BECOME *THAT HEALTHY GIRL*✨| nourishing recipes, grunt, mental neatly being


BECOME *THAT HEALTHY GIRL*✨| nourishing recipes, grunt, mental neatly being

what's up guys how are you hope you'reall fine welcome to my channel if you clicked on this video it's because you want to stepup your game when it comes to your food your exercise mental health and all the well-beingstuff and so when we talk about having a good healthy lifestyle one of the first things thatcomes to our mind is eating greens and being on a boring and maybe even restrictive dietwhich is why a lot of people run away from it but in reality that's not how it's supposedto be and I want to show you how good and nutritious food is actually not that bad butbefore we start with the video I just wanted to remind you to not stop speaking up aboutour brothers and sisters because all social media platforms are trying to silence usso that the world doesn't know what it's.

Actually happening and we can't let them dothat so please please please please don't forget about them and with that being said let'sstart with the healthy ideas that I have for you so we're going to be starting with breakfastideas and the most obvious and typical one is avocado toast but we will have a smoothie withit so it's not what you see everywhere then then I have two ideas with datesthat could be applied as a light breakfast maybe you can accompany them with the Smoothieor it could be just a midday slash afternoon snack and for thelast idea in The Breakfast section and personally my favorite we have a Chiasmoothie pudding I don't know how to call it but I promise you it's going to keepyou full for hours and it's extremely.

Aesthetic extremely beneficialfor you and as I've said extremely filling now going into the lunch ideaswe have lettuce tacos and let me tell you this is one of the most underrated easiest and quickestrecipes that you will ever do and I'm not even joking since we're talkingabout healthier recipes we obviously couldn't miss a goodfeeling and nutritious salad moving on to the afternoon snacks we haveto go back to smoothies because I feel like they.

Are the easiest way to get a lot of nutrients ina very fun quick and easy way but we're going to be accompanying it with a piece of cake thatmy mom baked therefore we know that it's made with good ingredients and it doesn't have anyadditives or bad things and lastly for dinner and continuing with the homemade deliciousfood we have this chicken burger now you must understand that a healthy diet means balancenot restriction therefore you can enjoy this burger that is healthier than the McDonald'sone and you don't support genocide by eating it we obviously couldn'tmiss the water segment because it benefits you in every singleaspect from reducing wrinkles to maintaining the blood pressure tohaving a better concentration and.

memory now the other thing that comesto our mind when we think about having a healthy lifestyle is workout and for some people thatcan be the worst thing ever but you can Implement exercise in your day-to-day in many differentways for example you can take walks in nature without music or anything just do and naturefeel the fresh air and the natural sunlight studies show that this improves your mood yourmental health self-esteem and more but if you can't do this every day then just try to elongateyour walks so instead of taking the shortest way back home take the longer one with this youcan sort out your thoughts plan your day be creative just let your mind flow and if you're anoverthinker and you think that this practice will overwhelm you just try it cuz this genuinely helpsme because I give myself time where I can't think.

About anything and my mind is free to just be aschaotic as it wants and by the time that I'm back home I feel like my mind is way more organizedand in order you can also try different ways to move your body like hiking yoga pilares bikeriding jumping robe which I heard apparently 10 minutes of jumping equals 45 minutes of walkingso I don't know just keep that in mind and you can romanticize it by making it all aestheticand taking pictures to post them on your social media as for me I found that I love running butI've always struggled with staying consistent until I started to treat it as an appointmentthat I needed to attend no matter what and so every day at 3:30 my mind would be in alert modereminding me to start getting ready to go work out just like when you have a dentist appointment orclass in an hour and the last aspect and the one.

That people tend to leave out of the equationbut it's probably the most important one out of all of them is the mental health because if wedon't feel like we are in a good head space we won't have the motivation to work out or to eathealthy on the contrary we will want to eat bad food and sweets because we will be feelingdown and we will need the dopamine and the fake happiness that junk food gives us so makingsure that we take care of our Mental Health on a daily basis is not an option it's mandatory andhere are some of the things that you can do to stay on top practice positive thinking if youkeep fitting your mind with bad thoughts your mind will be filled with negativity whether thoseare negative thoughts about yourself about other people about your environment whenever you catchyourself having these bad thoughts try to change.

Them with a positive one so for example if yousay I look horrendous today immediately rephrase it to I look beautiful today or if you think whata terrible day I'm having quickly change it to the day is not over yet so I will make sure to turnthings around it's not easy it's something that at the beginning you need to do it consciously butthe more you do it without even noticing you will find yourself having positive thoughts insteadof bad ones because if you say that bad things are going to happen bad things will happen and youdon't want that for yourself another option can be journaling this can be every day once a week onceevery month or just whenever you feel like it but you need to get things out because even though ourbrain is infinite we can't fill it with thoughts that we don't process because that adds up untilwe overflow and that's when mental breakdowns.

Happen so if we can prevent them then much betterand if you don't like like writing then maybe try and talk that can be with someone you trustor if you don't have anyone then just talk to yourself this will sound a little wooo but youcan record yourself and then listen to it later because by talking your emotions out loud you getto process them from the outside and a lot of the times things can get a lot clearer that way getenough sleep this one everyone has heard of it but if we repeat it so much it must be for a reasonsleep deprivation damages your brain's dopamine receptors which are the happiness receptors soeven though your brain is making dopamine you don't actually benefit from it that's why we tendto be all grumpy and mad and that's also something that in the long run can cause sadness depressionand other mental health problems so get your 8.

Hours of sleep finally make sure that you have aclean environment because let's be honest we all get lazy when it comes to cleaning our rooms butonce we do it we feel this instant peace and boost of Happiness so we should do that more often butin this case this is going to be something that we are going to be doing in the next video becausethat's all for this one I hope you enjoyed it just as much as I enjoyed filming it for youand I hope that you learned new things that you get to implement in your day-to-day so thatyou make this 2024 year your best one take care of yourself and I will see you next week withthe third and last part of this series bye

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