8 Puny Habits That Will Alternate Your Life = Two-Minute Rule Guid!


8 Puny Habits That Will Alternate Your Life = Two-Minute Rule Guid!

Forget years of slow burn self-improvement thisvideo unlocks an epic hack the two-minute rule imagine chopping down any goal into bite-sizedtasks some so tiny they take less than to minutes ready to supercharge your well-being withmicro bursts of growth buckle up because in Just 2 minutes after this video you'll dosomething awesome for yourself let's make progress one tiny step at a time feeling stuckin the self-improvement slow lane time to hit the Nitro boost this video unveils the two-minuterule a secret weapon for turning Big Dreams into bite-sized actions that's right some progressmakers take less than to minutes so ditch the marathon mindset and grab to minutes after thisvideo to do something epic for your well-being we're talking micro victories Mega resultsLife's too short for Endless self-improvement.

To do lists this video shows you how to takea two-minute leap towards your goals Any Dream can be broken down into tiny tasks even onesthat fit into minutes flat ready to Kickstart your well-being give yourself 2 minutes afterthis video to complete just one action that fuels your growth let's make every minute countstep one drinking more water is part of a videon underestimate the power of H2O grab a big glassand fill it up that's your hydration MVP keep it by your side and watch those eight glassesdisappear why bother your body thanks you for it boosting energy focus and even your skin it'sa tiny tweak with a big impact cheers to feeling awesome forget fancy self-improvement ritualschugging water is where it's at yes a simple glass of water is your secret weapon we all knowwe should drink more but let's be honest eight.

Glasses can feel like climbing Everest here's thetrick a giant glass always full your brain sees the abundance and thinks water Party Time bonuspoints for fewer bathroom breaks later trust me your energy levels will thank you for this MiniMission dehydration is a productivity killer your body needs water to function at its best andforgetting eight glasses is easier than you think introducing the availability bias hack keep alarge full glass by your desk your brain sees this abundant H2O and Whispers drink me it's asneaky way to Boost energy focus and even your skin science says cheers step two eat Whole Foodsditch the mystery meals and fuel your body with pronounceable powerhouses we're talking fruitsveggies eggs and nuts the crew of clarity and energy less ingredients more goodness trade thosechemical concoctions for Whole Food Superstars.

And watch your body say thank you with a pep inyour step and a glow in your skin ingredients you can't pronounce are probably best pronouncedgoodbye Whole Foods with their short and sweet ingredient lists are the superheroes of Healthswap processed imposters for fruits veggies eggs and nuts Nature's power packs fewer chemicalsmore energy better focus happier you it's a tiny tweak with a massive reward level up your lunchditch the process junk and grab some vibrant Whole Foods think fruits veggies eggs and nutsyour body's BFFs can't pronounce an ingredient give it the boot it's that simple small changesbig results let's eat our way to awesome step three daily gratitude okay I know I preach aboutgratitude a lot but it's like Kryptonite to stress a grateful heart shines light on even the darkestdays helps you bounce back and fuels your Forward.

Motion it's science baby and trust me building agratitude habit like a bedtime Journal is easier than you think soon you'll have a notebookoverflowing with joy and a mindset primed for Success peas check out my videos on the Law ofAttraction and the reticular activating system for even more mind blowing gratitude knowledgeever feel like life stuck in rewind here's the secret weapon gratitude it's like sunshine foryour soul melting away stress and showing you there's always something to smile about evenwhen things get bumpy plus guess what grateful people you heard that right you are more likelyto crush their goals so how do you tap into this power easy grab a notebook and scribble downsome daily thank yous before hitting the hay watch those tiny Joys it up filling your heartand fueling your journey want to dive deeper.

Remember that law of attraction and reticularactivating system stuff yeah they're totally in on the Gratitude party science says gratitudeequals super powers research proves grateful minds are happier healthier and even more successfulwhy this attitude acts like a stress busting Shield keeping you buoyant even when life throwscurveballs ready to unlock your grateful Warrior start small a simple daily gratitude Journalby your bedside can work wonders as you fill those pages you'll tap into into the incrediblepower of positivity and watch your goals come into Focus curious about the science behind it myvideos on the Law of Attraction and the reticular activating system will blow your mind step fourpick up a book ditch the screen scroll and dive into a book your brain's ultimate gym even5 minutes with a good read unlock new worlds.

From killer vocabulary to mind-blowing knowledgee-readers and Kindles are your portable portals to wisdom perfect for traveling chilling on thecouch or hey even the bathroom break short on time don't sweat it grab some reading wrecks fromfriends or queue up some iBooks trust me having books Within Reach Sparks the reading bug likemagic I do the same thing with waterers surround myself with them and suddenly learning becomesirresistible speaking of I'm currently buried in personality textbooks for a future serieshint hint would you guys be down for that drop a comment below supercharge your mind with thepower of the printed word heard reading even for a few minutes expands your vocabulary fuels yourimagination and opens doors to knowledge e-readers and Kindles are your pocket libraries readyto accompany you anywhere no time for a novel.

