Caregivers: Maintain no longer Omit These Precious Guidelines


Caregivers: Maintain no longer Omit These Precious Guidelines

Welcome back everybody today we are talking about support for those who are caring for their loved ones in times of sickness or even taking care of someone who's aging it can really take a toll on your life too that's right well connected caregiver wants to support those who are making sacrifices for their families today we are joined by.

Elizabeth Miller Elizabeth this hits close to home for you uh as a caregiver so talk about your experience as a caregiver and how it led to your business well caregiving was the hardest season of my life so far so there's so many different emotions and things that get wrapped up in it I cared for both of my parents who had chronic comorbidities.

And I'm currently support caregiver for my brother who was born with a Developmental and intellectual disability and about 10 years ago when my dad passed away I became the primary caregiver for my mom and had to just drink from the fire hose and learn so many different things about caregiving it didn't even really call myself.

Frankly a family caregiver and thought to myself this should be easier like why is this so hard to take care of the people that we care about and that's how happy healthy caregiver was born so happyhealthy provides support and resources for family caregivers and I have a podcast that caregivers can listen to and have really.

Tried to figure out how to infuse self-care in my life and encourage other caregivers to try on different self-care habits and find little ways that they can infus selfcare in their lives it's so important I mean when you're caring for others you forget about yourself your stuff takes you know goes to the background like that's and it's so.

Important and you say one of the things that people can do to help is to reach out for help yes it's you know we want to do it all ourselves we don't want to be a burden on other people and so that's a natural inclination I think is for family caregivers to really try to do it all themselves but I have yet to see a solo caregiving situation succeed.

So so when I coach caregivers I encourage them to put a care team together and put other human beings around them that are going to help share the workload and traditionally we think about family members being the first place that we go for that but it's also thinking about other people that can help you know maybe it's friends and.

Neighbors of you as the caregiver or of your care recipient maybe it's you know hospice workers and other Health Care Professionals or professional caregivers people in the community that are volunteers so there's a lot of ways that we can expand care team and that's what's going to make caregiving sustainable you also talk about.

Technology and how caregivers should kind of um uh utilize these tools that are readily available and then we're going to go into the high high tech technology yeah you know I I had this aha moment that really technology can also be a big part of my care team and other people's care team and luckily more and more things are being um.

Exposed to us so just even things like online grocery ordering um can be a big for a family caregiver task rabbit where you can take projects and assign them maybe for your care recipient home uh you know I used the reminders on my phone all the time because I'll be in the middle of doing something but maybe a lot of the stuff comes to me at.

Midnight and I want to uh get a reminder to myself to make an appointment during office hours and then there's a lot of things that can be support and companionship for ourselves as caregivers online and also for our care recipients too that's I never would have thought about how helpful instacart and door Dash and Uber Eats and all those.

Things can be for someone who's in the midst of caregiving that's amazing okay there's another type of technology that we want to get to as you said the high high technology yes I mean there are 12,000 um people Baby Boomers that are turning age 65 every day and one in five humans are caring for someone unpaid so.

Technology is really helping to fill the Gap and what we're calling that is age Tech you know where as older adults are becoming older and connected caregiver um happy to be a partner of theirs because they are really changing the landscape for caregiving and what they have is an app for caregivers where you can put all of the information in one.

Place so things like your medication list for your care recipient you can put you know your your doctor's information in there and all of your contacts and things and then you can also have a dedicated care chat with the other people the other humans that are on your care team to talk about that and then there's things that plug in there's.

Things uh that you can track such as you know a lot of times you want peace of mind as a caregiver um you want to be there without being there and so there's a medical alert that in case somebody were to fall that a caregiver would receive a notification on their smartphone about that there are other devices that you can um Connect into the.

App that help track blood pressure or your oxygen rate pill and then there's the prompter the the connected pill box where you know I hear from caregivers all the time that they're calling their loved ones to say hey did you take your medication and this tracks did they open it and then you can you know infer hopefully that they took their.

Medications uh correctly so a lot of this is helping you scale and putting systems in place that can help family caregivers it's amazing it's come a long way do you have any final words for maybe those out there who are caregivers themselves yes I have a lot of final words but I I think the one thing that really hopefully maybe somebody needs to.

Hear today is that the feelings of guilt are going to naturally creep up right we we hear about caregiver guilt all the time and what I like to say is when that guilt starts to creep up replace it with another GW and that's Grace give yourself a lot of Grace because you are doing the best that you have with what you have and you said season a season of.

Your life because when you're in it you forget that it's you don't think it's ever going to end and and or you're ever going to crawl out of that hole and you know we have our ups and down Seasons I like that too thank you so much check out this technology and learn more online visit myc connected and happyhealthy this.

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