Are expecting Me The rest (AMA) – Jan 29, 2024


Are expecting Me The rest (AMA) - Jan 29, 2024

Good evening tonight we're going to do an ask me anything there's some questions submitted ahead of time so I'll hit those first while people are logging on um and well where we go so there's a question I'll summarize it that they were talking about you know using the nitric oxide test strips that they had enough nitrates in their diet.

And with their supplementation but that the other part of the strip showed that they were low in probotics and asked what they could do to improve that side of it the um probotics that I usually recommend people consider it's from a company called my fitst strip they're making different gums that have different.

Strains and probiotics in it to help repopulate the nitrate reducing bacteria so my FIT strip it's available on Amazon as well um they have different versions of it so just find one that you like but they're working on a test which will um actually build a test your saliva to see if you have the right nitrate reducing bacteria and if you don't then you would.

Definitely want to consider using these type of gums to try to improve it and then there is another question that subit ahead of time um somebody said that they're a 30-year-old man with a ivcd and driven chck of the conduction delay what would be the workup um there's most cases where you know the person's symptomatic requires a lot more.

If they're symptomatic probably just an echocardiogram to look at the heart size function and potentially a holder monitor to look if there's any arhythmia with that you know the person's not passing out or having exercise intolerance probably not much more to do with it but if the left integral is dilated or you're having premature for.

Sugar contractions in the holder then you need a electrophysiologist to discuss your options all right welcome everybody I answer the two questions that people had submitted outside the the usual ask me anything there were just good ones I thought people would uh like to hear the answers to so um now I'll hit the uh the.

Live questions so I'm not going to go super deep in them because there's a lot of good questions tonight but somebody's asking how do you reduce apob B I've probably done you know I don't know there's like 60 podcasts I've talked in the past two years that talk about you know D lipidemia and theyve done IG.

Lives almost every Monday night and talking about it so go back and look at the archives for if want a deep dive in it especially if you go watch the one I did with Drew purad about nine months ago that one goes deep into his Boston Heart Live panel we talk about April B so if you're a hyper producer of sterols then that's stattin bidic acid red East.

Rice burgut if you're absorb of steril that's a zamid if neither of those work for you then the PCS canine Inhibitors like ratha prent can help or the oral berberine is a weak oral PCS inhibitor those are the starting points nutrition wise if you're insulin resistant you got to cut back on your glucose load and if you're saturated fats are raising your.

Lipoproteins then cut back on your saturated fats so that's the starting point for a b in 30 seconds or less all right says for those that can't undergo a lot of preventative testing what is the One supplement needed um the answer is just going to be sunlight you know you don't need any supplements per se in heed full.

Spectrum sunlight to set your circadian rhythms UVA to improve your nitric oxide release UVB to improve your vitamin D so sunlight if you really going to do anything with supp probably should have something to do to improve nitric oxide availability all right what basic Labs studies would you like to see piece to.

Piece ordering for risk assessment um from a you know biophysical so looking at the arteries themselves CT corer calcium score would be a good starting point for people lab Wise apob High sensitive CP uh the markers of oxid stress oxidized LDL would be a good one um it's hard to say you know what would be the minimal um.

But you know I always kind of break it down to three buckets you know the ones that affect nitric oxide the ones that affect oxidative stress and inflammation and then the third bucket is the lipoproteins question up about are all red lights the same someone tried to sell them one that reduces wrinkles and sunspots um so no the red lights aren't.

All the same and the way you're asking the question is probably more about photo bom modulation um because you know this is one of the few nights where I'm actually do more light because I'm going to record a podcast right after this so I have to actually be seen they're not going to like it if I just have the pure on red light look like sometimes do on.

IG lives but sometimes those red lights that I do on ID lives those are just overhead red lights those are not photo B modulation panels But to answer your question you need to know what wavelength of red light is coming off the device the second thing is you need to know the radiance or it's also known as the power density that's measured in.

