easy the correct technique to glow up in 2024 asap (no bs full records)


easy the correct technique to glow up in 2024 asap (no bs full records)

Here's what I look like now after 2 years of my glowup journey but it wasn't always like this I went through so many failures so many breakouts in July 2020 I Disappeared for 6 months cut out all the toxic people from my life and focused on myself and by the way it doesn't matter at what time of the year you watch this the sooner you take.

Action the better I'm not going to waste more time here's a no BS step-by-step full guide on how to glow up this year let's begin Step Zero mindset and self-image this is the most important step if you want to glow up ASAP you need to keep in mind that it's not going to be easy if it's easy everyone will be walking around looking like Brad Pit and.

Gigachad but if you take your first step today you'll be way ahead of the people who are still thinking about starting here's a fact about these people let's call them the glow tastin nators these people will never ever start they're still waiting for motivation to kick in and after 10 years of waiting he's 30 years old now he's broke no future no.

Children no wife unattractive working 9 to5 if this doesn't give you anxiety I don't know what will you want to know another fact about them they already already skipped the physical attractiveness part to attract that Badd in school so if you're listening to this that means you're not a part of that group I'm proud of you bro focusing on.

Physical attractiveness only it's like having a nice looking car but it doesn't work what's the point of being attractive but dead inside you need to visualize yourself as someone who is already glowed up which moves us to the importance of having a good self image about yourself if you see yourself as a weak and unlovable person your mind.

Starts to find ways to become that weak unlovable person but if you say that I'm that guy I'm the greatest your mind will find ways to behave like that guy that's why Muhammad Ali always shouts I'm the greatest boxer of all time and I'll never be defeated most people will see this as a huge ego and need to get humbled but believing in yourself an ego.

Is two different things and as you can see he achieved that because of a positive self-image but you need to to put in the work of course you need to prove to yourself that you're that guy right now let's talk about the thing that you're waiting for here is a stepbystep guide on how to glow up mentally and physically in 2024 let's.

Begin Step One is physical attractiveness you're tired of hearing this advice I know bro here's a no BS guide of what to do to be more attractive step 1.1 body Aesthetics this is the only activity in this guide that will make people say I didn't recognize you for a sec when I first saw you and I hope every body watching experiences the.

Confidence boost from that you need to start having an aesthetic body having an aesthetic body is not normal bodybuilding like sebum is doing it focuses on the muscle groups that will make you look attractive and have the v-shaped look and also having a low body fat percentage to show the muscle that youve built here's an example of an.

Aesthetic body to achieve this kind of physique you need to train your back upper chest shoulder traps ABS neck and biceps that's why I created a free workout program for you and you'll find it in the description and I also included a home workout so no excuses bro but disease should I bulk or should I cut if you're overweight getting into.

A calorie deficit of minus 300 calories which means eating less and moving more if you're underweight getting into a calorie surplus of plus 300 calories which means eating more and moving more you need to hit your protein goal every day to know how much protein you need a day it's 1 G per pound of body weight also cardio is essential for both.

Cutting and bulking not just for weight but for health doesn't matter what form just do something here is the only equation you need to build an aesthetic body I'll explain this equation to you the first part is hitting the gym daily I mean every single day even on Sundays but a ziz why hit the gym daily you're supposed to take a rest day right yes.

It's a must to have rest days but active rest days don't sit on the couch and watch Rick and Morty while eating a pack of Cheetos and cope and say it's my cheat day bro this is where all the people mess up I know the people from Reddit are going to comment on this video they're probably going to write a whole paragraph explaining why I'm wrong.

I'm just sharing what worked for me bro the second part of the equation is consistency there's a jacked guy at my gym he's the ultimate gigachad he actually kind of looks like gigachad if I find his picture I'll put it on the screen I asked him one time how to stay consistent in the gym and he said something that raised my eyebrows he.

Told me I didn't go for 2 days in a row and I became a crackhead I began to eat bad food smoke weed and lack of discipline in my work I lost a lot of money and I lost my desire to go to the gym all this is because of 2 days in a row without working out so it's okay to skip one day but don't skip 2 days in a row I know the gym rats will relate to.

This so much the conclusion is that don't skip 2 days in a row and go anyway when you don't feel like going the third part of the equation is doing it for a long period you only need two things to do it for a long period first you need to see the progress second get complimented by a cute girl congrats bro you're addicted now but some days you.

Don't want to go because you have an exam tomorrow that's when you go anyway you don't lack time you lack time management start managing your day on Google Calendar here's an example of my calendar the fourth part of the equation is progress overload progress overload is lifting more than you lifted last week you can increase the Reps or.

Increase the weight you need to track it using an app called strong log the exercises you're doing and try to push to failure the Sam suc style the fifth part of the equation is good form don't lift to impress a girl in the gym she's not looking at you but she will if you focus on building a Greek God's body focus on your form over the weight here.

