DIS23 | 1-2-3 Habits: Well being, Happiness, And Success Are As Easy As 123.


DIS23 | 1-2-3 Habits: Well being, Happiness, And Success Are As Easy As 123.

One two three it's one of the very first things we learned when we're just one year old very very tiny young little children can understand the concept of one two three it's so incredibly simple so incredibly basic and so incredibly necessary for you to understand how useful this information is.

In terms of progressing in your life what's up my name is Susie B and I'm here to talk to you guys today about one two three habits the simplest way for you to change your life long term I'd like to introduce you to the one two three habits system so many times in life we want to change something we want to run a marathon we want to improve our.

Health we want to increase our wealth all of these different things on this list right now are things that most of us want in our lives some form of progress in that area well my friends let me just tell you that you can have it all but you can't do it all at once when we try to do it all at once we feel.

Stuck looking over that list you immediately feel burned out you're not sure where to start there's just too much to do and you're overwhelmed and overloaded so rather than choosing a couple of items from the list most of us just stay stuck right where we are this leads us to inaction which is the boulevard to Broken Dreams the reason.

That so many of us have these incredible plans but just can't make it happen is because we try to do everything at once and when we try we fail and that failure is the greatest tragedy of our time because it's keeping you from making the progress that you need in your life And if every single one of us was truly living up to our potential.

There would be no colossal problems in the world that we deal with on a regular basis so my friends I want to encourage you to find The Simple Solution the solution is Simplicity it's totally possible it fits into your busy schedule no matter how busy you might be and if you start today it actually works.

I want to help you today to go from where you are to where you want to be and change what you do into who you are and how you live on a daily regular basis the process to happiness health and success is as simple as one two three introducing one two three habits the first step in one two three habits.

Is your one pillar Focus we're going to overcome that overwhelm by clarifying the vision and deciding on one thing that we can go all in on we don't need to do everything all at once we just need to start with one of those beautiful ambitions what is your one pillar Focus what is the one thing calling loudest to you in.

Your life right now step two is to harness your two superpowers with two months of consistency you were born with two superpowers did you know that your conscious mind and subconscious mind are the greatest Creations in existence those two things can make anything happen.

And not only happen once but happen consistently on autopilot when you learn how to master your two superpowers and harness those Powers together you become Unstoppable so how do we harness those two Powers together we do something consistently for two months of time the research shows that.

It takes two months of consistency for both parts of your brain both the long term and the short term to work together to form habits and that's step three your three daily actions that are going to master those two superpowers harness your conscious and subconscious.

Mind Powers together by doing three things each day consistently for two months and those three things are all harnessed under one pillar one focus in your life according to again overcome that overwhelm and we're going to give you that Clear Vision of exactly what you want to do with your life.

And exactly how you're going to make it happen the power of three is incredible it's undeniable in the universe the number three is considered to be the perfect number of Harmony wisdom and understanding there's a quote from Pythagoras one brilliant mathematician it is the easiest number for your brain.

To remember we don't learn our abcdefg's we learn the ABCs there are three primary colors one two three it's the simplest pattern your brain can find number three is also the smallest amount needed to form a pattern it's the perfect combination of both brevity and rhythm.

In comedy they have the rule of Threes which is the best way to connect with your audience the Trinity is made up of three members you have three names a first a middle and a last name three parts to a sentence the subject the verb and the object three locations in your address your city state and Country.

Even your phone number though it's made up of 10 digits is broken down into three sections because that makes it easier for your brain to remember so that's why we're harnessing the power of three when we're creating these habits in order to change your life let me tell you a story and give you a very memorable visual to help you.

Remember this concept of one pillar Focus two months of consistency and three daily habits go with me on a mental vacation to Washington DC it's one of my favorite places in the universe and back in 2010 my husband and I and our little one-year-old daughter you can see us standing here Atop The.

Lincoln monument stairs we went to Washington DC and when we rolled in Hurricane Irene also rolled in so for five days we were there and it was absolutely pouring rain and torrential winds you can see these umbrellas have been blown upside down everything was soaked well we were there to see the sights and so the rain didn't stop us.

