Enact these Health Habits with a Full Time Job | Routines for Working Professionals


Enact these Health Habits with a Full Time Job | Routines for Working Professionals

Do you think that you're struggling to develop ahealthy routine while having a full-time job? Hey guys welcome back to my channel my name is Dinazand I work with a lot of working professionals to help create a healthy routine so that you canreally and truly have a nice work life balance just because you're working I know that a lotof you have been struggling to put your health routines in place and in today's video I wantto give you some simple tips some things that you know some things that you might not know butthe whole idea of this video is to motivate you to inspire you so that even with a full-timejob while you're earning money you can also work on your health you know why because healthis wealth so once again thank you for being at thank you for being here on my channel and I can'twait to give you these super simple tips that you.

Can follow while you are at your place of workmorning routine work routine and night routine so if you're at a desk and you're watching thisvideo just take a pause from your your work grab a pen and paper and I want you to write yournotes and before you do that in the comments below the first thing I want you to tell me iswhat are the biggest challenges that you are facing in your work uh in your work life balanceso that in my next video I can solve those out and don't and remember to subscribe and sharethis video so that other working professionals can also get benefited so the first thing workingprofessionals are struggling with the first thing that you are struggling struggling with is sleepI know that you go to work in the morning come back and you have so many other things and themind is so active that you don't want to sleep.

Or you're not able to sleep early remember thatthe first thing that you need to do is prioritize your sleep when you sleep for a good 6 to 8 hoursa day the next morning you'll feel very fresh and when you feel fresh you'll be able to do all yourtasks in your health routine I call it the health habit tracker you're going to be able to do allthat really easily and what is the one thing that I want you to do before you go to sleep while atwork you're already at your laptop or at your desk all day long and in this Digital World the lastthing that you need to do is to stay on your phone while you go to sleep so what I'd like you to dois I want you to just close your eyes before you go to sleep and just visualize how your day shouldbe the next day and be in a state of gratitude for all the beautiful things that happened to youthat day and that way you'll just fall asleep.

In a state of gratitude which is the best and thehighest state to stay in the next thing I want you to do is that when you wake up in the morninghave an awesome morning ritual I know that as a working professional it's a little bit of arush for you but I'll tell you what I had been doing when I had my gyms and I had to go to workin the mornings and I had small children then and I was in the same state as you were you are rightnow but you know what I did I started waking up an hour early yeah it is a little bit tough initiallybut I started waking up an hour early so that I could do my morning rituals and morning ritualswould require you to do just five or 10 minutes of things simple just make a note of it one isdeep breathing exercises which means inhale from your nose and exhale from your mouth number two isvisual ize how your day should be like at work and.

At home which means it should be calm and peacefuland number three is Express gratitude to your body before you get out of the bed and in these 5minutes you're going to be having a super if you do these things in 5 minutes you're going to havethe rest of your day really peaceful and you're going to be able to accomplish a lot of things thenext thing I want you to focus on is exercise at your desk you know that your you're leading a verysedentary life because of your job and I know that all of you are really busy out there but I've beenbecome I've become very busy with the digital work and space that I'm working in and I see sit at mydesk almost all day long but the things that have worked for me is I do simple exercises at my deskthings like neck exercises shoulder exercises are simple things that I do at my desk and every 1hour I make it point to go out go in the office.

This is my home office every 1 hour I walk upand down the hallway and come back that way I'm accumulating enough number of steps so that weare not at risk of heart problems okay so keep doing something or the other at your desk and keepgetting up another one big tip that I want to give you is pull your belly button in all the timewhen you're at your desk the next remember that when you're working you have a lot of stress andstress causes you to want to snack tremendously healthy snacking is what I want you to focus onso keep uh a box of sa fruits by your desk keep a box of peanuts or roasted CH by your table andwhenever you're really hungry instead of going to the cafeteria and having a hot coffee withmilk and sugar or having an an unhealthy snack just grab a little bit of this satiate yourselfand you're good to go another thing is next is.

Hydration when you're at your desk it depletes andwhen you're at your screen screen time depletes a lot of your energies and energies can be restoredwhile you're drinking water all the time so I want you to start drinking water all the time so keepa bottle of water like I always have a bottle of water by my desk and I keep drinking water allthe time so by doing this you'll start feeling energetic throughout the day and I don't want yourenergy levels to to drop down because you were de dehydrated so hydration is excellent for energylevels to improve your energy levels take mental health breaks mental health breaks are nothing butshutting down your computer for 2 minutes closing your eyes and just being doing a mindfulnessexercise a mindfulness exercise is where youve closed your eyes and you're just focusing on yourthird eye which is over here just focus on that.

Clear your mind completely erase whatever is therein your mind and when you come back you're going to feel really rejuvenated you know when you areat work and you striking that work life balance you have to learn to set boundaries sometimes youwant to say no to your family members or to your friends when you don't want to go out after workbecause it's going to disturb your Healthy habit routine so therefore set your boundaries andsay Beyond this point I'm not want to go like I'll tell you what I would do when I was doingmy gyms and I was fulltime and even today okay if I go out I make it a point that I say that I'llcome by 7:00 and by 9 9:30 I should be back home so that at 10:00 I sleep well so you need to setyour boundaries don't do things to please others and in the meanwhile while trying to pleaseothers you're going to disturb your own health.

Routine so be be uh mindful of that and last butnot the least as a working professional you need to wind down whatever one thing that you wantto do to wind down even if it is to watch reals for 10 15 minutes before you go into the sleepmeditation that I told you about do that but no more than 10 15 minutes because all these thingsare addictive so find out it could be reading a book it could be playing with your children itcould be spending time with your husband or your wife it could be going for a coffee date withyour family it could be anything no more than 30 minutes wind down and by doing this you'regoing to be Crea getting a nice healthy habit tracker when you're at work and you'll surely beable to strike that balance between work family life and most important is your health routinethat way your place of work will become very very.

Enjoyable where you also start focusing on yourhealth so the one big tip that I want you to go home with is focus completely on your health evenwhen you're at work that way you're going to just enjoy a healthy work life so that you're goingto earn a lot of money and stay healthy at the same time if you thought this video was reallyuseful share it with friends that are struggling to strike that balance between health and workand subscribe to my channel if you're new and share it around so that you can contributeand help me on my mission to make India Zen fit

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