Grab some quick recommendations or choose a bookstheir instant availability fuels the reading spark remember that availability bias trick fill yourspace with books and watch your desire to dive and grow it's like a mental magnet ready to unlockyour inner book worm Let's Do It Books guys books they're brain candy for grown-ups 5 minutes witha good page is all it takes to learn something new even if it's just a fancy word Kindles anda books are your knowledge travel buddies always there for a wisdom fix short on time no worriesget wrecks from friends or ceue up some books seeing them waiting just makes you want to readmore I surround myself with books just like I keep a full glass of water nearby it's all aboutaccessibility baby speaking of any interest in a personality psychology series on this channel hitthat comment button step five listen to a TED Talk.

Feeling the inspiration slump ditch the Netflixbinge and plug into a TED Talk power surge these bite-sized wisdom bombs cover everything fromhappiness hacks to the secrets of the universe got a specific subject in mind psychology urbanplanning even beekeeping seriously Ted's got your back I'm currently on a personality psychologybinge myself learning from the best Minds In The Biz feeling adventurous hop on YouTube and exploredifferent worlds with Ted guaranteed mindblowing craving knowledge supercharge your learning withTed Talks this online library overflows with inspiring speakers ready to teach you anythingfrom astrophysics to making the perfect sourdough stuck for ideas start with Ted then dive Deeperby topic psychology buff you'll find a mountain of lectures open into new adventures Ted's youroyster Trust Me 2 minutes invested in a TED Talk.

Can unlock hours of learning and inspiration goforth and explore my latest addiction TED Talks they're like knowledge candy bars short sweet andbursting with brain power got a specific interest psychology sure but don't limit yourself Tedcovers everything from happiness to the future of cities I'm on a personality psychology Rampageright now but the possibilities are endless and here's a secret some universities even upload fulllecture Series so ditch the passive scrolling and plug into the power of Ted your mind will thankyou step six forgive someone we've all been hurt we've all messed up but holding on to grudgesis like carrying a backpack full of negativity forgive them not for them but for you ditch thestress anger and bad vibes you've been clinging to Letting Go doesn't excuse their actions itsets you free ready to breathe easier forgive.

Someone today even if they haven't apologizedit's a small step with a massive impact on your peace of mind forgiveness the ultimate stressBuster you didn't know you needed holding on to negativity only hurts you science backs itforgiveness reduces stress boosts immunity and strengthens relationships ready to reclaim yourpower forgive someone it's not about them it's about releasing the emotional chains that bindyou it's not easy but trust me the Freedom's worth it Grudge is the silent chains weighing youdown time to break free forgive them not for them but for your vacation from stress Ville breathedeep let go and watch your inner peace soar you deserve it step seven join a group of supportiveindividuals flying solo on your journey to Greatness ditch the Lone Wolf act and find yourpack online communities like Meetup and Facebook.

Groups are bustling with cheering teammates forevery dream craving riter buddies in Philly or real estate gurus in Austin these groups haveyour back bonus expert Le groups with courses and resources sometimes free are common so swapthe solo climb for a team hike and watch your progress Skyrocket dreams feel like Everest whenyou're climbing solo grab a Shera or better yet a whole supportive Village nup and Facebook groupsoffer a wealth of like-minded individuals ready to share encouragement resources and motivation thinkwriters in Philly or real estate Moguls in Austin your tribe awaits often led by field experts thesegroups provide courses resources and even real world events it's time to supercharge your growthwith the power of community join a group level up your journey and see how much faster you conquerthose goals loneliness is the enemy of growth find.

Your tribe Meetup and Facebook groups are Havensfor supportive communities and events writers in Philly real estate in Austin your people arewaiting bonus expert leg groups with resources are common sometimes even free ditch the solostruggle join the crew and watch your potential Blossom remember even Everest is easier with acheering crowd now go forth and find your pack step eight congratulate yourself and keep goinghi five times you've made progress my friend and it's time to celebrate did you chug water like achamp read a mindblowing book or forgive someone even if they didn't deserve it pat yourself onthe back treat yourself to that extra scoop of ice cream guilt-free and remember this is justthe beginning keep those small winds rolling one awesome step at a time growth isn't a Sprint it'sa joyful Marathon so stop and smell the roses or.

Sip some celebratory water take a moment toreflect on your journey so far how did you crush that tip today how did it contribute to youroverall well-being now fuel your motivation with positive reinforcement treat yourself schedulethose actions again for tomorrow tomorrow and remember that consistency is the secret sauceto success you've got this progress deserves Applause even the silent kind within take a mentalVictory lap for those small wins today celebrate how you've nurtured your well-being then plan torepeat the goodness tomorrow remember even Tiny Steps consistently taken lead to Giant leaps ofgrowth you're an inspiration keep shining thank you guys so much for watching taking the time tolearn from me and I hope you enjoyed this video.

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