Arrangement not Stop Too Early


Arrangement not Stop Too Early

We are going to be wrapping up our series entitled habits of a healthy heart and today we're going to talk about the idea of being steadfast or you could say the word faithful or if you wanted to make it real modern just like just don't quit you got to stay with it um there's this idea in this principle and I've said it.

For years and years and I've watched it play out but it's this idea that being faithful in the little things is a big thing being faithful in the little things is a big thing we actually see this philosophy and idea in the context of scripture in many different ways one example would be actually in Matthew 17 verse 20 where Jesus says I tell you the.

Truth if you had Faith even as small as a mustard seed you could say to this mountain move from here or there and it would move nothing would be impossible the concept that something as small as the faith of a mustard seed could move a mountain but I'm here to tell you today this principle and the idea little bitty things over the context of time make a.

Big difference I'll give you some examples that one workout that you just dread every day if you stick with it and you're faithful to do it that little workout next thing you know could become a Beachbody you know what I'm talking about that repeated relational attempt with someone that phone call that text that you keep reaching out May blossom.

Into a beautiful friendship that Savings of a dollar a day and eventually could become a safety net of savings for you or finishing that class you finish another class and another class the next thing you know it becomes a degree which be becomes a career path for you being faithful in the little things is a really really big thing but I want to.

Stop before we get into this today and acknowledge that it can be difficult when you're in the race you know what I mean and quite honestly a lot of times you just want to quit you just want to give up I've had enough of it I'm done started my gym membership at January 1st now it's February and I'm done I've.

Had enough I've walked by the sweet table one too many times don't quit you given up on that relationship don't reach out one more time you never know what's going to happen maybe it's you know what you're done saving you're like I've been saving long enough and it's prime time and I'm not talking about Dion I'm talking about Prime and you're.

Going to be going clickity click click click and getting stuff in a day and a half keep saving maybe for you it's the idea of I'm going to give up on my marriage and I've seen it way too many times people just give up on their marriage and if that's you today let me give you some advice my dad.

Dad gave me 28 years ago before I got married I was 21 years old that time and I'm running around here nervous as all get out in the hot Texas heat go walking back and forth like Dad I don't know and I mean I don't know if I should do it or should I not I I don't know if I could afford it and I don't know and then I don't and finally my dad who was a steel.

Meal worker and a certified meal right growing up a big fella 66 and none of your business and he he just got up from under the car and he just looked back at he's like son do you love the girl and I'm like well well yeah of course I love her and he goes well do you like her and I go well yeah of course I like her like what does that have to do with anything.

And he goes son because some days you ain't going to love her and you butter like her and some days you ain't going to like her and you butter love her in other words you can't give up you can't quit you got to stick with it these faithful actions that we take these faithful little drops over time make a tremendous difference being faith.

In the little things is a really big thing you look at Life church today and people Herald the generosity of Life Church whether it be through the uver Bible app on over and the uver Bible app family on over a half a billion devices whether that be giving away our resources to many many churches and impacting millions of people but guys.

I'm here to tell you that heart of generosity has been around for a minute okay back in this is 24 years ago okay pastor G and his wife Amy they wanted to treat my wife Jamie and I to a night out and so they took us out to this little bitty Victorian town north of Oklahoma City called Guthrie it's known for its bed and breakfast and so they take us up.

There and Pastor Craig decided to pay for all of it and so when we went to dinner and I found out he's paying I got hungrier and so I ate real good on Pastor Craig's dime no kidding and then he ordered up a carriage ride for us and I ain't had a carriage ride since prom so it was all good I was loving it it drops us off at this little cute.

Boutique little bed and breakfast and I'm like well this is a swinky little joint and we go in and Pastor Craig and Amy they head towards their room and my wife Jamie and I we head to our room and I get in there and I mean I I ain't had many nights in a really Swanky place and I go in to use the bathroom and I turn around and there's this heart-shaped.

Bathtub in there just jacuzzi tub and I'm like I mean do you really I mean do couples really take baths I mean like but if there's ever a night to try I'm going to give it a run baby and I'm like we're going to try it so I was like I'm going to figure out how to woo my wife to take a bath with me and so I turned the hot water on and I see this little.

White bottle next to the tub and it says bubble bath and I'm like Bo I ain't had a bubble bath since Mama put Mr bubble in the tub years ago like this and what's more more romantic than a hot bath a hot bubble bath so it said cap full and so I put a cap full in but not a lot happened and I was like what is kind of little it's like a travel size.

