Boost Your Successfully being With Fresh Weekly Meal Preps On The Homestead!


Boost Your Successfully being With Fresh Weekly Meal Preps On The Homestead!

Sunday arrives, snow still piled high. Foxy knows I'm heading to the kitchen, so she decides to wake. Sunday morning I start preparing food we can use during the week. I begin by making a warm soup for us to eat today. Potatoes softened in vegetable stock. Freeze dried celery that I can crush as use without the kids knowing! They don't “like” celery, so we won't tell them! Add carrots I canned last year. I added some cooked black beans I made last week that needed used up.

They are in there I promise! Now your choice of milk. We are using Almond milk. We recently started whole food plant based eating. It was surprisingly much easier than I thought to give up dairy. I REALLY LOVE milk. Like.. LOVE. Let's sneak some spinach into our soup too! If the kids think it is an herb or spice, they eat without being suspicious. Add whatever seasonings you enjoy. This smells so good, this will fill our bellies nicely.

Giving us plenty of fuel to do our Sunday work around the homestead. Add a dollop of hummus I made *chef's kiss* Let's get our bread going. Whole wheat Sourdough. I use Lisa's recipe from Farmhouse on Boone as my guide.. But, stick around long enough you see that I rarely follow a recipe. It is my “toxic trait” Finds lovely, successful recipe.. uses different ingredients and amounts than said recipe.. hope it turns out in the end! Ha!.

During long days in the kitchen I watch videos or listen to them actually.. I am watching my friend Lynn's recent video while I make bread. Her channel is great, I will add it in the description for you to check out! FEED MEEEEEEE! That is what goes through my head every time I feed my starters! Ha! Let the stretch and pulls begin! Amazon delivery on a Sunday?! NICE! I've been waiting for these spray bottles to arrive! I can finally use the cleaner I made with my citrus peels!.

SMELLS SO GOOD! Landen comes to see Granny in the kitchen for a few minutes! I start to prepare the frozen citrus to start a new jar of cleaner! With cold fingers, I quickly decide this is a kid job! Ricky isn't impressed with the task.. ha! I steam veggies to have ready to use all week. This makes it easy to put meals together quickly. More stretching and folding.. sliding napping dogs out of my way is normal here..

The new jar of peels is ready to sit for 6 weeks! Cleaning the fridge is easiest before I fill it with the food I prepare for the week! The soup is now cooled so I can put it away. I will enjoy this for lunch a couple days this week! I cool everything in an ice bath before storing it. broccoli won't take long, it's already not too hot to touch! Next up.. carrots. We are quickly running out of daylight. Let's be done and finish tomorrow! Bring our sourdough bread out to warm up a bit!.

I always have potatoes and sweet potatoes baked.. So we will get these baked to have ready for the week! My baby and her baby come to say Good Morning! His Mama involving him in her shenanigans! But, he's an adorable photo bombing baby.. So.. I left it in the video! These will cool completely before I store them. Oooooh we are getting closer to having yummy bread! I plan to make 2 small loaves and one round loaf with this.

I will use the discard this morning for sweet treats. I will browse Pinterest for inspiration! Knocking at the door equals Dogs going insane! It was my niece! Let's get some toons going for her! Well.. once we find the controller, HA! She picks “Mickey” to watch with her breakfast! Ashton telling me about his new job as a farmhand. I continue baking and prepping while my niece is entertained! between animals and children, I am never lonesome.

I finally found a sweet treat recipe .. that I will undoubtedly stray from… Last to prep is the rice for the week! Kids never stop arguing.. even as adults. Remembering the delicious soup I made yesterday, I'll have it for “brunch” as the bread and rice finish. Seriously, so good! Bread is done! Rice is done too!.

I spread it to allow for cooling before I put it away. My niece will enjoy some with her requested hot dog for lunch today! Bone~Apple~Tea! Lunch is served! Every last drop of the glaze must be saved! Now the fridge is full of healthy food.. Bread for the week is baked. Now I can resume my normal “duties” Ha.. she is so much fun! Harry Pepper decides we should relax for a minute.

Thank you for watching!

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