DESTROY your LIVER | 10 WORST HABITS for FATTY LIVER (Hepatic Steatosis)


 DESTROY your LIVER | 10 WORST HABITS for FATTY LIVER (Hepatic Steatosis)

The 10 worst habits for your liver habits thatdamage your liver Health why is it important to know them because this way you can avoidyou can stop doing things that are harmful so it's important that you pay attention to these 10points that I will mention here I am a specialist in metabolism and hormones I am an endocrinologistand metabolist I will talk a bit about Liver Health and Metabolism the most frequent alterationthat can cause serious problems for the liver leading to inflammation fibrosis scarring on theliver when the liver can't function properly is fatty liver or hepatic steatosis so with these10 habits you will have a much greater chance of avoiding or improving this problem let'sstart with the 10 habits in descending order the first habit that damages the liver number10 is believing in supplements or substances to.

Cleanse the liver or liver detox if you hear thisknow that there is no type of detox or anything miraculous for the liver okay don't fall into thistrap of thinking that if you take a supplement with something in it it will improve yourliver on the contrary several supplements cause inflammation in the liver which leads to hepatitisan example that is becoming increasingly common is green tea capsules you should not take green teacapsules because there is a proven association between ingesting green tea capsules and hepatitiswith liver inflammation including fulminate hepatitis which means that the person has toundergo a liver transplant so these supplements capsules first talk to your nutritionist talkto your doctor H but I don't have access to an endocrinologist or a hepatologist who is a liverspecialist a general practitioner could be of help.

These supplements this knowledge a trained doctorcan help you so you don't necessarily need to be a specialist IST in metabolism or the liverunderstood so don't believe these things there is no such thing as a shot a shot for the liverI've heard this a lot there are people who pay for a consultation to find out oh I want to knowthe liver's secret there is no such thing folks you don't need to spend your money on miraculousthings because there are no secrets if you follow these steps that I'm going to talk about hereit will be enough for you to have all all the elements for good Liver Health tip number nine orthe ninth step as some people like to say avoid ultr processed foods but what are these Ultraprocessed foods and why are they harmful cookies those cereal bars that you until now thought werehealthy or you already knew so cereal bars are.

Not healthy for the liver because they are Ultraprocessed foods ice cream frozen hamburgers frozen pizza which you buy in a box at the supermarketit's not the burger you make at home home and put in the fridge or freeze that's not it okay it'sthose burgers that come in a small box that you buy at the market box lasagna foods that haveseveral processing stages which is why they are called ultr processed because they have a highsodium content like instant noodles which is also another example of an ultra processed food spicysauces and also they have in addition to the high sodium content they have saturated fats they havesimp carbohydrates sugars so avoid this type of food the consumption of ultr processed foods hasbeen linked to an increase in liver diseases such as fatty liver with all the consequences thatI explained okay in addition to several other.

Conditions right if you ingest an excess of sodiumfor example it will increase the risk of high blood pressure or worse than existing high bloodpressure it's worth controlling your sodium intake but what would be an excess of sodium takingthis opportunity to give you this tip up to 2 G of sodium per day what is the average consumptionin the United States Portugal or Brazil more than 4 gram of sodium so that's more than doublethe recommended amount you have to consider this sodium issue if you get into the habit ofreading and understanding food labels you'll see the sodium content listed there don't forgetthis it's a really important tip tip number eight a avoid soda and sweetened drinks like box juiceespecially if it contains corn syrup or fructose syrup this could seriously harm your liver ah butwhat if I have a glass of soda will it be bad for.

Your liver well if it's just once it won't be thecause of liver disease what I'm discussing in this video here you need to understand our repeatedhabits then you will have a much higher likelihood of developing liver disease it's not because youoh one time I had a glass of soda and I don't have fat in my liver that's not what I'm discussing therepetition is that you have the habit of drinking soda boxed juice sweetened drink chocolate drinkthen it will harm your liver so avoid this type of drink uh but what if it's zero calorie soda doesit harm the liver well it's a very controversial issue but I'm going to tell you that zero caloriesoda is better than regular soda because of the calories and simple sugar okay now is it healthyfor you to drink zero calorie soda I'm not saying that because there are several substances dyespreservatives in many of these drinks which is.

A controversial issue I won't specifically delveinto the issue of zero calories soda because it's not the focus of the video if you want leave itin the comments and I'll make a video specifically about sweeteners and zero calorie soda the seventhhabit that harms your metabolism in your liver concerns sleep if you sleep less than 6 hoursa night or a day you'll experience an increase in several metabolic diseases such as obesityitself which is a risk factor for liver disease those who reverse those who sleep during the dayand stay awake at night are also at risk another Point discussed but if you're sleeping lessthan 6 hours you also need to rectify this or agreed other issues about sleep such as those whosnore a lot and have what is called obstructive sleep apnea the interruption of oxygen the flow ofoxygen during the night this is also a risk factor.

So you need to pay special attention to your sleepask someone in your house if you're snoring a lot or if you wake up choking and out of breath infact it's not just an impression you actually do run out of air and this causes several metabolicproblems such as increased blood sugar increase blood pressure and it can even cause high bloodpressure because this will harm your metabolism and favor the onset of various diseases such asfatty liver so pay attention to your sleep number six be careful with foods with white flourwith wheat why when you eat a cake or pasta or bread your body will digest this bread thisis cake for example and as it's a carbohydrate that will be transformed into sugar the excesswill be accumulated in the liver in the form of triglycerides for example it will increase yourblood sugar so you have to be careful and avoid.

