9 Easy Habits to Put Cash in 2024


9 Easy Habits to Put Cash in 2024

Namaste Jagruk Janta! Who among us doesn't want… that of our parents… of our children… Of our husband or wife.. to meet all their needs. If the kids demand something from us. So we don't have to deny just because… there is no money in the house.

We all have our needs and desires For eg: A house, a car, certain vacations could be fulfilled. We all have a definite bank balance. So that any situation that occurs in the future. Whether it's education or marriage… Or If it's a loan or a illness. We would be able to fulfil all those obligations. I can term this as an 'Ideal Financial Situation'.

And If you want to arrive at this point. Then this video is for you! In today's video, we will talk about… 9 such Habits… Which will help to improve your bank balance. That too without killing your desires And in this video, I won't brag about anything. I won't tell you to quit your job and start a business. Or else start freelancing.

Learn programming, Improve your English communication. No! I will share with you.. 9 extremely easy, simple to follow habits. That every student, employee, business owner or housewife. Can follow and strengthen their financial condition. And it's not like you have to follow all these 9 habits. Even If you apply 1 or 2.

Then there will be changes in your life. So friends! I am your Jagruk RJ Rishabh. An entrepreneur, author and consultant And you are watching Labour Law Advisor. Y'all have been watching our channel since a long time. But, haven't subscribed yet. So, meanwhile, subscribe to it as well. [Intro Music] The sponsors of this video are 'Stable Money'.

On the stable money app, You can compare 200+ Fixed Deposits on the Stable money app… And along with RBI's 5 lakh Insurance, Bank FDs that give up to 9.21% return. Can be directly booked, that too in 5 minutes. Stable Money is only an aggregator. That means your money directly goes to the bank account. And once the tenure ends, it comes directly to your bank account. By booking your first FD with Stable money.

You will receive Rs 200 cashback. And there is an incredible referral program; which I will share with you later. The link to download the app is in the description below. Should I tell you about one real incident? My previous startup We hired an IIT Alumni. That too at a Senior position.

In fact, as a Co-founder ; He used to draw more salary than I did. But he used to live his life, as there is no tomorrow. The second month, he came on the 25th… demanded for an advance salary. We obliged to it. Now since he spent all the money in 25 days. Then how could he manage 35 days. He again approached next month.

And maybe around 20th. He demanded for an advance salary again. This happened for 1 – 2 months. Then we denied giving advance. Then, when he left the job. We got to know that he has… from several colleagues of the company, he had borrowed money on loan. He didn't even pay the bill of Rs 6000 of the tea seller.

It's not a bad thing to borrow money. Provided there is a valid reason behind that. Maybe you could be purchasing an asset. Or you might be borrowing for business expansion. You will have to take that. Apart from that any reason, Whether you want to buy a car or a bike, Or If you want to buy an electronic gadget like an iPhone. For that, you take loan only when…

When you have a guarantee of the future cash flow. Not only you have to pay the principal amount, you will have to pay interest as well. And it's so easy to take loans these days. People keep calling to sell you credit cards. Open your mobile and you will find a lot of apps; which provides you instant loans. And at several places, Interest free period is also provided. Do you know why?.

Because all these apps and credit cards are waiting… for that one moment. When you default and they take a hefty interest from you. Then Rule 9, If we leave out the smaller exceptions. Then the point to be noted is… 'No Credit'. Are you aware, In the past month,.

How much rice, how much detergent has been used? How much did the petrol cost; when you filled in your bike/ car? How much was Swiggy/ Zomato's previous months bill? Last time when you went to buy tomatoes What was the cost of tomato per kg? – You are providing tomato Rs 40/ per kg. – We can get poison for Rs 20/ kg. A housewife would be able to tell you certain things from this. But for most of us,.

To state any numbers; would be difficult. It would be impossible. Oftentimes, we trust our minds a lot than required. And in such cases, our mind; gives us biased reports. If I ask you that most of your expenses… or specifically.. Most of your non-essential expenses… happens in which head?.

