Be Alert, Be Safe: Needed Running Security Habits


Be Alert, Be Safe: Needed Running Security Habits

You occasionally see these articles about somebody out running they get hit by a car they get attacked by a person I even saw one the other day about Runner got attacked by a coyote so I thought I would share some safety tips with you some maybe you're familiar with and some I'm sure you're.

Not welcome to the Aegis Runner I'm Ralph if you're new here I'm all about helping you have a safe and healthy running life at any age especially as you grow older now when I talk about safety I'm talking about getting home from your run and the time you expect to get back back and basically un hurt other than normal running wear and tear.

We're going to talk about safety in four areas being visible being connected being proactively defensive and the last one which is one I don't think is talked about enough is being aware so of course the first safety item is always be visible you want other people to be able to see you people in cars people on bikes you know wear bright clothes I.

Have a bright running hat bright shirt wear reflection I had these armbands are not only bright but they have a reflective stri in stripe in it now if you're running in maybe Dusky conditions or certainly a dark but consider wearing lights U just something that you can put on your backpack wear around your body I have two brothers that live on my street.

They're older they're in their late 70s early 80s they're not Runners but they're Walkers and what they do is they will hook onto their back of their jeans pocket little flashing red lights makes them very visible easier to see very simple very creative so think about putting lights on you especially those early morning or late evening runs now.

Next safety area is stay connected be connected of course carry a cell phone with you uh make sure it's charged please make sure it's charged now one thing you can do on your cell phone is some kind of GPS tracking app my wife and I use Google location sharing I can see where she is and of course she always wants to keep tabs on me so she.

Can see where I am she's good to know where you are when you're out running now if you trail run and you trail run in areas that don't have a lot of cell service a nice to have item certainly not a must have is a satellite Communicator this is my Garmin uh inreach mini I can send and receive text via satellite any anywhere in the world.

Really I do basically do that with my wife let her know how I'm doing when I send it text it sends my GPS coordinates also another thing about the Garment it has this SOS feature on a little button there you can press uh connects you with the live Emergency Response Center should you need help now again that's a nice to have they're not cheap the I.

Don't know what I paid a couple years ago today uh the Garmin inreach Min is about $300 they have a new one out called the Mini 4 mini 2 is $400 and of course also require Rees a monthly subscription service so it's not something just to rush out and get but if you spend a lot of time in remote areas without Self Service it's.

Something to consider now other ways to stay connect or think about connecting this is when you go out for a run tell somebody where you're going and how long you'll be even if you don't have a phone with you or a garment inre mini tell somebody how long you're going to be when you come back as my wife like to say she wants to know when she begin to.

Worry if I'm just going to run a neighborhood all to sweetheart I'm going to run for about a half an hour I'm going to be in the neighborhood so let somebody know then they know if you don't come back in a reasonable amount of time to start looking for you a couple other things you can do to stay connected is carry an emergency whistle.

With you with you now that's that's allows people to find you should you be lost and people are looking for you you're hurt you Blow That Whistle makes it easier to find them and certainly you want to have some kind of identification on your driver's license I like to bring my road ID if you're not familiar with them I'll put a link down below.

Basically they take a piece of anodized metal and they laser Edge it with your information it's got my name my wife my daughter's names and phone numbers you can wear it around your wrist they make some that that'll go you know around a watchband around an ankle or on your shoelace uh again it just lets people know should an emergency happen and.

Responders are with you who do they contact those are all ways that you can stay connected now the next area is to be proactively defensive by that I mean uh you know varying your route don't run in dimly lit areas things where there might be uh people lurking about or dogs lurking about just stay away from those and of course run with a buddy you know.

Safety and numbers right so running with a friend or a group is always helpful to be uh defensive and of course that emergency whistle we talked about in the last segment that's also great for bringing awareness to yourself if there's somebody lurking near you start blowing your whistle and draw attention to yourself now another thing I started.

Doing recently recently was carrying pepper spray I got this pepper spray i b got this lanyard I put it on I connected to my running vest uh and I'll put some links down below to what I bought now I did that for basically one reason for me I'm concerned about dogs I sometimes run and be these barking dogs fortunately they've been on a leash but I thought.

What if they're not I would at least have this for me I'm less concerned about people in the neighborhoods I run in and also I'm a man I'm a tall man but if you're a woman by all means please carry pepper spray there's no reason not to do that these things are not that expensive I got this pepper spray and this lanyard for less than $20 it's just.

A good item to have with you please if you're a woman carry something really cheap cheap thing to bring with you now last thing I want to talk about which I don't think gets brought up too often or often enough is being aware maintaining situ situational awareness it's very easy when you're running to zone out I do it I'm sure you do too and when you.

Do that you kind of lose track of what's going on around you what's traffic doing what are bike riders doing people doing is there a dog down there in the trail that maybe he's got his eye on you so you need to be aware now one thing that really helps you zone out that I discourage doing and that is plugging up both your ears with earbuds and.

Listening to music not saying don't listen to music just don't plug up both your ears you know I'll be running down the down the road and I'll see somebody walking and I'll I'll wave and say hey it's really cold out isn't and they'll just kind of Nod and carry on and I like they got both their ears plugged up they have no clue what I said so what I do.

And what my wife does or what I did is wear one earbud I would just wear one in my ear my wife my wife does that when she walks that way she can hear what's going on around but what I do now is I wear bone conduction uh headphones now bone conduction headphones rest in front of your ears so you can still hear what's going on around you your ear.

Canals are open you can still hear music you can still hear your podcast no it's not studio quality sound but you can still enoy enjoy and listen to your music while you're running so consider one earbud or or bone conduction headphones but it's really important important be vigilant while you're out running stay aware of what's going on be.

Cognizant of what's going on around you so all these tips will enhance your sa safety but nothing is foolproof always prioritize your well-being just be proactive and taking care of yourself when you're out running I want you to come back home safe and sound in the same condition when you left hey thanks so much for watching if you enjoyed this.

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  1. Colossal expose, thanks. I repeatedly drag sporting a security vest or excessive visual colours. I additionally repeatedly lift an expired driver’s license for ID and a clinical insurance card, to display cloak I for sure enjoy insurance. But one more recommendation, from path running is folk lift accept spray. Shoots extra than pepper spray. Withhold the wide channel.

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