These Foods this means that you're completelyforbidden from eating a slice of cake or eating some pasta no the same thing I explained in theother item applies the habit of eating bread every day for breakfast for example is one of the riskfactors for having fatty liver is eating too much white flour number five a sedentary life lifestyleif you do less than 150 minutes of physical exercise per week you will also be at risk forsome metabolic diseases such as fatty liver so what should you do at least 150 minutes divide itinto three or more times so 50 minutes three times a week or 30 minutes five times a week of anyphysical activity you prefer it could be running on the street it could be on the treadmill itcould be walking any of these would be excellent if you have a problem can't run can't do moreintense exercise or if you prefer if it suits your.

Taste you can also walk it's an excellent exerciseif you want to maintain metabolic Health also for Liver Health reducing the risk of fatty liver itcould be at the gym it could be swimming it could be the exercise of your choice you have to choosean exercise that you like that is good for you otherwise it is very difficult to maintain a habitthat you don't like then it will be a sacrifice it will be very difficult to maintain physicalexercise in the long term which is so good for your health uh but I heard there was anotherdoctor who said or my cardiologist said that if I did 250 minutes I could have an even greaterbenefit there are some studies that say this there is also this consensus of 250 minutes or more butif you do at least 150 I will will be satisfied okay if you can do a little more it also has anadditional benefit for your health number four and.

Before number four I'm going to set a likes goalyou always ask you try to guess it right and this time I'm going to surprise you 16,500 likes is ourgoal today agreed nobody guessed it right right I doubt it so it helps and leave a like becausethis way the system understands that the video is relevant ends up to Distributing it and morepeople have access to this video also subscribe to the channel if you are not already subscribedand if you already are remember to activate the notification Bell click on the Bell check all theoptions so whenever I post YouTube we'll send you a notification and number four is about alcohol doyou have to avoid alcohol completely if you have a liver problem or are dealing with fatty liver orsome other problem then it is zero alcohol if you don't have any liver problems studies suggest thatdrinking alcohol up to one drink a day would not.

Be harmful ah but if I take three four doses wellyes I'm talking about up to one dose per day well that's not my opinion because I'm not a fan ofalcohol I always suggest zero alcohol to patients but if you really insist on taking up to one dosea day and you don't have a liver problem studies don't show this problem I'm talking about thescience here okay there is even a discussion of some drinks like wine up to one glass a day forcardiovascular health there is even this point that I can't help but mention too number threecontrol of other diseases and conditions such as high blood pressure diabetes hypothyroidismuntreated or undiagnosed hypothyroidism also increases the frequency of fat in the liver whichis important so if you have fatty liver you have to know you have to take routine tests to evaluateyour thyroid because it is one of the things that.

Increase the chance of liver problems such asfatty liver number two avoid saturated fats such as lard coconut oil bacon cheeses especiallyyellow cheeses fatty Meats red meat with fat ah but am I against red meat no here's that questionof habit again but am I against L yes then there are better options all right coconut oil tooit has a lot of saturated fat and this is not beneficial for your body why am I highlightingthis because there are some people who really believe as it has been widely disseminated on theinternet that lard is healthy guys it's not if you cook in lad you will have an increased chance ofhaving an excess of saturated fats and changes in cholesterol for example and even the fat itself inthe liver so what's the alternative extra virgin olive oil for example is a better option than lardif you have a non stick frying pan you don't need.

To add oil or L to the food it's worth checkingthis out because in my opinion even the food tastes better I don't like eating with excess fatbecause there will often already be fat from the food depending on the food you are eating anotherhabit that harms your liver Health especially if you have fatty liver is a restrictive diet thatdiet where you end up depriving yourself of several things you like or say I'm only goingto drink one type of tea or I'm only going to eat this type of food ends up causing a a verysudden reduction in weight in addition to the regain rate you cannot maintain this type of dietit is very large but sudden reductions in weight can worsen cases of fatty liver steros in theliver which increases the risk of necrosis the death of liver cells so this is a very seriousthing that I'm talking about here you shouldn't.

Go on any type of restrictive diet and you alsocan't lose weight quickly if you have fatty liver many many cases for days now of people who sayuh dieting is no use for me because it makes my fatty liver worse it's because you follow avery restrictive diet and end up losing weight quickly but what is fast weight loss the AmericanDiabetes Society establishes a safe and gradual weight reduction of half to 1 kilg per week morethan 1 kg per week can be very rapid weight loss and can harm your liver these reductions of 10 kg12 kg in a month you have to be very careful with this as it harms your liver's health and numberone is obesity weight control is effective in preventing and also controlling various types ofchanges such as fatty liver there was a study that found that reductions of 5% look 5% in weightcan improve several cases of fatty liver if it.

Is 10% of the weight then there is more scientificevidence that proves what I am saying so what if I'm already thin well then with Weight Controlyou would already be doing that so this one is for those who are obese got it on a scale of 0 to10 what rating do you give to this video if it's 10 I'll make more videos like this also writein the comments which city you are from which part of the world you belong to I'm speaking fromPorto Allegre now I'm going to leave a suggestion for you to watch it's a video in which I talkedabout 10 foods with anti-inflammatory potential you have already seen that there is no secret butthere are foods that are healthy and that can help your metabolism can help your body in this videoI talk about this take care see you next time

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