Mills per centimeter squared so that's essentially like the temperature that comes off the device you know is it a you know laser beam or is it a flashlight and then you need to know um you know how far away You're supposed to be from the device is it a skin contact device is it a panel that you know they're requesting to be back at least 6.

Inches because the emf's coming off the device so they're not all the same so you have to look at the uh um the specifications of the website ideally they'd have a third party that does the assessment as well on their uh settings um and then look at their protocols is there a way to get a cholesterol balance test without a.

Doctor's order great question if you saw my story earlier today you know I basically uh became a pin cushion sticking my fingers um and did a couple different uh um at home testing for lipids so have a cholesterol check machine where you can just get the basic lipid panel um in order to get the cholesterol balance test that's Empower.

DX you can buy the panel directly from them that one's a little bit more challenging you know you had to um use a pretty deep L sit to stick your finger and there's like a little test tube and you just drip blood into it to get it past the line I believe you had to put in at least 30 to 40 milliliters of blood so it took like 5 10 minutes to.

Drip out into that tube and then you put on ice and then FedEx it out so I don't have the results on it yet so I'll let you know how it compares to my traditional Bost hardl panel um but it's empowered DX is the way to to do that at home without a doctor's order but the biggest challenge honestly is what to do with the.

Results how to improve left ventricular ejection fraction um so the ejection fraction is how much blood is pumped out of the heart with each heartbeat normals between 55 and 70% um you know the heart is a pump you know but it's also a vortexer um you know it's a hydraulic pump um so if you look at a lot what the quanty collective uh providers are.

Talking about you know it's about improving the structured water in your uh vascular system um so this is going to be red and infrared light grounding um those are things that going help Sal therapy helps um and then you know tradition medications you know this is more it's the ACE inhibitors the beta blockers the.

Um sper lactone type medications and now the um medications like Paro what are some signs cortisol is elevated um the person says they've had trouble getting it ordered in the past so you know cortisol you know is normal the increase early in the morning time you know blue light hitting the melanops and receptors in your eyes causes the.

Brain to know that it's daytime and cortisol will keep being pumped out so blue light pumps it out a lot um so high blood sugars but stress so if you're a very anxious person you're of going to be raising your cortisol um you know if you have low heart rate variability that would be a sign that you potentially have high cortisol if you have high.

Blood sugar another sign you potentially have high cortisol you know there are tests you can that you know they're saliva based um that are probably more sensitive than a lot of the blood-based ones for cortisol you can get a cortisol Awakening response so spit in a you know little tube and you can see your graph of your cortisol levels throughout the.

Day there's and there's various companies that do the uh um cortisol responses question up about how to fix an abnormal heart rhythm no medications completely depends on what heart rhythm it is is an atrial rythmia ventricular rhythmia is it persistent where you're always in it is it intermittent um so unknown but often times you know try to.

Remove the offending agents if you can so you know if it's caffeine nicotine alcohol get those out if it's poor sleep find a better way to sleep it's lack of sun get out there and get your circulating rhythms you know set up um you know lack of electrons get out there and ground um know magnesium deficiency is often very common in people with.

Heart rhythm disturbances so potentially magnesium supplementation we need more context before giving you kind of a full-on protocol for that um I don't know how exactly they answer this for one so you might have to you know send me a DM to give me a little more context on it but you know what is.

The budget protocol for heart help you know it you know depends on what you're wanting to you know get assessed is it you know blood Labs is it uh vascular test testing um you know like hard Rhythm testing you know hard variability testing there's there's a whole different way to kind of uh budget it out depending on what you're interested.

In um but you know I always talk about you know so I always talk about that health is your greatest asset and you're going to have to invest in your health as you so you're going to have to continue to invest in your health as you continue to age so you don't get out of this uh um unscathed so you know it's kind of like a pay me now or pay me.

