Analyzing Influences – Effectively being 1 for Early life!


Analyzing Influences - Effectively being 1 for Early life!

Oh, I have a pounding headache, and it getsworse every time I look at my phone. I seriously need to cut back on my screen time, but itfeels impossible! I mean, I use my phone for everything. I'm learning to play guitar, so I'vebeen using it to watch all these how-to videos. I'm also right in the middle of a great book thatI got a digital copy of, so I've been using my phone to read. Not to mention, it's how I find mybasketball league schedule and talk to my friends. So, what do I do? I can't just ignore my phone, but I keep getting these headaches. It feels likeI'm being pulled in multiple directions at once. Have you ever felt something similar, likeyou're caught in a game of tug-of-war, and it's starting to mess with your health?This feeling doesn't come out of nowhere;.

It's the result of the many influences inour lives pulling us in various directions, and they can have a largeimpact on our well-being. So, how do we figure outwhat's influencing our health, and what do we do if our influences aretaking us down a path we don't want? Today, we'll be figuring this out as we identifythe internal and external influences in our lives and evaluate how these influences areimpacting our well-being. Let's get into it! So, what exactly is an influence, and whatdoes it have to do with my screen time? Well, an influence is any factor thatshapes our decisions, behaviors, or opinions. These influences canhave huge impacts on our health.

Some influences are internal, meaningthey come from our own minds and bodies. They include the things we want, and thethings we like and dislike, our values, and even our physical needs and abilities. So,for me, some internal influences are that I want to learn to play guitar, that I like basketball,and that I've been getting these headaches lately. Other influences are external, meaning they comefrom outside of us. They include our family, friends, community, media, laws, and culture. So, for me, some external influences aremy basketball league schedule and my friends' group text. Let's take a look atthe various impacts our influences can have. Influences impact our healthin tons of different ways,.

Like how we choose to stay active. Forexample, do you often go swimming for exercise? What influences impact the reasonswhy or why not? Personally, I know how to swim, and I enjoy it; those are internal influences.But I don't have a pool nearby to swim in, and that external influence means swimmingfor exercise isn't really an option for me. Influences also have a huge impact on otheraspects of our health, like our eating habits. Think about what you ate for dinner last night.What influences, both internal and external, do you think might have shaped your meal plan?Maybe you chose to eat your favorite food, maybe you had some extra carbs and protein tofuel up for a game, or maybe you steered clear of foods you're allergic to. These are all internalinfluences that might have impacted what you ate.

External influences probably played a roletoo. Maybe you were influenced by what was on sale at the grocery store. Maybe you sawa post recently about avoiding extra sodium, so you skipped adding salt. Maybe you didn'teat pancakes, even though you love them, because that's not typically on the dinnermenu where you live. These influences aren't a one-time deal either; they impactwhat you have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every single day. And over time, thoseinfluences can have huge impacts on our health. Here's a bigger example. Many people live inneighborhoods where the nearest grocery store with fresh fruits and vegetables is milesaway, but there are fast-food restaurants on every corner. How do you think these externalinfluences might shape their daily eating habits?.

Now, let's add in a few more influences. Imagineliving in a neighborhood like this without a car, so you walk most places. Imagine seeing anad about a new milkshake flavor at one of the fast-food places that sounds delicious.Imagine you get to the grocery store, but the ingredients to make a nutritiousdinner cost $20, while a fast-food meal only costs $5. It's pretty easy to see whysomeone living in a neighborhood like this might struggle to eat nutritious foods, even ifit's an important part of their health goals. Now think about the ways these factors influenceevery person in the neighborhood every single day. How do you think this might impact thehealth of the entire community? Over time, their mental and physical health outcomesmight start to look pretty different from.

People living somewhere else. So, from whatwe eat to how we exercise and much, much more, influences shape just about every decision wemake. Understanding their effects can help us be more confident about our health-relatedchoices. But how do we accomplish this? We can do this by actively analyzing influences.This important skill will help us understand the various internal and external factorsthat guide our lives. There are three main steps. The first step is to identifythe influences in your life. For starters, think about what or who is influencing yourhealth. Is it your family, your friends, your goals, or something else? I'vetalked about a lot of my influences, but now it's your turn. Pause the video andwrite down these influences in your guided notes.

The second step is to reflect on how eachinfluence impacts your health. For each influence, ask yourself, is this a positive influenceor a negative influence? It might even be a bit of both. For example, my friends are a goodinfluence on my mental health and relationships, but all the screen time I'm gettingwhile texting them is taking a toll on my physical health. Pause the video andadd these impacts to your guided notes. The third and final step is to adjustthe influences in your life where you can. We control a lot of the influencesin our lives, like who our friends are, who we follow on social media, and whatwe do for fun. And for the influences we can't directly control, you can try to changehow that influence impacts you. For example,.

If I'm struggling to adjust my influences andcut back on screen time, maybe I can adjust how it's impacting me by getting some bluelight glasses to help with the headaches. Are there any changes you want to make tothe influences you've listed? Remember, even if you can't change the influence,you may be able to change how it impacts you. Pause the video and recordyour thoughts in your guided notes. So, it looks like I don't need to just totallyignore my phone to fix these headaches. I can try to understand the influences that keepme glued to it instead and take action to change these influences. Maybe I'll swapmy digital book for a paperback or ask a friend to show me the basics of guitarinstead of watching all those videos.

Remember, you have the power to make choicesthat will help you reach your health goals, even when you're in the middle of a tug-of-warbetween different influences. If I can do it, so can you! In the meantime, stay on thelookout for both positive and negative influences on your health. Whenyou notice something important, write it down in your health journal. Thenyou can work toward amplifying the positive influences in your life and finding ways tochange how the negative ones are impacting you. In our next lesson, we'll be discussingthe important skills of accessing trustworthy information so we can makewell-thought-out decisions. Until then, I'm Caroline, and remember, prioritizingyour health is a choice you make every day,.

And it's worth it! So keep building that healthylifestyle, take care, and I'll see you next time!

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