Donald Trump Tells You the 4 Habits That Will Repair Your LIFE


Donald Trump Tells You the 4 Habits That Will Repair Your LIFE

Folks let me tell you something a lot of people out there they're not hitting their potential it's a shame really when they face The end they're looking back and saying I should have done things differently but you know what's incredible there are winners out there and they're meeting their final day with a big beautiful smile knowing they took.

Life and made it incredible we've all got this gift of Life tremendous potential tremendous now here's the thing if you're not building positive habits you're not just wasting that potential you're showing in gratitude you're setting yourself up for a sad ending and we don't want that some people they try.

To justify their actions saying they're enjoying life because it's short but let me tell you most of the time they're not really enjoying life they're just avoiding reality escaping from it getting lost in video games taking drugs or partying like there's no tomorrow that's not real enjoyment folks if you think it is you've been.

Influenced by the Deep State and it's holding you back from reaching your full potential we can't have that can we now in this video we're going to talk about four habits that can turn your life around we're talking real transformation tremendous transformation you don't want to miss it it's going to be incredible believe me all right let's.

Talk about something incredible folks it's the white belt mentality and let me tell you it's a crucial Habit in martial arts they've got this system of belts and everybody starts with a white belt these white belts they're asking questions eager to soak in everything it's a mindset we should all have in life when you grab onto the white belt.

Mentality you're seeing the world as a tremendous opportunity to keep growing and learning always now unfortunately a lot of people they stop learning once they finish school the Deep State tricks them into thinking hey you're done that's it some even get arrogant thinking they've got it all figured out but let me tell you I've faced.

Challenges in life that have taught me more than most folks can imagine and here I am sharing that knowledge on this channel but I'm still a learner folks that's right never let your schooling interfere with your education white belt mentality means you don't see an end point every day it's a new beginning and the learning never.

Stops now some people they might skip through videos thinking they know it all just by glancing at a keyword they miss the real message because they lack the white belt mentality with this mindset you're not searching for a Finish Line because there isn't one every day is like day one a chance to keep learning it's.

Tremendous believe me and now we've got this incredible resource a guide call it what you want opened up for you not just anyone but for those who want to be strong in every part of their lives it's tremendous the link to this resource it's right down there in the description check it out folks you won't believe what you'll find all right folks we're.

Moving on to the second point and it's a winner keep moving picture standing water right it gets all gross smells bad like rotten eggs nobody wants that but now think about flowing water it doesn't stink it's fresh it's clean now human nature it's like water if you stay still your body starts to.

Decay even the smartest nerds and we've got some Smart Ones can run into problems if they don't get up and move being brainy doesn't help much because not moving leads to a decline in thinking skills we can't have that can we we all have something called fluid IQ it lets us learn new stuff but here's the deal it starts going down after 25.

Yeah after 25 surprising right now the best way to keep that brain sharp isn't just sitting there thinking all day no it's moving your body weightlifting cardio exercises those are the winners your body is connected to everything about you mental and physical health so if you're dealing with stuff like depression anxiety or high blood.

Pressure ask yourself this are you moving enough movement gives us strong joints healthy bones and sharp reflexes it boosts our ability to learn concentrate and feel good mentally without Movement we just fall apart folks can't have that right now folks number number three and it's a big one gratitude when you wake up each day I'm.

Telling you there's something to be thankful for it doesn't matter if you're in debt facing tough times or if everyone seems to be against you there's always something positive people sometimes overlook this habit because they think it doesn't directly get them to their goals but let me tell you it's one of.

The most crucial habits believe me imagine something really drastic happening like not being able to walk again how would you feel looking back at the times when you took walking for granted gratitude it's a powerful force folks take a moment every single day either write down while you're grateful write it down folks.

Or or just reflect on it it's tremendous you'll see the impact and it's going to be big all right folks let me tell you about the fourth point and it's a big one deep thinking in this era of social media every everybody's got their faces buried in their phones it's unbelievable it's non-stop making it real hard to take a step back and reflect on your.

Life and goals so when was the last time you went to a beautiful Park and we have the most beautiful Parks just tremendous and had a nice long think deep thinkers they're like chess Grandmasters you know they're carefully analyzing everything on the board of Life they're thinking about the next 10 moves identifying strengths and.

Weaknesses evaluating habits it's fantastic really but improving your life that's on you folks you got to break free from this social media Madness all the nonsense distracting you you may need to do a dopamine detox folks take a break from Tik Tok even Twitter you can't have deep thoughts when you're addicted to the screens like these young.

Kids believe me the videos here they're all about helping men really tremendous stuff it's crucial to get those messages if deep thinking means stepping back from the online world that's okay okay I'd rather know I played a part in helping you now sure some social media is fine but you got to choose purposefully not just mindlessly.

Scrolling for hours like a zombie staring at your phone when was the last time you sat down and really thought about your purpose your goals or made a plan to get closer to those goals when was the last time you reflected on why you're here on this incredible Planet this isn't just a channel it's a movement folks we're here.

To make men great again to be resilient you got to engage in some serious deep thinking and Analysis life it's like a game of chess so Ponder your next move and maybe jot down those tremendous thoughts afterward it's going to be fantastic folks let's make men great again hit like And subscribe for more winning advice I make.

The best speeches everybody says so stay tuned for more it will be huge

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