Later so if you don't invest in your health to get sick later and you get a stin you know it's a $50,000 proposition you know bass argue it's a couple hundred, so it always depends on what your budget is is it now or later someone's asking about what is the best home blood pressure cuff um there's many different vendors I mean I'm.

Currently playing around with a watch version of it that has an air bladder relatively accurate compared to my other other monitors I have in the office you know it has an LED as well to to measure blood pressure so I'm not going to give the name of the device yet until I kind of uh play around a little bit more and get it calibrated but um but I typically.

Like hun om r n they make very good monitors I personally like the Ron evolve you know it has a sensor in it that records all the values and then it um can send it to your phone and you can record and then share with our office or share with your doctors proven ways to reduce genetic High.

Lpla uh the only proven therapy is apheresis um they take your blood out put it through a machine take out the LPA particles and give your blood back that's the only proven therapy the uh pcsk9 Inhibitors can lower LPA you know 25 30% but is that clinically relevant that is not well known at this point you know you.

Likely have to lower LPA well in excess of 90% And the neurom medications that are being studied you know they lower you know 99% they shut off the uh the kingles from being produced in the liver so um those medicines will be you know likely on the market in a year or two um but in the meantime it's mostly apheresis if you have access to it P SK.

Inhibitors a little bit um you know if you're a woman estrogen replacement therapy now it's not a reason to start estrogen but can lower LPA somewhat nin has a marginal effect at best on LPA and I rarely recommend people you know use NY and just to try to lower LPA because it doesn't do it very much so was kind of an add-on was about.

You know another patient asking about high LPA so same thing as as just mentioned so to this one I'm not going to be able to answer because it sounds like somebody's having some acute symptoms you know they had a history of heart failure U the heart is weakened and they're having chills this is not.

Something I can answer and ask me anything this is what you have to ask your personal doctor or you know um go to a Cardiologist and have them examined you to figure out what the answer is to this one somebody I don't know if this was continued on from another question but.

It was talking about some like Echo findings but it didn't really give me any context I don't know exactly what that part means all right and then last one that's pres submitted is cardiovascular markers that had the greatest impact on gauging cardiovascular disease other than a be lipoprotein a great question um you know.

Think about glyx and endothelium as being the protective you know force field that prevents the pl from building up in the first place so there's not great tested yet to look at the glyx you know there may be some markers of cnicin one that you can assess in your urine or blood that'll come and you can figure out if your glyx is you know.

Regenerating slower than usual um but that's not really ready for prime time yet so mostly got to look at nitric oxide markers so you can do CBR nitric oxide testing blood pressure testing um you can do pulse wave velocity testing on your fing fingertip endopat testing looks at nitric oxide reactivity um it's like a stress test for your arteries to.

Tell you how much nitric oxide you can produce so that is the most critical second bucket is the inflammatory markers so high sensitive CRP LP pl2 mop peroxidase oxidized LDL oxidized phospholipid apob Incan six asymmetric dth aring symmetric dth aring these are usual Labs that I check on my patients at a poly.

Cardiology you know it's available on Boston hardl panels and Cleveland hardl panels um and then you know lipo protein wise you already got it covered but you know often we like to see the cholesterol balance test because it kind of give you ideas of the hyper production issue or hyperabsorption issue that's driving the lipids.

Um and then there's a whole host of metabolic markers uric acid homocystine full thyroid panel um fasting insulin fasting glucose A1C so a lot of things that uh could be there but uh greatest probably would be the markers that affect nitric oxide and insulin sensitivity all.

Right so I saw a few questions popping up so thank you guys so question how does someone get enough UVA UVB in the winter depends on what latitude you're at you know everybody's different um so you know there are devices that can add UVA back you know that's a black light U is a little bit harder you got to really be.

Careful to not burn yourself with those type of devices um but Sun runs that's probably the best answer is if you live at a high latitude you know go down further south into the you know less than the 20th latitude go down for three or four days and so couple a bunch of UVA UVB and that'll last you a couple weeks when you go back to the uh fridge.

