Are these day-to-day habits helping or hindering your successfully being? | Water, Coffee, Olive Oil


Are these day-to-day habits helping or hindering your successfully being? | Water, Coffee, Olive Oil

Welcome back so today we're talking about certainfood routines that are present in I would say most of our lives or a lot of Our Lives over andover and over again and in light of the fact that they're so consistently found in our lives I thinkwe ought to make sure you know the these inputs are getting we're getting all the benefit we canfrom them and none of the you know potential uh problems that we could get from them if we'renot doing them or utilizing them most optimally and the three I want to talk about today arewater coffee and olive oil so if you haven't already subscribed haven't already shared thisChannel and what are you waiting for someone else out there is looking for that opportunityto accumulate health and you could Supply it to them water do not use single-use plastic thosewater bottles at Costco you do not want to use.

Those microplastics Galore uh if you are livingin the city you do not want to drink City water that water out of your faucet Bad News Bears wecan talk about a whole filtration system and all that maybe another time that that really dependson you know what you're trying to filter uh you know you got well water you got City Water yougot you know carcinogens you got pesticides it would make a difference on what kind of filteryou get so we can save that for a later talk so I'm not talking you know for for hours on thisparticular um uh show now if you travel a lot I really think you want to get you know get on topof that get yourself an on thee-o water filter I don't personally really trust the uh the filtersor those you know the the refill stations at the airports you know I think it's City W water comingthrough just a big old filter so check out life.

Straw that's L if straw they have great filtersyou know we actually use them when we travel um you can get pictures I have no affiliation withthem and you they have great options that you know even will remove uh my microplastics so if youlive in the city and you have uh the financial means you actually might want to consider youknow getting Mountain Valley Spring Water have it delivered to you uh in those nice big glasscontainers we do we've done been doing that at our home for probably five years now U I'm goingto live on a well pretty soon though pumped about that and so I probably won't be spending all thismoney on that water anymore but uh you know that's a great plan especially and if you're living inthe city not not just in a rural like me but in a big city man it's the water is going to be roughand so something like that you know literal spring.

Water that you're consuming each day you that canadd a lot of value to your life but if that's not in your budget then definitely check out yourwater supplier what what is your Municipal Water Supply you can go to the environmental workinggroup ewg you can just Google ewg my City Water Report it'll pop right up and you know see what'sin your water what contaminants you might want to clear um from your system uh from your waterthat is so your your body itself doesn't become the water filter uh and when you think about youlook at it in an air filter right think man I'm so glad I have that air filter filtering on myair so my lungs my sinuses aren't filtering all that all that junk same goes for water you don'twant me filtering out carcinogens and pesticides and herbicides and you know heavy metals whenwhen you could have just a water filter do that.

For you you know say you have a well you can youcan do this as well with City City or tap water but um especially if you have a well because theewg does a pretty great job for your city water but if you have a well um I would get water.comyou go to and that's a site for the the National Water Testing Laboratories get yourselfa kit from there uh probably cost about 200 bucks to get your well water checked and if you livein an area say surrounded by agriculture a lot of farms especially if they're not using organicmeans which majority aren't uh well it's Animal Farm Farms or that's you know corn or wheat orwhatever see next to a golf course I would get the $295 kit which will also have all the pesticidesherbicides p pcbs and all that stuff um as a part of the testing so you might say Matt why not justget a water filter forget about the testing uh you.

Can do that um however you might spend a ton ofmoney that you don't need to spend on your water filter you know changing it out each year or youknow every few months that kind of thing if you got the test and found it oh my goodness greatuh there's nothing in my water my water is so awesome for my well that would be fantastic rightor you might find that oh my goodness there's all this this craziness in there these different typesof bacteria and you I need this actually this kind of filter to get that stuff out so that's whatI would suggest do whatever you want you know maybe you get you get a water filter and then youcheck the water that after it's been filtered and you know see see how it's working for you but atI think you can save yourself a whole lot of money by um you know at least doing it one time check itout uh and if nothing is changing your environment.

Around you then you know it's unlikely you didn'thave pesticides this year that you're that you're going to have pesticides next year the year afterthat or the year after that kind of thing you know and I've found over and over that the waterpeople are consuming it really is a positive agent in their their health uh goodness or or wellreally the lack thereof and you know whether it's the the Plastics causing hormonal issuesI've made videos on this you know exacerbating uh say menstrual menstral um issues and PMs andbleeding and and all that kind of stuff for the ladies or in the guys you know leading to umthese microplastics leading to to testosterone suppression because you know drinking out of thatwater that plastic water bottle over and over and over again um or you know I've seen people who'vehad you know holding tanks for for their Wells.

