Elevate ACTION in Your Lifestyles | DESTROY Imperfect Habits & Addictions GUARANTEED


Elevate ACTION in Your Lifestyles | DESTROY Imperfect Habits & Addictions GUARANTEED

In this video, I'm going to share with you the one secretfor taking action in your life. Whether you're looking to break a bad habit, overcome an addiction,or improve an aspect about your life, there's only one method that willreally let you succeed in the long term. But first,I want to talk about two common traps that people fall into and thatyou might unintentionally be doing that people fall into and thatyou might unintentionally be doing whenever you tryto make a change in your life.

The first is that you rely on motivation. You might think that in orderto take action to change something in your life,you need to be motivated. You might think that you need motivation in order to go to the gymor keep consistent on a diet. But the problem with motivationisn't that it doesn't work. It's just that you often spend more timelooking for it than actually acting on it. The reason for this is that truly powerfulmotivation is incredibly hard to come by, and that motivation oftenjust comes and goes.

You might watch a motivational video on YouTubeand then get pumped to do some hard work. But how long does that feeling last? A day, maybe two. And then you're back to your old habits. On the other hand, there are really powerful motivatorsout there, but do you really want to gothrough the experiences to get them? Imagine the first timethat you had your heart broken.

And think about how that experiencechanged you. And maybe it'swhat motivated you to improve your life. But is that really a source of motivationthat you want to go out and obtain again and again whenever you feel likeyou need to be motivated to do something? They say that time heals all wounds. So even the motivation that comes with an intense experiencelike that will fade over time. That's whyrelying on motivation is futile. Motivation is great to driveshort term action,.

But it's not reliable for those longterm changes because it often fades and you don't really encounterreally powerful sources of motivation unless you go through those emotionallypainful experiences. The next trap is that you rely too muchon discipline or your own willpower. Just like motivation,discipline isn't inherently a bad thing. In fact,great discipline is one of the rarest and most valuable traitsthat you can have. Disciplineis inherently linked to your character. So unlike motivation,the good thing is that discipline.

Doesn't constantly fluctuate. You don't have to keeprefreshing your discipline. And it's not going to vanish in a day. On top of that, discipline is a skillthat you can actually grow and work on so it can continuously increase and becomemore and more useful in your life. Because of this, having greatdiscipline is still a great tool for making the changes that you want. So why is relying on disciplinea trap that here? Here, I want to bring in an analogy.

Think about the Grand Canyonand all those cliffs and ravines that were carved overby water and rivers over time. Now solid rock is no pushover. But you can see how even a weak forcelike water can gradually destroy it if it's given enough time.That's what discipline is like. If you only rely on raw discipline to overcome challenges,then over time it can break down as well. Imagine you're trying to overcomesocial media addiction, so you do all the tricks like trackingyour screen time or putting the apps to the back.

Or whatever other tricksthere are out there. But in today's society, having a phone and having your life tied toit is becoming more and more important. And so the phone and the temptationisn't going to go anywhere. So what are you going to do? Just use discipline and avoid social mediaand your phone for the rest of your life? That's just totally unrealistic. Self-improvementoften means making a permanent change to change something about your life.

Discipline is a great toolfor those medium term goals, like getting good gradesor pushing for a promotion. But when we're talking about meaningful changeson the timeline of your entire life, discipline is going to failyou eventually. Here's where you come to the true secret of how to take action in your lifeand make meaningful, permanent changes. The answeris that for any change in your life, you have to internalizeit as part of your identity.

You have to truly think that you arethat type of person that takes the action that you want. Only this way can you make long termchanges sustainable. But what do I mean by this? What you want to do is to align your goalsand actions in a way so that the very essence of your characterwants to do these things. Motivation and discipline get worn downbecause they're driving you to do things that you fundamentally don't want to. So one way you can get aroundthis is only do.

The things that you like to do, but then those list of itemsusually become things like: play a ton of video gamesand eat a lot of junk food. So if you can't dothe things that you like to do, the next solution becomes changingthe set of things that you like. And you change the set of thingsthat you like to do by changing your image as a person and how you identify. For example,maybe you're the type of person right now.

Who's sitting on the couch, but you want to make a change in your lifeand go to the gym. At the same time,you feel like all your life you've never been a sports person. And so going to the gym is going to be foreign, tricky, inconvenient, and really bothersome. Because you imagine yourselfas not a sports person, then sports person things become actions that arein opposition to your own self-image. But supposeyou consider yourself an athlete.

And so what do athletes do? Well, they eat right and they exercise. And so because of this, what you'll findis that eating right and exercising will becomenot only easier for you to do, but also more rewardingand enjoyable as well. It's because these actions are congruentto your belief as a person That's why people who consider themselvestimely find it easy not to be late. And why.

If you consider yourself a gamer, you'll find it really hardto give up your video game addiction. Another example would be a vegan. You think that people are vegansbecause they don't eat animal products, but it's actually the other way around. First they identified as a vegan and thennext they eliminated the animal products. When an actionis an ingrained part of your life, it's always the case that identityled to action, not the other way around. How might this work in the oppositedirection?.

Well, let's pretend that you're someonewho wants to improve your social skills. But you have a beliefthat you're socially awkward and that you have social anxiety. As long asyou actively identify as socially awkward, do you really think your social skillscan improve that much? Not only willthese changes be difficult and unnatural because they oppose your own self view,but this identity will also help you and your mind self justifywhy you aren't getting better. You'll start telling yourself that of course you can't talk to girls, you have social anxiety.

And this cycle of justificationis what's going to just keep you mediocre. On the other hand, let'simagine that you are socially awkward but you think of yourselfas a very social person. Because of this, it's naturalfor you to go out, go to parties, talk to people, make new friends,even if you're not very good at it. But just because you keep going out thereand doing those things, you are going to get bettersocially over time.

And eventually you will becomethat social person that you thought of in your mind. Now you might be thinkingthat this all makes sense, but then the issue is:how can you really believe and identify in somethingthat you just fundamentally aren't? If you're someone who just games all day,how can you possibly not identify as a gamer? And if you're someonewho just sits on the couch all day, how can you possibly identifyas being athletic?.

The great thing about identifyingas something is that it's true as long as it's true in your mind, even if it doesn'treflect your current reality. If your desire to see yourself in acertain way is genuine and strong enough, that's all you need to get started to changing the actionsthat align with your person. And over time, you can definitely becomewhat you've always imagined. For more ideas about self-improvement, check out my other videos.And thanks as always, for watching.

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