In north or wherever you're from how much grounding is needed is there a point where there's not further benefit well just think of like you know the free electrons you know there's way more electrons on the earth than you have and so when you're connected to the Earth you know you're going to top up you know if you were chop full like a battery you.

Won't absorb anymore you can't get too many electrons from grounding and it's one of those things where how much is needed the sicker you are the more you need the less sick you are the less you need um you know it's kind of like the you know the idea that like if you're really sick you proba should go outside every time except for.

Sleeping um then maybe then you'd actually find a way to ground your bed as well um if you're not that sick then just check in a few times a day probably what I assume this is asking my feelings on the difference between lowering lipids through statins versus diet and supplements.

Um it depends on you know what the question really is asking like you know do I always use stands absolutely not um you know but I'm usually shooting for people get to less than the 20th percentile uh on their lipoproteins if they have plaque in their arteries already now if it's complete Primal prevention the arteries are healthy then.

I'm probably not as concerned about about it um they going continue to monitor but if they start developing evidence of inth function they'll be more aggressive if their diet and their supplements aren't giving them their goal I think it's more important to focus on the indog glycolics and endothelium than it is the lipids.

They're important but think of the others is the force field force fields up the lipoproteins aren't going to damage it as much what is the best natural remedy for PVCs can they be related to hormones to the second Point absolutely so sex hormones cortisol adrenaline all those things can have an effect on it.

Hyperthyroidism what is the best natural remedy um it would probably be outside in the sun you know the sunlight's a natural calcium channel blocker all right so I see Daytona 674 what is the crazy painting behind you um it is a painting in my my uh dining room uh got my house remodeled a year ago and this is what the interior directator put.

Up here um I honestly don't know exactly what it is so some people have some different ideas I'm not going to give you what I think it looks like but you know in the comments you can put uh put what your best guess is what you think it looks like does it does it matter how far the body is from the panels I assume you.

Mean the photo B ulation um it really depends on panel itself in the radiance you know it is somewhat of a madeup number that it's 6 in away but you know more than 2third of the light reflects off your body so if your skin is red you know I should back up the acronym is rats reflection absorption.

Transmission scattering so when light hits the surface those are the four things you can do so when you see me do the IG lives in the rooms lit up red if I have one of my panels on that's cuz the red light is bouncing off my skin only a third of it's getting absorbed into the skin and then possibly has access to getting the mitochondria and.

Activating the for cytochrome so closer up to the panels the better that's why probably in the future I don't you know I don't know for sure but I don't think these panels are really going to exist anymore they're going to have you know DC Electric uh devices which um you know you can put directly on the skin I think the wraps are going to be much more.

Important because you take away a lot of that reflection does the red light need to be in a dark room you know for if you're doing photob ulation therapy no not necessarily you can um you know have ambient light coming in as well any lifestyle practices that are.

Particularly effective at reducing visceral fat um first would do some type of testing like a dexa scan to you know quantify hual fat that that you have the um the bio impedance scales you know aren't that sensitive at you know picking that up they can kind of give you a trend but they're not that accurate for the most part so you.

Probably want a dexas scan or an ultrasound or an MRI to quantify how much vegetable fat you have um but it's you know what my friend Dr L talks about it's muscle Centric medicine your muscles are your organs of longevity and it's doing heavy resistance you know work and fueling your muscles with the fuels that they need so um that's what I.

Would focus on is you know resistance training you know have your muscles take care of that problem people are not overfat they're underused according to Dr Lion's uh sayings what are the consequences of eating too little protein well you're not necessarily wanting to eat protein that your body needs certain amino acids.

To be able to build different enzymes and different um building blocks for U muscles per se um and so if you don't get enough you can't turn on the molecular Machinery um so you know sarcopenia would be the worst case you start losing muscle mass because you don't give it enough to repair any of the damage and how much protein do you.