Have have bacterial issues have parasites issuesor it could be you know high levels of particular Metals uh you know copper iron you know allmanner of of um particul could potentially be present depending on the soil um and what'saround that that particular well so you know just go and fill up your water bottle um at thethe kitchen faucet and you're living in downtown Seattle or you're living in you know San Franciscoor it's like man what is in that water supply and you know the person person stops drinking thatwater next thing you know their brain fog goes away that chronic digestive issue the nause shelike I'm experiencing nause you nausea nausea and we change up their water we get some purifiedwater going in them and amazingly enough they feel better and now it's like every time I go inyou know to somebody's house and drink their water.

Like oh wow uh that water was what was causingthose headaches this whole time because think about it if you consume what what's recommendedlike a third or or to half your body weight in ounces of water per day you either loading up ongoodness because you have you know purified water you are literally you know cleansing your systemwith with every sip every every glass every ounce of water or you're literally loading your bodyup with every every sip you know with potential um irritants or in in my case if you live whereI live and you look at what's in the water you know there's seven carcinogen carcinogenic agentsat levels that are considered not good um in my Municipal Water Supply and so I could literallybe you know ingesting that 60 to you know 120 ounces a day or I could be you know getting highvalue spring water and and completely bypassing it.

Water isn't just water anymore we we have a lotof stuff going around the water we got a lot of cars we got a lot of medications we got a lotof drugs we got a we got a lot of um you know pesticides and herbicides and you know all kindsof manner of spray they're putting everywhere so make it as easy as possible to accumulate Healthwhen it comes to water and and get yourself a purifier and then and follow some other steps Imentioned there all right number two is coffee if you're going to the coffee shop you got to bringin your own reusable cup uh not a plastic one but you know like stainless steel One ceramic onebecause otherwise you are literally putting you know 160 degree water or fluid liquid maybe evenhigher 180° liquid into a plastic line cup meaning you're getting a a whole lot more than just coffeeyou're getting thousands of microplastic particles.

Ting your body which with each um you know Swigyou know for for a person who drinks like every third day um out of a a a plastic or a paper lineda plastic lined paper cut from a coffee shop uh you know they consume like a 100,000 microplasticson a yearly basis that is going to change hormonal AC that's going to mess with your endocrinesystem we don't need that we have enough to deal with right now right so if you're makingyour own coffee at home be sure to use a paper filter look for a microplastic free nonbleached uhfilter that that you can use for for your coffee and if you're using decaf coffee then you wantto look for the types of decaf coffee that use that Swiss water decaff decaffeination methoduh you know rather than harsh chem completely unnecessary it's totally feasible to decaffeinateCoffee literally with water and you really need to.

Get get get it straight when it comes to organiccoffee you want to use organic coffee I'm not so saying or organic coffee is the end all be allbut if you're not at a minimum using organic coffee and you're using conventional coffeeI mean conventional coffee is the one of the most chemically treated you know just manipulatedsubstances in the the world uh so we really really really really want to choose organic coffees andif you can get you know the ones that say you know are tested for microtox sins and molds allthe better and literally you know just getting organic coffee in a stainless steel cup thatcould be life-changing for many you go see up thousands of microplastics a coming in my body anduh sea to a bunch of pesticides fungicides coming in my body and if you suffer uh from anxiety youknow suffer from atrial fibrillation from heart.

Heart issues panic attacks then you really youreally want to just pass on coffee as a whole I would just I would send the curb not meant foryou because even though on a population level coffee doesn't seem to affect uh cardiac Rhythmthere's been a lot of study of this and it just doesn't seem like there's there's this direct umcorrelation there but on an IND individual level there is no doubt it affects heart rhythm and soyou you really want to just bypass why put more angst on your being if you don't have to and youknow I've seen it over and over in my practice where uh person's drinking coffee and they haveyou know anxiety they have palpitations they have Aid and they stop it and those episodes don'thappen anymore so it's just worth it to to not have to deal with that by simply removing coffeeright you just said that done if you love coffee.