So I just dumped the whole thing in and now we're going somewhere the bubbles started coming to I'm like okay now we're cooking with gas and so I just turned to the little bubble machine thing on I hadn't messed with Jacuzzi tubs and I go out to start my moves so I'm out there and I'm making my moves on Jamie and about Midway through she is.

Like what is that and I'm like what is what and she's like that and I turn around and look and there are bubbles coming from under the bathroom door I'm like dear Jesus help us all I go walking in there I kick the door they bubbles everywhere the whole floor this bathtub had become like cator just spewing lava and Bubbles all over the.

Place I was like are you kidding I'm running around in my skibbies scooping bubbles putting them back in the tub let's just say have you ever tried to get rid of that many bubbles it's impossible don't I think there's still Bubbles at that bed and breakfast right now I couldn't get rid of them I'm dumping them all in it was absolutely.

Horrible need needless to say there was no bath that night there was no hot tub I spent the balance my night cleaning the room the next morning I get down to breakfast and Pastor Craig down there all chipper he says well how was the room I was like it's clean a little bit can go a long way can.

It just a little bit of faithfulness can go a long way Luke 16:10 tells us that if you're you're faithful in the little things you'll be faithful in the large ones if this idea if we'll just stick with it don't give up um this is my 25th year actually on the team I've been on the team for 25 years now and when you cross a.

Anniversary whether it be at work or in your marriage it makes you become real reflective and thoughtful and in that context I was wondering does does faithfulness compound like does it does it matter like over the course of time because you see all the time these people that have been faithful for all this time and I.

Get canceled so I was just sitting there and I was like I don't know does it does it compound does it make a difference in that time I met a guy named Kurt we were at a meeting together and Kurt was we were getting to know each other and he told me he was headed out to Western Oklahoma and he was going to go out because he said you know uh my parents.

Are celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary and blah blah we're going out and I'm like who hold on like rewind Kurt did you just say did you mean to say you're going out for your parents 75th birthday and he said no it's their 75th wedding anniversary and I told him I said hold on say I'm sorry I I can't I've never.

Known someone who has been married for 75 years Kur they must have loved each other and liked each other quite a bit maybe you're like me when you hear that you're like I just want to talk to these people I'd love to hear like if you're married you're probably like how did you put up with him and if or how did you.

Put up with her and how did you do it and what did you what was the secret ingredient right does faithfulness compound and in that moment when I was contemplating this couple of 75 years I realized yes it does it matters and whether it's 75 years of marriage 25 years of ministry your first year of college the first few months of your.

Workout or seven days of sobriety when you string it together and you're faithful in the little things it makes a major difference you just can't quit and in order to not quit you got to have what I call grit you can't give up slap your neighbor and tell them you need some grit in your life that's right all of our campuses up in Witchita in Kansas.

City and Hendersonville slap your other neighbor and tell them you need some grip in fact your whole role needs grit we all need grit in our lives but I'm going to point out something here on the back wall here we got some grit and I have made this for easy to remember for you in an acrostic form if you look here we're going to go in an acrostic why.

Because the truth of the matter is my uh friend and Pastor Mentor teacher and Jedi Master Pastor Craig Rochelle of preaching has told me if you can make it into an acrostic you get double bonus points so what we're going to see is the G stands for Grace okay you got to have Grace the r is resilience the I is integrity and the t is teachability.

We're going to run through these real quick for you okay uh the G Grace okay you need Grace for yourself why because you're going to mess up and when you mess up you start thinking you're not good enough you're not worthy you're not capable and you disqualify yourself you pull yourself out of the race because you're just not.

You don't have what it takes others are going to mess up and you need Grace for them we see in the scriptures in 2 Corinthians chapter 12 where the Bible says my grace God is speaking he says my grace is sufficient for you for my power is made perfect in your in your weakness my grace is sufficient for you well I got a question.

For you if God says his grace is sufficient for you why won't you let it be why you going to sit there and rip yourself down when God already said it sufficient then let it be sufficient let it be sufficient don't quit because you're going to make silly mistakes I made one just back this past Christmas I was traveling with like six.

Teenagers and a 5-year-old and that was the first mistake the next one was this it was getting close to dinner time and my have you ever seen a a hungry 5-year-old the answer is no because they get hanged not hungry and it becomes a real problem for everybody they turn into Tasmanian devils it's.

Unbelievable have you ever seen teenagers hungry they become a horde of locust of biblical proportion eating literally everything in front of them I was worried my mom would have no food left by the time this happens so what do I do when I need to solve a meal problem really quick I go to the Chick-fil-A app that's what I do so I pull it up and I.

