99% Of Other folks Who Keep NOT EAT These FISH Will LIVE To Be Over 90 | Dwelling Nutrition


99% Of Other folks Who Keep NOT EAT These FISH Will LIVE To Be Over 90 | Dwelling Nutrition

Did you know that a startling 99% of people who exclude specific types of fish from their diet tend to live beyond 90 years old join us in this video where we explore critical health concerns related to heavy metal pollution in certain fish species and its potential overall impact on health especially as we age making it significantly more.

Detrimental to your overall well-being in this riveting video we uncover the hidden dangers within our Seafood choices delve into the immediate and long-term consequences of heavy metal exposure and its profound effects on heart health blood pressure regulation and your general state of Wellness equip yourself with the.

Knowledge to make informed decisions about your dietary habits and their implications on your health our video provides essential insights that can Empower you to adopt healthier eating practices and proactively Safeguard your overall well-being don't miss out on this crucial icial.

Information click to watch the full video now and take the necessary steps to protect yourself from the imminent dangers of heavy metal contamination your cardiovascular health and general well-being are on the line act now for a healthier happier future I invested a significant amount of time creating this video so if you.

Find it enjoyable please take 10 seconds to like comment share and subscribe your small gesture can brighten up my entire day seven shark consuming shark meat poses significant health risks for humans primarily due to the elevated levels of mercury found in these apex predators Mercury a potent neurotoxin.

Can cause severe damage to the nervous system affecting cognitive functions and leading to a range of health issues sharks accumulate Mercury over time as they prey on smaller fish resulting in particularly high concentrations in their flesh Mercury toxicity is especially perilous for vulnerable populations such as pregnant.

Women and young children as it can impair the development of the fetal brain and nervous system prolonged exposure to elevated mercury levels has been linked to developmental delays learning disabilities and behavioral problems in children the Food and Drug Administration FDA strongly emphasizes.

The adverse health of effects associated with shark consumption recommending that individuals especially those in highest groups limit their intake or avoid shark meat altogether staying informed about the potential dangers of consuming shark meat is crucial for protecting human health and making educated dietary.

Choices next up is a fish that not only Delights the taste buds but also packs a nutritional punch however it conceals potential health risks you should be aware aware of six tilefish tilefish much like shark introduces significant nutritional risks to human health due to its heightened.

Mercury content inhabiting deep sea environments tile fish accumulates Mercury from its prey resulting in elevated levels of this toxic metal in its flesh distinct from Shark tilefish stands out for having some of the highest Mercury concentrations among commercially available fish making it a particularly.

Risky choice for consumption scientific data from studies conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency EPA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Noah revealed that tilefish can contain mercury levels exceeding 1.45 parts per million PPM while surpassing the fda's recommended limit of 0.3 PPM for safe.

Consumption this disparity underscores the heightened danger associated with tilefish consumption these organizations emphasize the perilous health effects linked to tile fish consumption recommendations especially for pregnant women nursing mothers and young children stress the importance of.

Avoiding or significantly limiting tile fish intake to mitigate the risk of mercury related Health complications anticipate the final segment of the video where we will discuss fish species that are truly beneficial for cardiovascular health blood pressure and overall wellbeing especially as you.

Age now let's explore a fish that you've likely consumed before and you might be surprised by the potential drawbacks it poses five tuna especially big eye and AI tuna emphasizing the impact on older individuals elevated mercury levels in tuna particularly big ey and AI tuna can significantly contribute to adverse health.

Effects scientific research consistently highlights that seniors may be more vulnerable to Mercury induced symptoms such as memory loss Tremors vision loss and numbness of extremities memory loss a prevalent symptom of mercury poisoning can be particularly concerning for the elderly as cognitive functions may already be.

Naturally declining with age Additionally the development of Tremors and vision loss poses significant challenges for the overall well-being and quality of life of older individuals numbness of extremities a sensory manifestation further accentuates the potential risks impacting mobility and.

Daily activities for older individuals it becomes imperative to exercise caution in tuna consumption choosing alternative Seafood options with lower Mercury content this approach aligns with a proactive stance in safeguarding cognitive and physical health allowing seniors to enjoy the nutritional.

Benefits of fish while minimizing potential drop backs associated with heavy metal contamination the Environmental Protection agencies EPA guidelines further affirm the risks associated with Mercury exposure particularly in vulnerable populations like pregnant women young children and older don't.

Miss out on a unique looking fish with exceptional longevity vibrant orange color and abundant nutrients however be aware of the potential hidden dangers it may pose to your body four orange ruffy Beyond environmental concerns orange ruffy presents specific health risks for human.

Consumption scientific studies including research conducted by the environmental defense fund and the Food and Drug Admin istration FDA emphasized the high Mercury content in Orange ruffy which poses serious threats to cardiovascular health and neurological well-being the slow growth and longevity of orange ruffy contribute to its.