See those sights we did so one day we found ourselves atop the Lincoln Memorial we're standing there basking in the glow of that 88-foot statue of this incredible man and all that he did and we decided that after we'd had enough of that moment we're gonna move on to the next Monument.

So we go to the elevator to take our daughter who was in a stroller down the elevator but the line at the elevator was really long so we decided to just buff it down the stairs well if you have a kid in a stroller there's really two ways you can take the stairs one is you remove the child from the stroller fold up the stroller and.

Walk both down the stairs and the other is you have one person carry the front wheels and one person carry the back wheels and you lift up said child like an Egyptian Empress in a caravan well that's what we decided to do this day so I grabbed the back wheels my husband grabbed the front and we lifted up our little cutie high enough that we.

Could walk her down the stairs well a little back story here I was in a flip-flop phase of life and this day I was sporting some rubber Vans flip-flops these flip-flops were entirely made of rubber they were absolutely flat across the bottom zero tread zero traction and I'm walking down marble stairs that have been rained on for days if.

You're doing the math here you know what comes next I slip and fall down the stairs but remember I'm holding my child so I can't even catch myself so I fall all the way down to my back on these soaking wet stairs don't worry the child was okay I saved my daughter and I jumped up really.

Quickly because if you've ever been to the Lincoln Memorial You Can See For Miles in every direction from the top of those stairs it's absolutely beautiful but the kicker here is If You Can See For Miles everyone for miles around can also see you this is one of the most trafficked tourist attractions in the United States of America so there's.

Thousands of people watching me trip down the stairs here so I jump up really quick and I'm totally red-faced and embarrassed and I just want to get out of there so I start walking down the stairs and I'm telling my husband like go go go so we start walking down again I'm trying to get away from all these people that just.

Witnessed my most embarrassing moment and wouldn't you know it in my haste I fall a second time not even 10 steps later I go down again so again laying flat on my back soaking wet in these stairs and I asked my husband at this point I'm like okay this is a danger to our kiddo here can you carry her down the stairs by yourself so he takes our.

Daughter and he walks peacefully and easily down the stairs all the way to the bottom and I just stand there in awe his ability to function on two legs so I jumped back up and I start walking down the stairs again and this time I'm very careful and I'm walking like I'm walking on shards of glass and I start to get my confidence back so then I pick up the.

Pace and I start walking again like a normal human well about 10 Steps From The Bottom I fall a third time three times the same adult woman falls down the same flight of stairs you guys and these same thousands of people are watching this happen over and over and over again.

But this time I really committed and not only did I fall I fell once I fell twice but this time all the way down to the bottom of the stairs and land in a soaking wet totally embarrassed Heap at the bottom I tell you this story because it's hilarious but also because it's a fabulous visual for what can happen when.

You take on too much at once if you consider the pillars of this Monument to be like the big goals that you have in your life your health your wealth your family your faith your finances those are the big pillar aspects of who you are and what upholds your life as a person then if you consider those steps as the.

Daily actions that you take in order to create or UPS or strengthen those pillars in your life so we've got big pillar Lifestyles and daily actions that are our steps if you do what I did and you try to take it all on at once you will fail you will fall over and over and over again and eventually land in an embarrassed Heap.

At the bottom we've all been there before let's just be real about this everyone here has tried to take on too much at once and at some point or another you get overwhelmed and you have to quit let me take you to another place in Washington DC this is the Jefferson monument.

Around the entire back half of the Jefferson monument you'll notice there are only three stairs same glorious strong beautiful pillars but only three stairs to get you there this is the difference between the one two three habit system and trying to do everything all at once the difference is success the ability to actually realize.

The dreams that you have for yourself so you can see those big goals those big pillars of who you are and what you want in your life now it's time to create some daily habits that form those pillars that give them the strength and make them the strong aspects of who you are and how you live that you want them to be in.

Your life the key is one two three take on one pillar at a time take on two months of consistency and three daily actions this is what's going to give you the success you want in your life now I want you guys to personalize this system to you right now how are you going to take action what is your one.

