviously a lot of aspects to health you know, there's the sort of physical side, emotionalside, spiritual side, so I guess uh physically I try to walk jog or do some sort of activity thatgets my heart rate up, and maybe gets fresh air, that's what I do usually. Yeah so every morningwe exercise, we usually take turns because we have kids at home, so I do the same things walk,jog, and actually I love to do videos on YouTube,.

Like with my own body weight. So I'll be doing a20 or 30 minute video squats, push-ups, sit-ups, all sorts of jumping exercises, and as I've gottenolder I've realized I need to stretch more. So often in the evenings, I'll put on a quick yogavideo, or I'll just do some stretches and it really helps my body feel better and helps me torelax. If you like travel be sure to check out my short travel stories book for English Learners.Yeah I think stretching is good for any age but definitely, you know as we've gotten older, andyou know we've pulled out our backs or things like that, we really realized staying limberis very uh very important. yeah flexibility, flexibility yeah so what do you eat everymorning to get your metabolism jump started? Yeah so every morning for breakfast I flip-flop.So sometimes I have a couple of eggs, avocado,.

Sometimes I have a yogurt, nut, seed, I'llput like plain Greek yogurt, and then I'll add chia seeds, walnuts, whatever fruit wehave, I really like banana, blueberry, mango, and what else goes on that baby? Peanut butter,peanut butter. Yeah don't forget peanut butter, we're in a, well we're not in America, butin America peanut butter is like the thing! Yes and peanut butter where the only ingredient ispeanuts. Yeah very healthy peanut butter, yeah and sometimes I'll make oatmeal too, and do the samestuff on top, but with oatmeal instead of yogurt as my base. Sounds like a good option. Yeah,what about you? I usually uh I'm actually very religious about this, uh I usually do yogurt maybelike a Greek plain yogurt, then I do some granola, uh if it's made by Camille, it's amazing, and thenI'll also do whatever fruit we have in the fridge,.

Or in season, and I'll throw that on top. Andlately I've been adding like a superfood green powder to it and also a collagen uh powder to it,which helps uh your sort of joints maintain their health as you grow older, not to say that we'relike you know out to pasture, or anything but uh. We not young spring chickens anymore. Yeswe're not young spring chickens. Yeah. So yeah that kind of helps me get my day started and yeah.Yeah diet is so important, moving is so important and then something else that I do every morning,I'm pretty religious, it's like my ritual before I even eat breakfast, right when I wake up try todrink a big glass of water, I prepare my coffee and then I spend some time reading and journalingevery every morning. I think both of those things are really good for our mind and I always try todo something in my journal that I'm thankful for..

I write some goals I might have for the day, Iwrite what happened yesterday. It doesn't take me super long maybe 10 or 15 minutes but I feellike that routine of journaling really just keeps my mind in a good place. mhm journaling is goodI used to journal and I know I should but I'm not right now. It's okay, no judgement. Thank you, butuh yeah every morning I usually read a portion of the Bible uh and do a devotional as well, and yeahjust try to have a quiet morning if possible. Of course you know when the kids wake up it getsa little louder and they need things, so yeah waking up a little earlier is sometimes better andyeah enjoying a fresh cup of specialty coffee from Ethiopia ideally, and that's a beautiful morning.It's true we love our specialty coffee. So as far as sleep goes, I feel like we have a pretty goodsleep schedule. Usually I'm sleeping by 10:00,.

And up around 6 yeah. Yeah I usually am in bed thesame time but just uh maybe reading a little bit longer just to get my mind to wind down, and wakeup about the same time, maybe a little later yeah, depending on how the night goes with the kids yeahuh sometimes we'll sleep in later. Yeah I think it's good to have a good sleep routine, so notto be going to bed at 1:00 a.m. and waking up at 10:00 a.m. or the next night you're in bed at 4:00and waking up at 1, or you know I think it's good to have a routine to try to within 30 minutes goto sleep the same time every night. I'm not very good at getting off my screen before bed, which Iknow they say is good. A lot of times we'll watch a show or a movie or I'll even be reading on myphone, and so so that's maybe a a habit that I have that isn't super great. Yeah there's alwaysa fight with uh or wrestle with screens. They can.

Be so useful and you can do a lot of things likelearning languages or uh reading a good book on there, uh but at the same time they can suckyou into social media, and then you go to bed at 1:00 a.m. feeling so tired and drained, so yeahyeah. It's it's always good to kind of separate it at night, so that we can get a good night sleep,calm the mind down before going to bed. Sometimes I stretch and I do breathing exercises before bed,and also sometimes I'll make a herbal tea of some kind to try and calm my body down and I think thatreally helps. Something that helps as a family that we do is getting out in nature. So we try todo this minimum three, four times a week, whether it's just going on a nature walk, going down tothe beach with our kids, going to a little river, just going out from our front door and going for awalk and seeing where we end up. We find that our.

Kids are happy when they're outside. It's so goodto be in fresh air, with nature, with the trees, and so I think that's a good healthy familyrhythm that we have. Yeah yeah I enjoy it also, and nature is just so healing and needed forour minds, for our bodies even. uh even going barefoot, our kids are always barefoot outside,yeah and they they've done studies where all those things are really beneficial for for our wellbeing, and so yeah we we like to get outside, and it's just beautiful too. We like to findwaterfalls or rivers or mountain areas or of course the beach, one of our favorite places.Yeah, uh and yeah it relaxes you and you feel a lot better mhm yeah. I think things thatalso keep us healthy we're not not smokers, we're not drinkers, like occasionally Calvin willhave a wine or a beer. I don't really enjoy it, um.

Very occasionally I'll like take a sip of Calvinand be like I still haven't acquired a taste. Yes 20 years of trying. I know, yeah so I'm just likeokay whatever, but I think yeah smoking is just so not good for your health. Yeah it's true there'sa lot of ways to smoke nowadays, you know and the vaping all that stuff, and they I think they tryto make it sound better, but I think it's still very bad for you. Yeah very bad and then we justdo our best to try to stay away from toxins in the home, like I make my own cleaners for all-purposecleaner, window cleaner, uh we try to buy natural deodorants and shampoos and products that weput on our bodies, and I feel like those things contribute to our health as well. Yeah becauseif we can invest now in our health you know, 10 years 20 years down the road we'll reap thosebenefits. But if we don't treat our bodies well.

Uh yeah we'll reap those not benefits, deficits,I don't know what it is. We'll be punished. yeah so yeah it's important to think about our healthand and move towards a direction of a holistic health in our in our bodies. yeah I think thatcovers it. I think so. I mean we could always go on for even longer about this topic, but we'lltry to keep it concise, but we would love to know what are some of your healthy habits, things thatyou do or don't do to keep you healthy? Yeah let us know in the comments, and be sure to like andsubscribe for more. Thank you. Thanks. Bye. Bye.

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  1. Thanks loads for sharing your habits and routine ❤ You're the immense household ❤I moreover drink warm water in the morning, assemble some workout routines (stretching is my accepted one), like walking, attempting to eat healthy meals, and pondering in a sure blueprint😊My easiest wants to you guys from Ukraine 💙💛

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