Coming into into the behavior of spellbinding, making routines | Neutral Day on WTOL 11


Coming into into the behavior of spellbinding, making routines | Neutral Day on WTOL 11

I guess we're back okay all right so we're talking Fitness we're talking Fitness yeah we're getting into it so welcome back uh so uh for the past month or so we've been talking about workouts you can do from the comfort of your own home right so even if you're a couch potato personal trainer Marco I ioli ioli all right has some easy moves.

That'll get you moving and actually we're going to start off by talking about maybe goals and nutrition to and and things to help us set up where we want to be I was just talking I'm going to be for yeara you should be proud of that I never understand that kind be proud of it Amanda but I want to make sure that as as we get older we blame a.

Lot of things on getting older this hurts that hurts so on so forth I want to feel good I want to be able to chase around my daughter do all those things and maybe look good too so you can help us with all of that oh of course absolutely and we were talking right before the camera went on is you determine what your goal is so don't let.

Other people tell you what you should look like but if you say you know what I'd love to look like that then you have to learn exactly what it takes to reach that goal then you have to follow that structured plan until you reach that goal that's how all of them did it so everyone else that has great success followed structure that's how they.

Achieve those goals it could be anything in life you know so I've noticed a lot of times people will work really hard to get through college then they go you mean I have to spend 30 minutes lifting weights that's just so much dedication I'm like wait a minute I'm confused here so Marco where does it start where does it start so nutrition is foundational so.

Even if somebody was only about health only about weight loss only about um achieving a goal with a sport if you don't have the nutrition plan correct no matter how you train you're you're not going to get the kind of result you expected you you could get superficial progress uh maybe and then there's a lot of people that try and.

They struggle and they don't reach your goals and they're wondering why so what's the percentage of nutrition when it comes to things is it 60% 80% what would you say and I've been a known expert in the industry for over 30 years uh so I'm older than you but I do say I'm in age denial so I I was gonna say you feel like it.

No uh so I don't say percentage the way we always have heard it okay so dispelling that concept they're both equal they're both 100% oh love if you don't have your training correct you don't get the result you want if you don't have the nutrition right you don't get the result you want you could have perfect Training Concepts but poor.

Nutrition Concepts and you're wondering why am I struggling over here so it's always 100% people have said that for decades oh it's all nutrition it's 90% nutrition it's like well no it's both have to be correct or else you're missing the boat you know I like to hear that you it's about both I've been hearing the word macro a lot M can you.

Explain to me what a macro is and how that goes into our nutrition so we don't want to get confused with my name Marco and macro um macro is what would you think of it as being compared to micro bigger so macros are your larger nutrients micro are like vitamins and minerals okay so macros are a protein a carbon a.

Fat okay this is what makes a balanced meal MH anything other than these three being equal is not called balanced they're not balanced so if you have a bunch of protein and no carbs you have not a balanced meal okay does that make sense you get valuable nutrients from all three so I have to count all of them on my plate you know this is my I got my.

This my protein my fat my carb yeah so you want think of the meal that way it becomes habit okay so later on after you've had to weigh and measure and things like that right so it's not so complicated going okay so when I go out to eat the restaurant's giving me this much rice and then here's my vegetable of my meat scrape all that.

Carb away to where it's about a portion that's a a serving that's along with your serving of your meat and the veggies if you went to like an Asian restaurant or something as an example m um same with if it's a steak dinner they're always giving you enough food for two people cut everything in half have one meal that night and tomorrow.

Night you get to have the same meal you had at the restant so something very practical for folks to do uh most people are overeating most people that is the number one problem it's not so much how sedentary they are cuz I know sedentary people that are skinny cuz they're nibblers um the sedentary same sedentary person that's overweight is cuz they're.

Gorging they're eating way too much all the time every single day and it slowly accumulates so I tell people that worst case scenario if you don't want to change your lifestyle if you don't want to change what you're eating and and get in the mindset of I'd like to start eating healthier keep eating the same chunk whatever you like if it's bad for.

You but if you cut the portion way down tell a lot of people they could go to a third or a fourth if they eat too much you know and start having that little portion of it and your health would improve blood sugar would come down things like that even if you were eating junk I told I I developed a a diabetics program but I've told people even if you.

Ate sugar all day if it was only that amount your blood sugar would drop H it's because people are overdo you got to look at that serving size on the back of the bag that's a part of it yeah so Marco uh your thought process for us to start nutrition right 100% in when it comes to working out and 100% in when it comes to eating properly so that's what.

We should do yeah and when it comes to weight loss I don't like that word because it's vague in general um your body is made up of a bunch of different things but one of the biggest things that people lose and never think about doctor doesn't tell anybody is muscle loss so when you're on a weight loss plan you should be focused on how do I.

Lose fat without losing the muscle at the same time which is why everybody gains their weight back faster afterwards cuz they resort to undereating to lose weight which makes them it's technically called starving no matter what the gimmick is called if you undereat you lose muscle while you're losing fat so you say I lost weight I.

Know what I'm doing it's like no you don't not as strong you just lost some muscle muscle's the most metabolic Mass on the body so when you have less muscle you burn less calories which is makes it easier for you to gain fat back afterwards that's why people rebound badly and they keep getting bigger and bigger after every new diet this.

Rotation this unhealthy cycle okay so over the course of the next few weeks you're going to show us some moves and things too so our viewers we want them to stay tuned for that on Thursdays Mark is going to is going to show us some things yeah things that you can do right at home so that's always beneficial and cheap okay we like that like that a lot.

Thank you very much for being here to get us started today we appreciate it we'll be back with more good day stay with us

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