Then your mind will tell you some or the other head. For eg: Either you eat a lot outside. You spend a lot in that. I used to consider something like this. But, for the first time when I started maintaining my monthly accounts. Then I got to know that my major non essential expense is Of Transportation. Which is Ola, Uber and flight tickets.

When, for once, in different heads.. You get to know about your expenses. Then it gets easier to find methods to save. But, for this… Don't trust your mind, but your pen. You only need to do one thing. That every night, before you sleep, within 2 minutes. All your expenses Write those down head wise.

And add those up in the end of the month. For this, either you prepare your own template. Write it in your diary. Or use an app. I am creating a simple template and providing you in the description. So Habit No 8 is 'Maintain your Accounts'. habit No. 7 Let's do a small calculation.

If you save Rs 80 per day. Then how much will you save every month? Rs 2,400. How much will you save every year? Almost Rs 30,000. Rs 29,200 to be precise Now you will say, why should I save Rs 80 per month. Because this is the cost of 5 Classic cigarettes. And the one's I know who smoke.

They smoke 5 – 6 cigarettes a day easily. Few smoke even more. The expenses incurred for our bad habits. We never notice that. Because they happen in very small amounts. Because, If you see them in a macro view; look from outside. Then this amount becomes big. Because, they say 'PItcher is filled drop by drop'. In the same way, the pitcher gets emptied drop by drop too.

And because of these bad habits. The economic loss is still quite small. The major loss happens to your body. To your heart and to your family. Even If we leave everything else. Then it purely creates a financial sense. To leave your bad habits. By leaving your bad habits… Rs 29,200.

Or any other amount that you save. Purely consider that… for your Savings and Investment. Because in the first place, that amount was never yours. For eg: If we check on Stable money app. Then we are getting Bank FD at 8.61% And at 9.21% for Senior citizens. If in this FD, you invest your Rs 29.200. That at the end of the tenure,.

This amount becomes Rs 34,500. Now this Rs 30,000 – Rs 35,000 is not a small amount. It could be more than our salary. But where did this disappear in the smoke? You wouldn't have realised. And more money than this.. You will incurr when a bad habit among these… Will make you suffer from illness.

So If any one of the habits from the video. Which you should definitely follow. That is to let go off your bad habits. 'Leave your Bad Habits'. Habit No 6 But before talking about this habit. I would like to ask you a few questions. Answer those questions yourself.

Any of your policy, Health insurance, Term insurance, Vehicle insurance. Has it lapsed anytime? Because, you forgot to pay the premium on time. Or If it has happened that any electronic device. That too in the warranty period. But, you are not able to find it's warranty card. Electricity bill, telephone bill, advance tax. You didn't pay any of this on time.

Penalty is levied. Or else didn't take employment records from your company. Like UN number. And then you had to run around. If any of your question is 'Yes'. Then like the video. And you can like this anyway. The scenarios that you stated. And you had to incurr loss.

It didn't happen because. Either to pay your Premium… Or there were no money to pay the bill. The simple reason was that you forgot. Now this habit's 100% credit I would like to give. To my father. Because, he keeps a systematic record keeping. Invoices, electricity bill, telephone bill, Insurance, warranty cards, etc.

Everything has a designated folder. And any paper that comes on it's desk. The file is in that designated folder. Every folder has dates written on them. That when will the next renewal happen. If you are tech savy Then for this, calendar app Or else you can use another app. But you must maintain your proper records.

Which records should you maintain? Insurance records, medical records, bank records, warranty card tax records, employment records. All the ID cards. And lastly your daily expenses bills. In fact, create a box. Wherein all your ID card, including Aadhar, PAN, passport, etc.

Keep all that in once place. By doing that you will not only save your penalty fee. But, the insurance that lapsed because of your mistake. When required, it will be useful to you. Then Habit No. 6, 'Keep proper records'. Before I tell you the 5th habit. For that I will clear some context. I have a cousin who is crazy about cars.

He wants to buy a really expensive car. When I asked the reason. He said, 'It looks very cool'. A lot of people watch it. I asked, 'What is the real reason?' He said, 'This is the reason'. Now it's not wrong to buy a car. You will real ise once you reach a stage in your life. We have a family and kids now.