Pillar what is the thing that speaks loudest to you right now this is an inflammation Summit so probably a lot of you are dealing with autoimmune disorders or some form of inflammation some form of self that you want to change that's probably your number one pillar that's probably the thing that speaks loudest to you right.

Now the thing that you know if you were to change that right now it would bring you the biggest difference in your life that could be your one pillar choose your two months two months of consistent action what's your start date I hope you choose today and what is your end date two months from now choose your start date write down your.

End date so that you have a goal for yourself of what consistency looks like and what the time span can be for you and then form your three daily habits so for information the reason could be that you're dehydrated and you need more water one of your daily habits could be water 100 ounces of water every single day.

It could be that your joints are locked up and you just need to move more so your second habit could be movement make sure you're getting eight to ten thousand steps every single day 100 ounces of water 8 000 steps and that third option could be there's likely something in your diet that is causing this inflammation this can be an.

Elimination habit maybe we're eliminating gluten for two months letting our gut heal giving our body some rest from that thing that stresses it out and causes all that inflammation those could be your three daily habits or if you've already worked on some of those things let's say you're already hydrated you've already got a good.

Exercise routine in and you get your steps in every day let's get more specific on that nutrition maybe we're going to eliminate gluten so no gluten that's one of our daily goals for ourselves maybe it's also dairy dairy can provide a lot of inflammation as well so maybe that's your second habit and then your third one is you know what.

I'm going to eat three servings of vegetables every single day that could be your three habits that are taking you toward that one pillar focus of removing inflammation or mastering and managing your autoimmune disorder or whatever the goal is for yourself come up with this for you personalize this system to your life.

That's the only way it will work one two three habits is the key to success but remember we're talking about progress not perfection in order to create a habit you do not have to have 100 success for two solid months all you need is for your on days to.

Outnumber your off days for your good days to be the thing that you are able to focus on focus on the progress you are making and create the patterns of frequency not Perfection progress over perfection your mind is like a hot air balloon if you think about the two parts your conscious and subconscious mind both of.

Them need to be working together in order for you to move forward your conscious is represented by the little Gondola this little tiny little basket here at the bottom this is where all the control happens this is where the steering and the hot air and the effort and the focus all of the intentional conscious work happens here.

In the basket but you'll notice it's just such a tiny little piece of this the consistency factor is what matters in order for you access that subconscious mind that entire balloon represents your subconscious mind the hugest part of this whole thing the biggest part is your subconscious mind.

And the only way to get both of those pieces to work together is for you Focus to be consistent for two months and to create daily action that moves you forward 60 days of effort equals a lifetime of progress if you're creating these incredible habits.

One two three habits is the way for you to see what you can do for you to focus on what you have focus on what you want use what you have and do what you can starting today and after two months those habits will keep working for you in the background if you guys would like more information.

On this and your free giveaway that I'm offering to you for being here as part of the Summit is these free healthy habit challenges every month in my Facebook group I do a free healthy habit Challenge and if you're live in the group it is free if you want a replay of the program they are 197 each so I'm going to go ahead and offer this free.

Program to you guys today go to challenge.suzybhabits.com and I will get you access to one of these free habits so that you can not only talk about what you want to change and not only think about it but actually do it these are scientifically proven habits that create change they're simple they're possible on a busy schedule and you can.

Absolutely do these things if you guys would like more information you can find me at susiebhabits.com or at susieb habits on any social media platform I've got a podcast called the habits and humor podcast where I tell stories just like this one and teach life-changing habits so that you guys can enjoy your.

Pathway to progress and enjoy your life well while you're living it and while you're creating your ideal future thanks everybody I appreciate you being here I appreciate you allowing me to be a part of this Summit and I just really hope that this simple 123 system is able to help you to create real change in your life.

The reason you're here is because you want something better for yourself one two three habits could just be that way for you to create change that is possible that is inevitable and it will keep you progressing forward long after you've stopped thinking about these things when you move those habits into your.

Subconscious mind you create a lifestyle you create a life of health habits wealth happiness and success success health and happiness are truly as simple as one two three I'm Susie B and I appreciate you being here

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