Each day Self-care Habits with Main Oils (Uncomplicated how one can abolish Self-Care)


Each day Self-care Habits with Main Oils (Uncomplicated how one can abolish Self-Care)

Hi welcome back to my Channel today we're diving into the world of self-care and the incredible benefits of incorporating a Central Oils into your routine so if you've been wondering why self-care is important or how do I do self-care or how do I start self-care habits then you are in the right place so let's get started because in this.

Video I will answer these questions and give you the opportunity to download my free list of five tips to reduce stress which is of course is a great way to start taking care of yourself I am Megan ginging habit addict and essential oil educator and Enthusiast I have been teaching about the power of habits and essential oils.

For over three years and I'm really excited to share my knowledge of habits today with you specifically about self-care habits so hit the Subscribe button and click the Bell so you can be notified every time I upload a brand new video now before I jump into today's self-care symposium I would love to hear what your favorite.

Thing is to do for selfcare currently so if you don't mind sharing put yours in the comments below so I am so glad that you are here it's so important to take care of ourselves and one of my favorite tools is to use essential oils but first we got to make sure we understand essential.

Oils and why they are a perfect fit so first things first let's talk about what essential oils are and how they can positively impact our well-being so essential oils are just concentrated plant extracts that capture the aromatic essence of the plant and they've been used for centuries to promote physical emotional and mental health NOW.

Essential oils can be used three ways they can be used aromatically just breathing them in they can be used topically putting them on your skin and they can also be taken internally depending on the oil and of course the quality and we'll talk about how to use them in all those ways throughout our habit chat today now before we get into.

The habits please make sure that you're using pure tested grade essential oils because quality does matter when we're talking about reaping the full benefits now let's discuss choosing the right essential oils for your self-care routine so each oil has unique properties so it's essential to pick ones that align with your specific needs.

So for example if you are looking for something to help relax you or have those kinds of benefits then you want to look at something like a lavender or Roman chamomile uh alternatively if you're looking for an energy boost Citrus oils like wild orange or grapefruit are fantastic choices so starting your day.

Right is crucial for overall well-being I love to kick my mornings off with a self-care routine and today I will talk about what I do in my morning ritual incorporating essential oils so when I wake up the first thing that I do well first thing I do is drink a glass of water if you watched my other videos uh the second thing that I do is that I.

Diffuse something so it depends on what I'm looking for most of the time when I wake up I want to feel energized and focused and ready for the day and so I love to blend like citrus with mint so I love to do spearmint in Tangerine or wild orange and peppermint I love combining those to boost my mood and my energy levels right from the.

Start all right so more specifically in the morning I use the RO doterra's Rome diffuser because it sits on a charging pad but then you can move it with you so I often I'm in different rooms in the morning when I'm getting ready for work and doing all of those things and so I like to bring this bad boy with me so all I do is I take the top off I fill it.

Up to the line with water and then I put white oils in there there of course so I have like I mentioned I love to do wild orange and peppermint so I like to do two drops of each to get started remember it's always nice to start with less drops you can always add more to it you can't really go back in time if you accidentally add too much right um so.

That's one of the things I like to do so I put the top on and then I turn it on and again I can take it with me wherever I go which is lovely and it holds a charge for a while which is great so I have the diffuser going on in the morning and then another thing that I like to do is to put some oils on me so I tend to.

Get stressed about things and I hold that in my my shoulders and it just snowballs from there and so what I like to do is start off the day right so I'm diffusing in the morning like I mentioned and then I wear the oils as perfume so I put them like on my neck behind my ears and I love florals for this and I also love Citrus keeping me.

Highly you know invigorated and ready to go so I love to diffuse in the morning and then I also like to put oils on me so that I can carry that with me throughout my morning as I go on with my day so I love their I have it in a cute little clutch I love doa's emotional aroma therapy line so it's just different different emotions either that.

You want to feel more of or you need help with at the moment and it can really help so a lot of times I like to pick motivate peace and cheer I'd say those are the top three I use from here but all of them are lovely you know depending on what's going on so these are already diluted with fractionated coconut oil ready to go in a little.

Roller bottle so again I just put them on my you know on my neck or behind my ears and I am ready to go love cheer it's a little spicy so this one has don't drop it this one has wild orange clove lemon Myrtle nutmeg Ginger so many good things in this.

Blend so that's how I like to start off the day but of course around that midafternoon or midday I try to take what I call a mindfulness break so a lot of times there's just that hustle that happens throughout the day whether you're at work or just running errands or whatever's going on so it's really nice to plan time take a moment for.

Yourself so you can incorporate a midday mindfulness break with a calming blend so lavender a wild orange those two together are amazing dotera actually has a blend called adaptive that has both of those oils plus a little more and it's called the calming blend which is perfect um so I always have that roller with me it's actually in my purse in the.

Other room but I take that with me and what I like to do with it is I like to put some on my hand rub my Palms together cut my nose and then inhale deeply so it helps you both get getting those calming oils into you like into your brain and starting to work but also it helps you because you're taking a moment to breathe inhale deeply for four.

Counts hold on to it for four counts and then exhale for four counts so that's the one I like to use but of course there's so many different breathing techniques and pick the one that works best for you so we have our morning routine we have our midday mindfulness break and then of course we need to end it all.

With a beautiful relaxing evening routine it doesn't have to be wild but we do want to help our body and mind transition to that unwinding at the end of the day so it can help you really having that routine or having some sort of routine can really help you de-stress and prepare for a rful night's sleep so I'll share how I use essential oils to.

Create that calming atmosphere perfect for winding down I love the Sleep System from dotera so it has the serenity oil it has the serenity sleep stick and it has the serenity soft gels the serenity blend is just what they call the restful blend and it's just a blend of oils it has lavender vver Cedar Wood all these really lovely sleepy time get your brain.

To slow down oils for you so what I do is I diffuse Serenity sometimes I add even more Cedar Wood because I love the smell of it so I'm diffusing that about 30 minutes before I go to bed I also take a Serenity Soft gel and so this has eleanine in it and they added tart cherry which helps with your natural melatonin creation and then also the.

Sleep stick which is very new and I love it it's a little stick that you just rub on so I like to put it on the back of my neck and I also rub it on the back of my spine sometimes people put it on the bottoms of their feet wherever you want to put it it'll get absorbed in your body and help lull you to sleep which is great all right so the Sleep System is.

Something that you can try or you could craft your own bedtime ritual maybe adding a drop of lavender to your pillow or creating a calming room room spray a lot of friends of mine come over to my make and take classes and what we do is we use a little 2 oz spray bottle we put like 8 to 10 drops of the oil in it and then fill the rest up with distilled.

Water maybe even throw some witch hazle in there we shake it up and then you use it as a room spray or a linen spray so a lot of times they come over and they want to make lavender spray so that they can spray their sheets and just once they get into bed they are ready to let that soothing Aroma guide them to that restful night.

Sleep so there you have it incorporating these self-care habits with essential oils can truly transform your daily routine and remember it's all about finding what works best for you and if you enjoyed today's video please don't forget to like subscribe and hit the notification Bell so you'll never miss out on my new videos about oils habits.

And all things related all right it's freebie time so you made it through the video and I want to give you access to grab this guide full of tips to reduce stress so all you have to do is click the link in the description below put your email in and it will show up in your inbox shortly after I am so grateful that you watched.

This video please ask your question share your feedback whatever you want in the comments below and until next time remember that you are unique you are worthy and you are not alone

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