Need um you know bare minimum is probably 90 grams per day and that's your your first meal and your last meal are the ones that are the most important and those should be somewhere between 30 and 40 grams of protein at each of those meals but ideally it's about a gram per pound of your ideal body weight so if you're 160 pounds and you're not obese.

Be shoot for 160 grams of protein a day somebody's asking where did I get the red light from um it really depends on which question you're asking um I don't even know how many red lights I have I I can in my field division right now I see one two three four I have four red lights dist in my field division I probably have a couple more in the.

Office behind me and then and my office at AP po probably about 15 different lights so depends on which one you're asking about but um if you go to my other website it's I have videos where I explain how these different uh panels work and helmets and watches and patches and then you know some of the vendors.

That I've uh you know used their devices they're they're listed on that website so again it's Redlight what is the ideal time of day to do red light therapy at home um generally my recommend is from sun up to sun down some people if they do a lot of uh PBM photo modulation at night it can affect their sleep um you know it's not.

The blue light that's affect their sleep it's just the high Lux of the panel sometimes affects some people not everybody um so you know it's one the cases where you know you're a pretty good biohacker if you figure out you know it affects you at night don't do it at night um and you're trying to you know I sometimes joke that their their.

Sun plements you know use it when the sun would be out so um but when do I mostly do in mine I mostly do mine in the morning time is there a certain red light frequency that I recommend it always depends on what you're being treated for um so you go into Pub Med and type whatever condition you want to treat and.

Type red light therapy they'll you know give you the ideas of like is it 660 630 is it 680 NM 660 seem to be pretty uh consistent at um you know activating cyto oxidase so most panels and devices will have a 6 60 nimet in it but it really depends on what you're treating like if it's a intracranial one you know you have to be near infrared for the.

Most part a 10 nanometers all right so so going back to the top of hour somebody had asked a question about uh the oral test trips that look at nitric oxide they're nitric oxide side levels were good from a nitrate intake standpoint but the probiotic level was low they're asking what probotics might work to improve the.

Or microbiome um there's a company my fed strip I don't have any know affiliate links or any Financial relationships with them but my fitp um has different gums that can help repopulate the or microbiome and then those nitrate reducing bacteria may be able to break down the nitrates better and help you produce more nitric.

Oxide all right so there's one last question I'll answer this one and then I'll let you guys go for the week I'll be back next Monday 6 p.m. central Time to do another ask me anything I gotta hop off here I gotta record a podcast with somebody in Europe in a few minutes um you know I guess they they like hearing about circadian rhythms red.

Light therapy and April B over there as well so um so the last question of the night is what are some heart murmur symptoms is it possible for patients to hear it um so a heart murmur is just turbulent flow across the the hard valve or the hard structures themselves so you know typically they're not picked up unless somebody puts a stethoscope on.

You and they can hear it now there are some cases where people have Thrills you know but that's a 4 out of six murmur you know that's usually going be like a ventricular sepal defect sometimes people can hear it without a stethoscope but most time you can't hear it without that symptom wise it really depends which valve is affected you know is it a.

Regurgitant lesion or stenotic lesion um but shortness of breath fatigue chest pain those are probably the most three common symptoms people would have if they have a significant valvular lesion all right and then I'll answer one last one popped up and then I'll pop off here so can you overdo nitric oxide.

Um possibly but hard to do um you know somebody's taking one of the oal dissolving lenes once a day that's you know right within a you know a normal dose I mean usually that product's actually used use twice a day sometimes so once a day shouldn't have any problem so hope you guys uh enjoyed they ask me anything I'll be back again like I said.

Next Monday 6 PM central time if you want bonus points go to my uh uh DMS and tell me what you think this uh painting is um if you want to see some of these videos you know they're going to always be in these archives but I'm taking them and I'm putting them on my Instagram Channel I'm sorry on my YouTube channel just G to be. dran I'm putting some longer form videos there as well in the near future um so appreciate you guys thank you so much for your time and attention and we'll see you next time

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