We need a car now. Then we need to buy a car. But what are the criteria for purchasing the car? That is very important. Almost 1.5 years ago, when I bought my first car. Then I created a requirement list for it. And that cheapest car which used to fulfil all these 4 – 5 requirements. I bought that. Could I have bought an expensive car? Yes! I absolutely could.

But, I decided. That my stature. That won't be decided by my car. But my work. Big brands such Gucci, Balenciaga. Armani, Rolex. People purchase clothes and accessories. They hope that. By wearing it, my respect will increase in the society. People will notice us.

But, If you pay attention. Then the 1% rich people of the world. For eg: Mukesh Ambani, Ratan Tata, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Warren Buffet. Have you seen any of them wearing branded clothes? If you have money, then of course you will wear good clothes. You will buy those accessories or watch; which are functional for you.

But those 2000 quality shirts To buy them for Rs 50,000. Only because, Only because there is a particular brand logo attached to it. You didn't do it for the shirt. But you have given it for the logo. See, remember You create your own brand. Then Habit No 5 is.

'Don't buy Logos'. In 2010, the cost of 1 litre of petrol was Rs 33. And the same is Rs 110, today. 1 note of Rs 100. Which could purchase 3 litre petrol. You don't even get 1 litre petrol in that, today. In money's value, this depreciation is known as 'Inflation'.

The money kept in your locker or bank. It is not safe. The inflation keeps eating it slowly. Hence, it's really important. That not only should you save your money. But, you invest it too. And you invest there. Where they beat inflation. They give a small return to you.

It's a recent thing. One of my relatives retired. He received a significant amount of the gratuity. Once they received the amount. The bank employees came up to them. Please get a FD done. See the interest rate is 7.25% currently. I told them that 6 – 7% is the inflation. That means you won't be earning any return.

Agreed that you want to do safe FD. But get your FD in a small finance bank. You will get 8.5% – 9% interest. You divide it by 5L. 5L is RBI's Insurance. They understood, that interest is 1.5% – 2% more. Who will go to every bank and create a FD. I told him about Stable money app. And while staying home,.

In 3 Small Finance banks, he booked FD's worth 5L. In fact, through Stable Money app. In some banks, like Utkarsh Small Finance Bank. There is a special feature too. In which, If you create a FD. And you take a Premature withdrawal of that. Then there won't be any penalty levied. That means, your FD. You can use it as an Emergency Fund.

But you invest there… in those asset classes, which you understand clearly. Assume the return might be a little lesser. But you will be able to get a good night's sleep. It could be possible. That in the greed to get more returns. Your entire money could disappear. When we list the top 3 habits.

Before that, I would like to give you the answer to your argument. Which I know some people will write in their comments. Some of you people might say. What are we going to do by saving so much money? Is there an assurance in life? What will happen If we die tomorrow? If you have the money, why to save? Spend. Enjoy! So first thing.

All the habits I stated. And the one's I am about to state. In that, I am not telling you. That you don't enjoy your life. Enjoy your life. I only want to say one thing. All the money that you are spending. Ensure that. That it's optimum value.

You get it's optimum return. And the one's who are giving this argument. What will happen If we die tomorrow? What will happen to that money? We could die tomorrow. There is no assurance of life. But, If we look at the statistics. Then we will get to know that the average age in India. is approximately close to 70% And the way health tech is advancing.

It could be possible that in the coming years. This age could be higher. That means to die before this age. is a 'Black Swan Event'. Yes! We need to keep that in mind. But when we will plan this. Then not of this Black Swan event. But we will talk about the coming, 20, 30, 40 or 50 years. It's simple maths.

If you die tomorrow. Your probability to live is much more. Then this was Habit No 4. 'Don't just Save. But, Invest'. Habit No. 3 How much does 1 litre of bottled water cost? Answer would be Rs 20. A 5 litre can of the same company.

Worth Rs 50 to Rs 60. And of that company You would go and take a 20 litre can You will get that for Rs 80 – Rs 100. We all know this. If we get a bigger pack. Then savings would be more. But in most of the cases. You know what happens? If something gets over in the house,.