Is an actionable step to do step one go to the description and take a look at the workout program I did for you step two sign up for the nearest gym to your house I don't care if it's far away you need to sacrifice for it the days are going to pass anyway either you go today or stay weak for the rest of your life the choice is is yours step three just.

Show up and search for the exercises I did for you do them with the correct form if you don't know how ask a muscular guy in the gym you'll level up your social skills and get $1,000 of value for free so it's a win-win situation and don't worry the people in the gym are friendly you just need to go there even if you do only one set and.

Come back home step two is facial Aesthetics here is the no BS way to improve facial Aesthetics step 2.1 skin care here's my skin when I was 18 years old and here is my skin now to this day some people think it's gay to put products on your face this limiting belief will make you less attractive and reduce your opportunities in life the.

First thing people look at when they're talking to me is my face and since the first impression last for so long and also people are so polite and respectful they'll not tell you the truth they'll cut you off with no explanation here's a no BS guide on how I got glowing skin the first step is knowing your skin type there's oil oily skin which is always.

Shiny and greasy then there's dry skin which is always dry then there's a combination skin which is oily on the T-Zone of the face in the nose and in the forehead and the chin and dry on the cheeks and there is normal skin which is heaven they have glowing skin with no products after knowing your skin type here's my skincare routine that made my.

Skin glow morning skincare I'll start by cleansing my face with this s cleanser and then use a toner by Ela MD to remove the excess dirt from my skin don't apply the toner on a cotton pad it'll clog the pores which will lead to breakouts let the toner dry and then I add vitamin C by cave to make your skin glow it's optional so you can skip this step.

Evening skincare I'll cleanse and apply toner then I'll add this retinol by cave retinol is the magic ingredient in skincare retinol cleans pores protects from breakouts closes pores removes acne clears acne scars and slows aging this is a musthave product if you're due to retinol start with three times a week then increase the use gradually after.

That I moisturize my face with this PM moisturizer by cave and also I exfoliate my skin with this exfoliator by Derma twice a week to remove all the dead skin cells and it makes my skin smooth AF also keep in mind that if you see a breakout when using retinol that means the product is working don't panic and stop using it trust the process and then.

Repeat this for a long period you'll start to see progress after 2 weeks of this here's a bonus tip to have clear skin and is to drink a gallon of water a day that's why you need to carry water wherever you go you'll pee a lot but you'll get used to it step 2.2 having a good jawline the best nobs way to have a good jawline is Step One is hitting the.

Gym step two chewing on Mastic Gum to make the jawline stronger I'll link the one I use below step three everybody has good jawlines but it's covered in fat remove the fat from your face and go below 15% body fat you'll be a different person step four mu mewing and facial exercises do work but it's a long-term game there's an app called Mew that will.

Make the process easier it'll help you make meu a habit which is crucial for getting visible results and also it'll send reminders to your phone so you'll not forget to keep your tongue in the right position and since I care about you guys I contacted them and got you a 30% off the annual plan by using my code fresh you'll find the link in the.

Description treat your face as a muscle group you don't need to train it every day try to train it two to three times a week Max step two .3 grooming and hygiene the biggest turnoff for everybody especially girls is smelling bad if you're 5 out of 10 in looks and you smell good you'll be 8 out of 10 easily people can see that you take care.

Of yourself and make a good first impression here's my no BS shower routine I don't use products that have some ingredients that I don't know how to pronounce step one I wash my body with an organic body wash apply the body wash whole body including your armpits your balls and your ass and you'll be smelling fresh all all day I'll include.

The one I use in the description step two I wash my hair twice a week wash your hair with an organic shampoo to remove dirt massage it gently not hard rinse with cold water to reduce frizz step three I apply organic conditioner daily yes I apply this daily it'll make your hair smooth and trust me since I have curly hair so I need to keep it.

Looking fresh step four I apply coconut oil this is how to make your hair grow fast glow and smell good don't apply too much apply just just a little on wet but not very wet hair step five I let it dry with air or the Sun but aase what if I get sick you'll not get sick just sit in the sun if it's out and if not it's going to take longer step six brush your.

Teeth with an electric toothbrush that has a timer on it apply a little toothpaste and brush it gently don't do it hard and then floss your teeth with this Dental flosser step seven clean your tongue all the bad smell is from the tongue so make sure to clean it with this tongue scraper and you're good to go apply cologne apply it twice on your.

Neck once behind each ear and once on your chest and wrist after that is grooming I don't go to the barber cuz I have long hair I go to the barber once every month to fix my hair and make it look presentable but if you have a fade you need to go once a week I know it's expensive but you need to invest in yourself or grow your hair out if you're.

Broke like me and if you have a mullet you can do it at home use a Clipper and you're good if you have long hair try a buzz cut and see how you look if you have short hair grow it out and see how you look try different hairstyles I won't tell you what haircut to get because I don't know your style scroll on Pinterest until you see a haircut.

That you like second is the beard if you can't grow a beard like me clean shave every 2 days don't use your dad's razor it'll cause acne I use this electric razor and it shaves like a normal razor if you can grow a beard grow it out and fix it every 3 days third is your body don't use the razor that you use on your face for your balls you need to buy.