Said hey I'm going to order Chick-fil-A here and then a few people wanted Panda Express because there was a panda Express close by and I was told my older my oldest daughter Grace she's 22 I'm like hey you get on your phone and you order up pandas you want Panda go over here you want Chick-fil-A come to me and so Grace starts to order I said Grace.

Listen make sure it's the right Restaurant please and she's like okay is it 08 miles away on 287 I said that's the one she's like great so let she orders I get mine I run over to Chick-fil-A it was so cool they had like a QR code I just scan it as I'm going through the drive-thru my wheels of my car I don't even know if they really.

Stopped and then this as I get to the front this guy hands me my food my drinks I think we're just kind of running along he even told me it was his pleasure to give it to me it was amazing I get all done with that I go over to Panda Express I go in I look at the shelves I'm like the mobile order shelves there ain't no order there I'm.

Like oh gosh here we go so I go over to the front and there's this fellow there his name's Clyde I knew because it sat on his name right here on his shirt I said Clyde how you doing and night he's like I'm good how are you sir I said I'm good I did a mobile order but there ain't no mobile order and I got a bunch of hangry teenagers back at the house.

And we got to help me solve my problem Clyde he goes okay well what's your name I said Sam Roberts he's like H well I don't see it I'm like uh oh I said how about Grace Roberts she put the order in well no sir I don't see grace how about Jamie Roberts that's my wife he's like no no Roberts at all I'm like oh no Clyde this is going to get ugly if I go.

Back to the house with no Panda exp this going to be this going to be bad I I I told her I was coming to the right restaurant and he's like well okay he goes well I tell you what he said um do you remember the order and I go well Clyde honestly I don't because Grace was taken to order and I don't really remember but I I I remember what I want.

And he goes great I tell you we'll make it right for you no problem he goes this happens honestly quite often cuz the franchise owner owns a couple and so she she probably just put in the wrong restaurant and I go okay that's cool well I'm going to call Grace and ask her where she put it cuz I told her to put it on the right one so I dial Grace's.

Number and I'm waiting on it to come and he goes well sir what was what was at least your order and then we'll get that started for you and we'll make it right it's okay I said all right well I wanted a orange chicken a terak chicken and some chain now when I said this the people who had started to stack up behind me CU I'd been there a minute.

I'll just look at me like and then Clyde's like and the other lady right here doing things she looks and it's like the whole restaurant went silent even the cook in the back like look through that little thing like what in the world and at the same time Grace picks the phone up she's like hello and I'm like hold on I'm like.

What's Up and Clyde looks right at me and he says sir this is Jack in the Box when something that stupid happens to me I just make more fun of myself and I was like what bye goly Clyde I look at his shirt I'm like it does say Jack in the Box right above your name don't it good.

Lord I turned to the Mad lady behind me I like you smell that not a lick of chain in this store this Burgers and Fries I got to go everybody and I left you ever done something stupid I do all the time but you have to have Grace for yourself you got to have Grace for.

Yourself and let God's grace be sufficient for you the r is resilience you got to have resilience Galatians 6:9 says let us not become weary it says right here in doing good how many of us know that it can be weary to do good it can be wearisome to do good for at the proper time that's not my time.

It's not your time but the proper time what are we going to do we're going to reap a harvest if we do not give up you can't give up I love how uh Pastor Craig illustrates this many many times there's a story about a donkey that fell into a hole and uh some guys walk by and they look down there they're like ain't no way we can get this donkey out of this.

Hole and we might as well make it short and sweet for him we'll just bury him alive and so they start taking shovels of dirt and they throw it down on this donkey and this donkey the dirt would hit the donkey and then he would Shake It Off and he'd step up right and they throw some more dirt and he would Shake It Off and he'd Step Up This was the.

Donkey that had the spirit of Taylor Swift on it he would Shake It Off and he' step up Shake It Off and step up and eventually over time maybe it wasn't the 10th shovel or the H hundredth maybe it was the Thousand or the 10,000 but he would shake it off he steps up and eventually over time that pet got shallower and shallower until.

The day where he could just walk out of it but you got to shake it off and you got to step up you got to stay resilient and if you'll stay resilient and not become weary and doing good at the proper time you'll reap a harvest if you don't give up the I stands for integrity we have said here at Life Church for years that if you have.

Integrity well nothing else matters and if you don't have integ Nothing Else Matters it's about that simple I you're smart people I don't need to go into this for you you've been told this since you were a little kid G the cookie tell the truth did you eat it all we have to do is allow our our yes to be our yes our no to be our no to.