Let's say rice is over. Then you will receive a call, While coming back from office, get rice. You will get Rs 1 kg rice. And after 10 days, this situation will happen again. But, If you know that. At your place, 5 kg rice is been used. Then why don't you buy a Rs 5 kg bulk pack. It will be possible.

When you will maintain proper accounts and records. And you would know, that in your house. Every month, how much grocery and consumables is used? Of an average household, 40 – 60% part of the monthly expense goes into consumables. Like groceries, hygiene products, etc. If with planning All the groceries used in that month.

If we buy that in bulk at once. Then, in that, quiet easily. 10 – 20% could be saved. That means you could save 4 – 12% in your monthly expense. Not only will the MRP be higher of the bulk product. You can negotiate more with the shopkeeper. You can take few discounts. So Habit No 3 is 'Buy Smartly/ Buy in Bulk'.

Now I will talk about the most important habit of this list. There is a famouse quote. Most people work hard and spend their health… trying to achieve wealth. Then they retire and spend their wealth.. trying to get back their health. This means, in our younger days, oftentimes, You ignore your health and run after money. And when we get older.

And our health starts deteriorating. Then we spend that money, We try to get back to our health. But, we don't succeed in that. During our younger days, it's very easy to ignore your health. Now, I don't have time. I am fit. What will happen to me? Why should I splurge unnecessarily?.

All these arguments come to our mind. Gym takes loads of money. Yoga class takes Rs 1500 Why should I spend unnecessarily? But friends these expenses are not unnecessary. Small expenses create an important habit for you. That habit is to 'Take care of yourself, of your body'. Because, you can have 1000 problems; Until you have 1 health problem.

And then that health problem becomes your only problem. Assume you created a lot of wealth. But If your health is not supporting you, then how will you enjoy that money. Hence, Habit No 2 is 'Take care of your health'. So let's head towards Habit No. 1. If you haven't liked the video yet. Then, do it.

I am sharing the last habit. This habit could be strange for some people. But it is true. Retrieve some previous data. You might a lot of jobs have become obsolete. There is less requirement of workers in factories. Because, automation has arrived. Due to the use of machines in farming. Lesser people are used there.

Data entry operators, typists, All these programming languages have also become obsolete. And as AI becomes stronger. This graph will move higher even faster. But, it doesn't mean… That there will be no jobs in the market. There won't be any work. Because new kind of jobs, new kind of work; are developing.

Hence, it is very important to keep learning. Because, as you keep learning. With that, a very important trait is developed. That is 'Adaptability'. Adaptability means, Mostly to learn, you don't even have to pay money. In fact, you have watched this entire video, you are worthy of congratulations.

You have learnt something new. And in this platform, If you move ahead from short, funny videos. Then you will get to learn a lot. So, Habit No 1 is 'Never Stop Learning' Apart from these 9 habits, do you have a habit; which has helped you improve your bank balance. Definitely share that in the comments below. How did you like the video. Tell us in the comments.

And definitely share this video with that person, Who could benefit from watching this video. Before leaving, the Stable Money app link… you will find In the pinned comment and description below. And there is an incredible refrerral progranm of Stable money app. On which, on every successful referral. You will get Rs 300. And on your 2nd successful referral. For a limited time,.

An exciting gift hamper will also be delivered. I will meet you in the next video of Labour Law Advisor. Until then, Jai Hind! So my father's organisation structure is something like this. He has a proper folder of everything. This is the passbook box, where all the different pass books are present. Of every person in the house. After that, there is a similar folder for cheque book.

You can see from the top Whose cheque book is in which folder. From invoices to bills, there are different folders for everthing. Like this Insurance file. Every person has a different Insurance file. It's due date is also written on top of the file. This is the electricity bill file. We have solar at our place. Then every month input output reading.

How much is the bill. He maintains that too. And bills are on the right side. This is the box, where everyone's ID card are present. And inside this box, there are different boxes. Every person has a different box. PAN, Aadhar and all the other documents are present in one. This is the file of warranty cards; wherein old and new all the warranty cards. Are all filed properly, date-wise.

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