Yeah I know I'm sure you also want to aim todrink your coffee at least 10 hours before you plan to go to sleep otherwise you're going toend up interrupting the regenerative benefits of sleep like you're not going to get in thosedeep stage four stage five sleep you might be waking through the night you might might you knowmess mess kind of your cortisol Rhythm epinephrine Rhythm if you're drinking coffee in the afternoonin the evening even if you can fall asleep you know the thing is the more times you drink coffeelate in the afternoon you drink it in the evening the more you're going to feel like you could sureuse another cup of coffee and that feeling means that you're not supplying your body with the restit needs it's not getting the Regeneration needs in the sleep time and also recognize that you knowcoffee is not the same thing is caffeine caffeine.

Like you know in your Monster drink your Red Bullsyour your pre-workout even your Zas your soda pops I completely recommend against ingesting caffeinein its nonh Whole Food form so when I say Whole Food form I'm speaking of of like coffee or uh youknow green tea black tea oolong tea any of these these teas that are that are naturally leavesthat are natur naturally caffeinated because caffeine on its own when it's been taken out ofits whole F form actually has has a very negative impact on your telr and your telr are basicallythe Caps that hold your DNA and protect your DNA on the ends whereas when you consume caffeine inits Whole Food form such as in coffee or green tea black tea that actually seems to have theopposite effect where it's actually protective it's helpful it's supportive um of those telomeand their ability to protect your DNA and finally.

Related to coffee please don't blame the coffeethe coffee bean for what the karma macchiato did to it right Cara machiato it's at fall it probablyis in the coffee especially when you talk about body composition change all right so number threewe got so we had the water we got the coffee now we're talking olive oil thing about olive oilsyou got to get it in dark glass you got to get it in glass bottom line and so I know that that bigcanister in plastic Costco is really you know 10 bucks 12 bucks or whatever it's that it looks likeman we want to do that but the thing is it's just getting oxidized sitting there month after monthand then the Plastics from the oils are just are are saturated in the oils you don't need thatget it in glass in in that Amber container or you know dark container and then be sure to storeit away from your stove put put it in a cool spot.

You know dark cabinet and as heat also will causeoxidation just like the light coming in and in in a a plastic bottle will cause oxidation and youknow lead to basically those beneficial components breaking down a lot faster the oil becoming rancidmuch much sooner and I would get olive oil when you do get it get it from the United States if youlive in the United States rather than importing it because over and over again these olive oilswhen they're tested from yes Italy Greece uh Spain are found to be contaminated I wouldsuggest purposely with Canola oils with with saffro oil sunflower oils these other vegetableoils you know they're mixing them in because those babies are cheap cheap cheap cheap and umyou're not really getting this amazing olive oil substance you think you're getting so I suggestgetting from the US patients who have olive oil.

Or Olive Vineyards over there in Croatia and youknow they'll bring me olive oil back and like man this is amazing so I'm definitely receiving thatolive oil but you know they're they're processing it themselves and they're bringing it back soit's the real deal but otherwise you know I'm I'm really am I get all of my olive oil withthe the co the California Olive Oil Council um sticker on it get organic and amazingly enoughyou know Costco has it often you know it kind of comes in and out of season but if you can'tget it at Costco then I just buy it online you can type in California Olive Oil Council look atthe brands look with the stickers and you know I I would choose one one of those and you and whenyou look at your olive oil bottle you know it should say the harvesting date and I would aimfor a date within the last 6 months because uh.

The closer you get to when it Harvest is the moreof those those those polyphenols those those just lifegiving substances that you're going to receivethe concentration is going to be that much higher in that olive oil and then once you open the oliveoil you really want to use it within the three to more 3 to four month time frame uh from whenyou opened it okay so one last thing as aide if you use avocado oil I would only use the chosenbrand there might be some other ones out there that are good to go but there is a study done bythe University of California that looked at uh this maybe four or five years ago now lookedat olive oils or avocado oil brands and they found that essentially almost all of them didn'tcontain just avocado oil just like the O the olive oil was contaminated the avocado oil had beenuh manipulated to contain you know these these.

Other cheap uh soybean oils corn oils canola oilskind of things so I have no um affiliation with chosen brand at all and I really personally don'teven like avocado oil but um if you are getting avocado oil definitely I would choose that brandand if you have any tips related to water coffee or olive oil I'm all ears love to hear what youknow or what you found out or what you've learned if you are involved in those Industries you knowsometimes I go to these trade shows it's super fun talking to people that that make all oil uhor or coffee beans and just finding out you know what is the truth on all these fronts and whatis just a bun of marketing height so let me know in the comments send me a message I'm Dr Matt youguys have a fantastic week of accumulating health

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