Live a life that is consistent no matter who you're talking to and to tell the truth because if you have integrity Nothing Else Matters and if you don't have it nothing else matters it's that simple T is teachability okay proverbs 9:9 says instruct the wise and they will be even wiser teach the righteous and they will.

Learn even more I love that when I came on staff I was 22 years old Pastor Craig and pastor Jerry uh used to say to me all the time your why is Way Beyond your years your wisdom is just unreal it's crazy and that never landed on me at 22 I was like that doesn't make any sense because I believed wisdom to be like a a thing.

Where I would look at a set of circumstances be able to figure a way out of it right and it was like oh that's wise that's what you do but literally all I did Growing Up from like 16 on is I would just and even to the day I would just look at people who were successful at a given thing I ask a lot of questions and then I did what they.

Said I would also have friends or other people in my life who really made a bad mistake and guess what I would do i' would ask them a lot of questions found out what they did and not do what they did when they told me that trail went off a cliff I just believed them and I'm like well I don't need to walk it I'm fine and I realized years and years.

Later that that actually is wisdom when you can remain teachable and understand from other people I've been married for 27 years and it would be foolish for me to think I've learned everything I need to know I got it all after I jacked that hot tub bed up I've been great ever since I've been a parent for 22 years I've got six children from 22 to five.

And that is a big spread and as much as their ages are varied so are their talents gifts and personalities but it would be silly for me to think I can't learn something from a parent of one child that's two years old I've been a pastor for 25 years at a very powerful move of God known as Life Church and I've seen a lot been through.

A lot but it would be insane for me to think that I couldn't learn from a a intern that's been here for three months because I couldn't have gotten here if I wouldn't have been faithful there and learned along the way how though does teachability take you out I'm going to make it very practical for you okay let me.

Explain when you decide side that you know everything about a given topic and nobody can teach you Pride enters into your head you don't listen the Bible has a little scripture for that in 1 Corinthians 10 it says if you think you're standing strong oh you better be careful not to fall again in Proverbs we see that pride comes before a fall.

Here's the problem when you don't become when you're no longer teachable and you won't listen you become prideful you fall and that fall in your mind will disqualify you from whatever because you don't have the Grace you won't let God's grace be sufficient for you you lack the resilience you didn't have the Integrity you didn't have the teachability and now.

You're taken out that's how not being teachable becomes a problem so what do we do to combat that we always stay in a post in a posture of learning from other people asking questions and being humble in heart does faithfulness compound the answer is yes sure it does because you know.

Something my voice is different today at 47 with 25 years of ministry experience than it was at 22 with one year I've seen a lot I've been through a lot but I'm still here and that faithfulness compounds over time and it does the same thing in your life when you have the grit not to quit you got to.

Have Grace Grace for yourself letting God's grace be sufficient you got to have resilience but got to have integrity and always be teachable when I was in college we had a man who worked in the cafeteria but not just any position he was at the chef station in the cafeteria.

His name was Leon and every day every day Leon would be there at the chef station serving up omelets to the student body and then at lunch he was always serving up burgers or turkey or whatever he had and there was always the same thing that would happen when you went to go see Leon if you were a guy and you walked in one of.

Two things you were a turkey or a pig one of the two if you were a girl no matter what happened you was a pretty girl illustrating it would go like this I would walk in Leon how we doing today oh Sam there he is how you doing I'm like I'm good Leon I just need one omelette today oh one omelet for the turkey right here here we go or if I.

Came in at lunch and I wanted two burgers this is how it would go Leon I need two burgers two oh there a pig right there you need two burgers and my wife could be well my fiance at the time now my wife she could be right behind me in line she could order 10 Burgers it wouldn't matter Leon be like oh the pretty girl she hungry today she needs.

More Burgers he give her burgers and I'm like Le I ordered two she got like three yeah but you the pig she a pretty girl man that's right every day every day every student student same conversation over and over and over again and you would see people who maybe they sucked on their midterms and they're like oh no this is terrible maybe they had a bad.

Day but when Leon encountered them and he go hey in right there that a beig you'd have a big smile on your face and one omelet at a time that man wedged his ways Into the Heart of the student body my senior year second semester I had finished my basketball career I was only two weeks from graduation and at the University I was at we always had.

Chapel and uh at Chapel at University over the course of four years uh I had seen celebrities come up and receive Awards I had seen state and federal politicians come through and receive things I had seen foreign dignitaries come to the university and receive achievement awards and all these different things I had seen people who.

Were really high up in the world of Academia and had all sorts of regalia on when they came up and robes and things and triple doctorates from Oxford and all this stuff and it was always really neat and cool as a student you were like wow that person's accomplished a lot and they would get their Spiel and we would all clap for him and it was.

