9 Uncomplicated Habits That Set Me 25+ Hours a Week


9 Uncomplicated Habits That Set Me 25+ Hours a Week

Hey friends in this video I will reveal the habits of successful people that help them Master their time and achieve more it covers morning routines and focus boosting hacks to regain control over your schedule the goal is to transform your life by making every second count watch this video till the end to level up your time management.

Game and step into a future where productivity is your superpower the first point is the calendar time management is a crucial skill that can save a significant amount of time it can be achieved through three levels level one where you don't use a calendar for anything level two where we intentionally schedule things into our.

Calendar and level three where we block out what our ideal day or week would look like level one involves not using a calendar as it can lead to forgetting important events and delegating remembering to the calendar on your phone this adds time management skills to your life as you don't have to use your brain as storage medium for random.

Events level two involves intentionally scheduling things into your calendar even if they are appointments with yourself for example you might schedule a block for filming this video with yourself at the start of the day or at the end of the week by doing so you can get things done and prioritize as per your wish the ideal week strategy is.

Another way to improve time management well you create a new Google Calendar called your perfect week and and block out what a perfect week in your life looks like this helps you stay focused and focus on your goals effective time management is about Bridging the Gap between what we intend to do and what we do by focusing on creating a container.

In our day we can fill with the things that we can do such as taking swimming class or yoga session or photo editing by aligning our perfect week with our actual calendar we can improve our time blocking and calendar management leading to a more meaningful and productive work environment many people believe they have time management problem but they.

Have energy management problem time management like calendar blocking is like creating a container in our day but the energy comes from filling it with the things that we want to do next is the feel better productivity to make work feel more energizing it is better to incorporate the energizers into the work itself what I'm trying to say is.

How do I find a way to generate energy rather than draining my energy to create a more productive and fulfilling life you need to emphasize the importance of time management I got inspired by this book Feelgood productivity by Ali abdal where he mentioned generating positive emotions is the thing that generates energy in his book he talks about energy.

Management problems and how having low energy to complete a particular task will remain as a task on your calendar instead of completing it and how you can overcome that by focusing on creating containers and incorporating the energizers into your work you can create a more energizing and productive work environment next is the power of.

Prioritization time is not a Relentless adversary it's a strategic Ally waiting to be harnessed in the power of prioritization the art of identifying the most important task transforming the chaos into Clarity is the thing that is to be considered embrace the essence of effective time management and watch as your priorities become the Stepping.

Stones to success one of the most popular habits involves asking oneself what is the most important task to get done today by focusing on one task one can achieve significant changes in their life whether it's a work project or a personal life goal this habit can be adapted to suit individual needs and preferences even if the work is boring.

It can help create a sense of control and motivation level one of this habit involves asking oneself what is the main task followed by defining a few optional side quests by adopting this important task IND individuals can focus their time and energy on one important task at a time leading to improved productivity and better time management by.

Incorporating these habits into their daily routines individuals can create a more balanced and productive life for example the important task that I can do right now is to record this upcoming YouTube video and this is my focus but my side quest is my office work my health and my relationship my office work side quest is my blog post My.

Health Quest is doing yoga and meditation regularly and my relationship Quest is to spend quality time with my kids next point is super Focus instead of task switching well the Harvard Business Review study found that employees wased around 20 to 28% of their work day on distractions primarily due to task switching this means that.

Over a year we spend 3 months or a quarter or a Whole Decade or 10 years of Our Lives in interruptions focusing without interruptions is an absolute superpower that can save tons of time and be better at intentionally using our time and energy if you are a family man where you have kids and it's hard to focus I would suggest keeping a focus.

Hour early in the morning while the kids are still sleeping and when they go to school you may even change the environment instead of home or office you may go to a separate meeting room or sit in a cafe coffee day like how I do if you are in India or or Starbucks maybe just a place where you can focus on your stuff and avoid distractions to.

Focus on your work is to put your phone in silent mode or to enable user specific notifications or calls on your mobile device which allows you to focus and get your deep work done the next topic is rapid action Behavior the rapid action Behavior as suggested by Alex forz is intelligence is how quickly we can change our Behavior given new.

