After failing recurrently, how Anjana made her journaling behavior stick


After failing recurrently, how Anjana made her journaling behavior stick

My colleague anjana recently told me how she buil the habit of journaling regularly she was trying to build that habit for a long period of time and she kept failing again and again and again but finally she did something differently and this time she was able to make this habit stick and it's been more than 5 months and she has been.

Regular with this habit so now I'm going to share her story and also what she did and what we can learn from that if we are trying to build any habit when Ana was a kid in school she used to write a diary and then she somehow lost touch with that habit and couple of years ago when covid was on she decided to start journaling again.

I'm guessing it was a difficult time very stressful for all of us so journaling would have given her a lot of reassurance Clarity and just a mechanism to get out that Stress and Anxiety we all had so naturally there was motivation and she started and she thought she would the Habit would stick but after 2 3 days The Habit broke then.

She tried again and again and again and no matter how often she tried she was just not able to sustain the habit and then she was wondering what to do and I'm guessing then she watched a bunch of YouTube videos and then she thought okay let me try something different this time she decided to invest in some beautiful Journal so she bought some journals or.

Diaries from Amazon and those beautiful journals came and now the Hope was that the idea of writing those beautiful notebooks and it would look so nice would feel so good and that is what would make it stick but you know what happened did not work that also failed then she thought okay let me buy maybe some kind of calendar so she invested in.

A personal calendar where journaling prompts were built in so all she had to do was open that that and every day just fill in there the prompts were there so she did not even have to think so this was now going to make it very convenient and now finally hopefully the Habit would stick but what happened no this time also she could not stick to the.

Habit and naturally it must have been very frustrating finally about 5 6 months ago she did something different so she had read some books she knew about habit stacking so she made some changes first of all she gave up on the idea of having a fancy Journal so she said okay I'm just going to use a simple notebook and again when I write a.

Journal it can be just a scribble it doesn't have to be something beautiful or or doesn't have to be nicely articulated thoughts like poetry or anything okay so simple stuff just put your mind out on a paper and then she would take that she had a notebook so a notebook and a pen she would keep it next to her bed on the table on the.

Laptop okay so every morning she would wake up and and when she wakes up and she has to go through to use a washroom she would see the journal on the table next to her bed okay second she made a resolution that as soon as I brush my teeth I would come back and sit and write the journal even if she was tempted to open her laptop and check.

Something the journal was kept on the laptop so the reminder and the trigger was right there and just with these two changes number one keeping it next to her table keeping the journal and Pen ready next to her table so essentially shaping her environment making the thing convenient and second habit stacking because she was going to brush her teeth.

Anyway and she now linked it to the act of sitting and writing a journal just with these two changes she was actually genuinely able to make it strict not for 2 days not for 10 days it's been more than 5 months and she's doing it regularly and I'm guessing after some time once the Habit sticks then you start enjoying the process itself and.

I'm hoping that she will be able to to continue this for rest of our life now when we think about making any habit stick we often think that we need some special wisdom or some special Gan or some magic Technique No in this case just two simple ideas one is shaping your environment making the action convenient and second habit stacking.

This is what worked for anjana and if it worked for her I can assure you it can work for all of us give it a try

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