Cool second semester senior year two weeks from graduation I'm in Chapel again and I'm really ready for Chapel to be done and the president of the University comes up near the end of chapel and I'm like oh gosh here we go and he's like I know everybody's excited to be able to.

Get out and you got a lot of things going but we do have one award we wanted we want to give today and that is the distinguished staff member award for this year and I'm thinking hm I wonder which one of the professors because they were all had great accolades and could have gotten it I was thinking I wonder which one's going to get it wonder if.

There one I had and the president says this year's distinguished staff member award goes to Leon when he said Leon something I had never seen happened the student body lost our everloving minds we went crazy we got up out of our seats I started high-fiving people around me I'm like are you kidding it's Leon we were.

Screaming so loud it didn't matter what the president was saying anymore on the PA you couldn't hear him and we start chanting Leon Leon Leon Leon we're in the aisles it had become pandemonium in there and I could see Leon who looked to be next to his wife and maybe his kids and then grandkids at the time and I could see them wiping tears away as they.

Begin to have the realization that a very simple but very faithful man had such a tremendous impact on the entire student body one omelet at a time he was faithful in the little things and it became a really big.

Thing so for you whatever your journey is that God has you on don't quit find Grit inside of you the grace for God's grace to be sufficient for you if you'd have resilience be a person of integrity and always be.

Teachable then I pray for you that you get something far greater than your name being chanted by a crowd I pray that you get the greatest gift which would be a hug from Jesus when you come into heaven and he looks at you and he says well done my good and my.

Faithful servant let's pray today maybe you're listening to this message you know what you're you're on that journey and you feel like you might just want to give up but you want God's grace you want to have resilience you want to be a person of continued.

Integrity and you want to be teachable on this journey man if that's you I'd be honored to be able to pray for you all across at all of our locations at Church online and YouTube If that's you just lift up your hand I'd be honored to pray for us yeah there's hands going up all over the room Lord Jesus I just.

Pray that your grace would truly be sufficient for us that we would allow it to be we already know that it is but allow us to believe it to be I pray that you would give us resilience in those moments where we come up against obstacles I pray we would always have a heart of integrity and I pray our spirit would.

Always be teachable no matter how far we've come we would always understand we have so much more to learn and we would be humble in heart still praying today there's others of you who I want to tell you that the greatest story of all time of grit is the story of Jesus and and why is that well you see.

The Bible tells us that all of us have sinned and fallen short of the standard and that sin that the Bible calls it separates us from God and destines us to a very real place called hell for eternity but God but God wasn't okay with that you see God sent his only son Jesus Jesus so that who would soever believe.

In him could not perish but have eternal life be made new be made right be forgiven but it wasn't an easy Road for Jesus you see even before right before the night before he was to be crucified he was so overcome with the idea that I just want to quit that he says.

Father if there's any other way please take this cup from me but not my will be done but yours and he had the grit to go to the cross and to die a death on our behalf you have the sinless Jesus dying in our place to make a way for us to be made.

Right to be forgiven why did Jesus have such Grit well because he's thinking about you he was thinking about me and he wanted us to be able to have a way to be made right to be forgiven so what do we have to do all the Bible says you have to do is to believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that.

Jesus is Lord and you will be forgiven you will be made new you'll be your sins will be wiped clean and guess what else even better even with that you get a new sense of purpose a new sense of direction for your life because you are now living from forgiveness and Jesus has made that way for you today there are those of you who.

That's why God has brought you here for his grace to truly be sufficient for you to know that no matter what you've done his grace is sufficient and all you have to do is to say yes to a relationship with Jesus for those of you who say yes that is why I'm here to say yes to a relationship with with Christ to be made new to be forgiven and to have a brand.

New sense of who I'm supposed to be if that's you today to say yes to a relationship with Jesus at all of our locations just lift your hand up right now and say yes to a relationship with Christ say yes that is me those of you yes back over here to my left coming into a relationship with Christ others of you who would say yes that coming.

Into a relationship with Christ those of you at church online just type in the chat I'm giving my life to Christ and we're going to pray together a prayer that truly transforms we do not pray this prayer alone we all lift our voices together would you just repeat this prayer with those making this decision today pray after me heavenly father.

Father thank you for sending Jesus Jesus to be my savior Jesus Come into my heart forgive me of my sins and make me new I give you my life I give you everything in Jesus name I pray amen can we give it up for God's work today here at Life Church amazing stuff did this message on healthy habits.

Speak to you well we've got even more videos ready for you right now click here to access more content on habits

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