Another Clipper for your private parts I use manscapes it's gentle on your pee and it's waterproof so you can shave in the shower after shaving your private parts shave your chest shoulders and abs this will reveal the muscle you built or you will build fourth is your eyebrows if you have hair in this part pause the video and go shave it right now and come.

Back it can take you 3 seconds to be more attractive right now step 2.4 white teeth to have white teeth brush them twice a day with fluoride free toothpaste people ask me why fluoride because fluoride is bad for testosterone I brush my teeth with this electric toothbrush and then I apply these 3D White Strips by Crest apply it for 30.

Minutes try to do something with it maybe read a book or study after 1 week you'll see good results this is the only method to have white teeth don't use black toothpaste BS it's not good for your gums let's move on to the mental side of glowing up now here is a no BS guide on how to glow up mentally first I want to say that most people clicked off.

But you're here so I'm proud of you bro tap yourself on the back right now and actually be proud of yourself you're not like the other people I wish I could fist bump you because you're on the right track I kept the most important part at the end of the video cuz I only want the people who actually want to glow up to watch this part let's begin.

If your screen time is looking like this that means this detox is going to help you a lot dopamine detoxing is the act of eliminating all the bad habits they bring you a lot of pleasure now but make you miserable in the long term these habits include video games junk food food porn and fapping Etc replace them with more productive habits they won't.

Please you now but they'll make your life more enjoyable and happy in the long term here is a step by step of what you're going to do step one fill out this mood self assessment checklist it'll help you calculate your depression and anxiety scores make sure to screenshot this score we can compare it to a test taken in 2 weeks to see how.

You're feeling step two we're going to develop four habits that are going to boost your happiness to the roof in the next 14 days meditation gratitude journaling exercise and waking up before 8:00 a.m. go grab a piece of paper and a pen and make a habit tracker like the one you see on the screen and take the box when you complete one of these tasks.

When you first start you need to start doing these habits as minimally as possible like really minimal if you did one push-up if you did 1 second of meditation if you write one sentence of gratitude take the box if you woke up at 758 a.m. take the box your brain will tell you that you're not making progress but your brain is the reason you feel.

Like your brain told you to watch porn even though it's bad for you your brain told you to eat junk food even though you're on a diet the conclusion here is to stop trusting your brain and actually say I'm making progress I used to do 0 seconds of meditation now I do 1 second this is progress bro and here's a bonus tip that will help you a lot.

Celebrate it like you found the cure to cancer celebrate hard if you checked all the boxes for today Jump Around smile and tap yourself on the back cuz you're making progress toward your goal goals step three quit social media this is one of the best decisions you'll make in your entire life I quit social media 4 years ago I only use YouTube and don't.

Even consider it social media because as you can see you're getting value for free 99 most people don't want to quit because they don't want to be lonely and I can relate to this a lot loneliness is the biggest thing I struggled with when quitting social media when you start to improve and focus on yourself you start to feel that you don't relate to your.

Old friends anymore I struggled a lot in my glowup journey I didn't find anyone to glow up with and not having anyone to turn to I said countless times that this year is my year but I kept procrastinating feeling sorry for myself and wasted four years of my life trying to quit the bad habits that's why on the 6th and 7th of January my good friend.

Abraham and I will host an 8h hour weekend Workshop we will reveal our ultimate 2024 glowup protocol so if you're a young man who wants to glow up mentally and physically in 2024 for then this is for you Abraham has 50k subscribers on YouTube he's the go-to guy for taking control of your mind and Breaking Bad Habits he helped me with my.

Mental health issues I'm now the happiest I've ever been he'll reveal more about this this weekend by the way I won't do this again it'll be only hosted on the first weekend of 2024 if you're watching before then then this is a no-brainer if you don't want to waste this year too scroll down and click the link in the description right now and.

Make 2024 your year step four social interactions I have a story to tell you I went to a coffee shop last week and I saw a beautiful girl with curly hair and glowing skin I could see she had a good personality because she was joking with the cashier I could see the positive energy flowing over her but I did like her hair though I went to her and said.

Hello there I liked your hair it looks very good on you bro I just saw her eyes filled with happiness and joy she responded gratefully thank you so much I like your hair too take a seat I was like no no I I have work to do now I just wanted to say that I I like your hair that's it and she said oh sorry for bothering you thanks again and I went to.

My table and I was working on a video at that time and then I felt someone tapping my back I turned around and it was her she said that she wanted to know my name and take my contact info so we exchanged contacts and now we talk online but we've never met yet maybe this girl can be my future wife who knows did you see that a simple.

Compliment can turn your life around go compliment someone and say have a nice day if you like something go tell them that I know it's very very uncomfortable to do that but but it's good for your soul you'll make her day and it'll make your day with her reaction so go out more invite your friends for something fun and if no one comes go anyway and.

Enjoy your own company if you invite 10 people I guarantee that three of them will join and voila you'll have a fantastic time together

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