Information one habit that can save time is responding in quickly to new information and making changes in our lives however this can't go too far as most people spend too much time being stuck in their action taking ages to act on your information the funny thing is the same set of people are super quick to buy and sell shares in the stock.

Market by listening to rumors and thereby incur huge losses instead of being a value investor one example of this habit is reading books and listening to podcasts sometimes I will come across something interesting and start journaling which helps me stay focused and motivated well the bullet Journal method for example has inspired.

Many people to be more intentional with their time management it encourages people to act on information they learn such as podcasts or books immediately and not wait for it to be applied to their life this habit helps prevent the forgetting curve where knowledge is wasted over an exponential halflife dek experimenting new things when learning.

New habits it's important to treat them as exper experiments in one's life with the new experiments you need to constantly look for ways to be more productive and meaningful enjoyable and sustainable way it is about trying to find better ways to organize life manage time and generate more energy by doing experiments on ourself we can assess the.

Cognitive difference in time management and productivity as well as the feeling aspect experiment with different activities such as gym workouts hiking yoga classes or other practices by running experiments in your life you can be more intentional in how to use your time and ensure that it is Meaningful and enjoyable in conclusion.

Bullet Journal method offers a powerful tool for individuals to become more intentional with their time management by treating various activities as experiments individuals can learn from their experience and improve their overall productivity and wellbeing habit number seven is to calibrate your goals which involves regularly reflecting on.

One's goals directions and destination well IIT goals for the end of the year which are not fully tied to the goals but create a direction that can be moved in I review these goals every quarter and decide if the goals still align with their priorities revisiting the goals will ensure they are still aligned with their priorities I use notion templates.

To record my quarterly goals and remind myself of alignment with the priorities I also review and update my to-do once a month more like a Sprint planning or Sprint retrospect I schedule time on my calendar to work towards those outcomes focusing on top three things I would accomplish if the week ahead was great so basically what I'm trying to say is.

That it is important to align actions with priorities and to set goals to emphasize the importance of consistency in various aspects of life such as managing time setting goals and maintaining a positive mindset by adopting this measures individuals can become more intentional with their time and achieve their goals most effectively.

Habit number eight is the delegation habit this habit involves identifying the things that are unnecessary or could be delegated to someone else for example editing a single YouTube video that is about 10 minutes long would take around 10 hours as it involves selecting Clips identifying background music adding s effects adding animation adding caption.

Creating and adding voice over adding a and Boll Clips say for example if you're earning 1 lakh rupees in India per month and then you have 22 working days in a month and nine working days a day and your hourly rate would be around 500 rupees approximate so if you are spending 10 hours editing a particular video then you are wasting 5,000 rupees.

In editing each video unless you love editing videos which you could have used to create more content so there are many things that you can Delegate for less than the early rate so it's better to have a team or an assistant to delegate tasks to people so in your personal life consider what your time is worth in terms of an hourly rate and what task.

You hate doing another important aspect of Delegation is cleaning the house it will take about an hour to clean the house in my case and I and if I do it once in 2 days it would take 15 hours a month that would be approximately 15,000 rupees a month considering my early rate if you have some disposable income and reasonable middle to high paying job you.

Can probably afford to hire a cleaner who cleans the whole house for 2 hours every week or byy a gadget that will autoc clean at a scheduled time every day even if my place remains locked this saves you time and energy and allows you to focus on things you love and that will give you energy delegation can be a valuable non-renewable resource and if.

You have more money you can use it to save time through activities like delegation two recommended books for learning more about delegation in personal life and work are buy back your time by Dan martle and Revisited which is an excellent book by gobert next is the gossip which is a total waste of time complaining about others and.

Backstabbing and making fun of others will eventually be of no good use because it's more like boom rang because what goes around comes back instead of wasting time gossiping about someone or trying to bring down the image of your competitor Focus on updating your skills and completing your tasks there is nothing much that you can do if others.

Gossip about you and is completely out of your control what is under your control is something that you should focus on I understand it's a pain but when you try to CSS about someone no one really cares and it will only spoil your reputation over time it will in no way spoil the reputation of the person whom you gossip about and you are just.

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