Accumulation of elevated mercury levels making it a significant source of potential harm Mercury is a known neurotoxin that can affect the nervous system leading to cognitive impairments and developmental issues particularly in vulnerable populations such as pregnant women and young children the impact on cardiovascular.

Health is equally worrisome as mercury has been associated with heart problems and elevated blood pressure in addition to mer orange rfy is prone to accumulating persistent organic pollutants pops like pcbs and dioxins further elevating health risks these pollutants can disrupt.

Endocrine function compromise the immune system and increase the risk of certain cancers while overfishing is an environmental concern it's crucial to underscore the immediate and direct health risks associated with orange ruffy consumption safe and nutritionally Rich alter alternatives for you offering both.

Safety and delicious flavors will be provided in the concluding part of the video stay tuned as we introduce the next fish abundant in vitamin A vitamin D vitamin B12 and essential minerals such as iron zinc and phosphorus three Bluefish The Perils of Bluefish consumption become even more pronounced.

When considering the profound consequences for the elderly rigorous assessments can conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency EPA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Noah Spotlight alarming mercury levels surpassing 0.5 parts per million PPM posing an imminent threat to.

Cardiovascular health particularly in older individuals compounding this risk the predatory nature of Bluefish results in the accumulation of polychlorinated B fennels pcbs the data unequivocally reveals PCB levels soaring to 4.2 PPM exceeding established safety.

Thresholds for the elderly whose physiological resilience may be compromised exposure to such elevated levels of mercury and pcbs intensifies the potential for severe Health consequences these pollutants are known to disrupt endocrine systems compromise immune function and pose an acute threat to reproductive Health exacerbating the.

Vulnerability of older individuals in the pursuit of nutritional benefits the imperative for the elderly to exercise Extreme Caution in Bluefish consumption cannot be overstated choosing the right fish becomes vital as you age and your health changes stay tuned for optimal selections and now explore the next fish.

In line a large species inhabiting cold Waters often associated with a substantial price tag it's often delicious boasting a distinctive flavor flavor however hidden within lies a Potential Threat to your health two Chilean seab base the ramifications of consuming Chilean Sease are particularly poignant for older individuals.

Amplifying concerns about cardiovascular health protein intake and omega-3 fatty acids rigorous Studies by the environmental defense fund and the national resources defense Council Spotlight alarmingly elevated mercury levels in ch base reaching up to 0.82 parts per million PPM surpassing recommended.

Limits for seniors already grappling with potential cardiovascular vulnerabilities prolonged exposure to such heighten Mercury intensifies the risks of heart related issues additionally while Chilean C base offers protein and omega-3 fatty acids exceeding the optimal intake can lead to an.

Imbalance seniors who often need a more controlled protein intake May inadvertently consume excess protein from this fish potentially impacting kidney function and overall health as we navigate dietary choices for older individuals emphasizing Alternatives with lower Mercury content balanced protein levels and appropriate omega-3.

Fatty acids becomes imperative making informed decisions ensures that the culinary Pleasures derived from Seafood do not compromise the cardiovascular well-being and overall health of the elderly finally a commonly consumed fish among Americans for its affordability and taste a freshwater.

Species nevertheless hidden within are potential Health consequences for you one catfish for older individuals catfish consumption introduces additional Health considerations emphasizing the unique consequences associated with this particular fish the elevated levels of contaminants in catfish notably.

Polychlorinated B fennels pcbs and pesticides carry specific implications for the elderly pcbs found in concentrations reaching up to 0.12 parts per million PPM surpassing recommended safety thresholds are known for their detrimental effects on the endocrine system in the context of older.

Individuals this poses an increased risk of disruptions to hormonal balance and potential cognitive impairments furthermore pesticide residues in catfish detected at concentrations of up to 0.07 PPM rais concerns about neurological health for seniors whose cognitive resilience may be compromised the potential impact of these.

Contaminants on brain function becomes more pronounced the emphasis on these specific health risks underscores the need for seniors to exercise caution in their consumption of catfish make making informed dietary choices including opting for alternative Seafood options with lower contaminant.

Levels is crucial to safeguarding the well-being of older individuals and minimizing the potential long-term Health consequences associated with catfish consumption before bidding farewell here are some suggestions on selecting fish that are beneficial for you especially as you age opt for options like salmon.

Or sardines or other naturally caught species as they maintain nutritional value and are less likely to contain growth promoting additives found in farmed fish in particular wild CAU salmon stands out for its nutritional richness and its contribution to your overall health and well-being wild cut salmon brings.

Notable benefits to brain function joint health and is particularly advantageous for heart health let's continue this crucial conversation what are your thoughts on sustainable Seafood choices how can we collectively advocate for clearer information drop your thoughts questions.

In the comments below don't forget to hit the like button subscribe for more health tips and ring the notification Bell to stay updated on our latest content thank you for watching and as always I wish you great health wealth and happiness

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