A Day in The Lifetime of a Effectively being and Wellness Coach 🥗 | Why an Organized Kitchen Makes You More healthy


A Day in The Lifetime of a Effectively being and Wellness Coach 🥗 | Why an Organized Kitchen Makes You More healthy

Welcome to an ordinary day in my lifewatch this Vlog until the end if you don't believe a healthy lifestyle can beeasy by sharing my unpretentious healthy lifestyle I'm not going to convinceyou but inspire you to live your best life hi welcome to the Vlog good good morningI should say it's morning here it's Monday I just I'm I'm here on my yoga mat because Ijust recorded my flow for today if you are new here on my channel I post Vlogs every daybut besides Vlogs I post yoga flows every day at least I try every day I should say so wecan start our days the best way possible with yoga so if you want to do yoga with me in themorning don't forget to subscribe so yeah but here we are here for the Vlog now for anotherday in my life an an ordinary day that I want.

To show to you that simple days simple lifecan be healthy as well so I'm going to bring you with me this Monday here in Toronto so coldwinter so I woke up I went to the gym I had my strength training then I had a hot yoga session Icame back I recorded the yoga flow and now I need coffee I'm starting my day as usual with a freshlybred coffee the perfect kickart to get things rolling on the right foot while savoring my coffeeI dived right into editing the yoga flow video for today yoga has always been a grounding force inmy life and sharing these flows with you bring me so much joy it's amazing how we can connectthrough this practice even though we are miles apart next up on my agenda was Tiding the home aroutine task that brings its own kind of peace and satisfaction.

Creating a clean and organized space is not just about Aesthetics it's about cultivatingan environment that nurtures wellness and Clarity during my Tiding session Idecided to organize a few kitchen cabinets it's essential to have healthycooking device within easy reach it encourages us to make healthier meal choices the last drawer filled withplace mats and other fabric items seemed a bit disorganized and was occupyingvaluable space that could be better utiliz it I EMP the drawer gave it a quick.

Vacuum and then tackled the maincabinet which was in direct need of some order the pens I use most often found a newhome in the larger freshly cleaned drawer as for the larger cabinetI rearranged to restore my most frequently used device placingthem right at the front for easy access sorting through the fabricitems I let go of the ones I no longer use and neatly folded therest placing them in a smaller drawer this new Arrangement not only looks moreorganized but also makes Daily Kitchen tasks more efficient.

In the afternoon I Whi it up a batch ofthose protein cookies that have become a staple around here they are not onlydelicious but also pack a healthy punch of protein be sure to check my blog for forthe detail of the recipe if you haven't already for today's tea I chose a classic English tea there is something Timelessand comforting about its robust flavor it's a tea that reminds us to pause andenjoy the moment especially on a busy day like today English tea is known for its antioxidantsand can be a great way to unwind and relax today I want to talk about organization atthis point if you watch it if you watch my Vlogs.

Regularly maybe you are under the impression thatI am a very organized person okay I wouldn't say I am not organized at this point in my life butI have to tell you something something it's not something that comes natural to me through allof my life I actually dealt with with this issue because for me it was always an issue organizationwas an issue for me I never like it to organize things I never like it to clean things I I imaginemyself more like a creative person or should I say a messy person I like to do things I like toyou know but I don't like to clean up after my mess but with time I had to learn this skillbecause I think it's a skill for some people it's natural for others it's not so first I want todebunk this myth that I am an organized person by Nature secondly debunk the meat that you cannotbe organized if you are not born this way and I.

Want to give you my take on why it's importantto not to be very organized but to organize the routines actually I love routine that thatthat's something natural for me I love routine I love time I love schedule I love everythingthat is tied to a time I think that's important for me to tell you that it's important to findsome organizations on our healthy LIF style I would say on our healthy routines actually thisconcept is not mine if if you read the the book Atomic habits you already know that actually thatbook is a phenomenal for a reason it's a it's a solid good book I recommend you to to read andthere is an interesting idea there that if you want to build a habit you have to erase or youhave to eliminate all the frictions that you would have to perform that habit and I kind of dothat with healthy habits it's a little different.

But it's the same concept every time I I getmy brain saying saying to me that I shouldn't do something that I know I should be doing I tryto ask myself why and I try to rationalize that why that friction that obstacle that challenge Ihave to overcome in order to perform that task I know it's getting complicated but I'm going toget to the point this morning I organized the draw was and it was important to me because Irealized that not that they were messy but the way they were organized were not was not helpingme in a daily basis because items that I use every day were kept on the back and things that I don'tuse that much were on the front and that not only brings kind of an annoying Factor but prevent Vinme to do things that would be beneficial for me I will give you an example that you are going tounderstand this this whole idea you probably.

Brush your teeth every day I hope so and probablyyour toothbrush is on your sink so every time you wake up or every time that it's time to to brushyour teeth you have your brush already ready you have everything there already set up for for thistask imagine oops imagine that what if instead of being on your sink your toothbrush was in thehighest shelf of your closet and every time you had to brush your teeth you would have to go thereand get your toothbrush it wouldn't work right but because we are actually educated for that probablywhen you were a little kid your parents taught you to brush a every day at least every night beforegoing to bed and they're already everything set up and you never thought about it actually but wehave to have the same principle to other things and I always say that to clients every time youare kind of you feel like lazy or you don't feel.

Inspired to do something to to eat to preparea salad for example ask yourself why what is the challenge that you that you have to overcomebecause most of the times it's as simple as chop carrots like to eat carrots today but too muchwork to cut them right but if you think about it how long does it take to actually cut the carrotsprobably 2 minutes maybe less so it's not that bad right so every time your brain says don't dothat because it's too much work rationalize it actually get a timer and see how long actuallyhow long actually it takes for you to do that task and you can do that with everything in yourkitchen if you want to eat healthier think about the obstacles and think how can you make it easierif you feel lazy about cutting Tomatoes buy cherry tomatoes that you don't have to cut them as soonas you come from the grocery store store with.

The lettuce cut the lettuce yeah this is my dogdrinking water so yeah every time you come back with the lettuce cut the lettuce wash the lettucealready keep them in the fridge almost ready to be used I would like to propose you to do somethingtoday open one door of your kitchen cabinets only one door and think about all the things that areinside how can you organize them in a way that the device device that would help you to prep toprepare healthier foods would be easier to access I know it seems silly but maybe you are goingto see that Chopper or that slicer right behind everything and you never use it and by only bringit to the front or maybe to a drawer or maybe leaving it on the on the counter will help you touse them more would help you to cut more cucumber or to cut more redish who knows so try this todaytry to assess your kitchen and you can do the.

Opposite as well if you deep fry a lot try to nothave the the the pen use for that so easy to to be reached you know there are a lot of thingsthat you can think but small steps it's always about small steps one thing at a time that I thinkwould improve a lot your relationship with cooking King dinner was a simple yet nutritious Affair I diced potatoesand carrots and set them to cook filling the kitchen with a homely Aroma meanwhile I seasoned chicken ties with salt garlic and pepper and cookedthem to perfection in the air.

Fryer realizing I didn't have any salad leavesat home I improvise it with sliced cucumber and tomatoes d with a touch of balsamic vinegar it'salways good to be adaptable in the kitchen and use what you have on hand I hope this glimps intomy day inspires you to find joy in the little things stay healthy stay positive and remember tonourish your body and soul until next time namaste

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