8 Non-Toxic MICRO Habits To Transform A Wholesome Lady | Day after day Habits Which Changed My Life


8 Non-Toxic MICRO Habits To Transform A Wholesome Lady | Day after day Habits Which Changed My Life

What is a healthy girl and why do we all want to be one now healthy girl has become this trend I think the trend originally came from Tik Tok but in my view becoming a healthy girl means becoming a healthy woman both physically and mentally capable and able to make their own decisions has enough self-awareness to say yes and no takes.

Care of their physical health by doing movement every single day no matter what that movement is and is feeling pretty good mentally obviously we have down days we have up days but mainly you're feeling good and you're feeling happy where you are at in life that is a healthy woman and in this video I'm going to be talking about eight healthy.

Girl micro habits that you can Implement right now to become your future self in this channel we're all about becoming that future higher version of ourselves whoever that is but right now we are our current self we had our past self and we're aiming towards that that future self whilst loving who we are in the moment but being able to push ourselves.

To become her micro habit number one sticking to your word if you are a woman of your word you are not only developing trust with people around you but you are developing trust with yourself the most important trust you can have of your life and if you break this trust you are breaking down your confidence you are breaking down your promises to yourself.

Sticking to your word is the ultimate habit of a healthy girl a healthy woman who is stepping into her power who is living her dream life when you say I'm going to go to the gym today and then you don't that automatically gives yourself a free pass to skip the gym the next day because you skipped it today it gives you a free pass to tell somebody.

That you're going to do something but then ah I might not do it actually I might tell myself I'm going to read 10 pages today but you know I told myself I was going to go to the gym yesterday and I didn't so I don't need to no more of that we want to make sure we are sticking to the promises that we give to ourselves we are sticking to our word.

Whatever we tell other people whatever we tell ourselves we are sticking to because that is a healthy Confident Woman and we're all about building that self-confidence that confidence in ourselves that we can trust ourselves and know that when we say we're going to complete something we are going to do that because we don't let ourselves.

Down water okay yes it's a basic and we all need to drink water and I'm not about to go into ice baths and morning routines but water is essential I don't care whether you wake up early you wake up late you have a nap in the middle of the day water is essential for everybody make sure you are staying hydrated and drinking throughout the day all of the.

Time it's good for your skin it's good for your digestion it's good to wash any bad out there is no negatives to drinking water this is what a healthy girl does this is the bar guys this is the bar make sure you have a drink of water beside your bedside so when you wake up you can gulp it when you go to bed you can gulp it no coffee before.

Water this has changed my life drastically and I think my digestion is so much better for this especially might sound gross but I love it hot water or warm water first thing in the morning like a big glass of warm water I usually boil the kettle and then put it with some you know normal temp room temperature water from the top M.

It's so good or you can make your own electrolytes you can add Himalayan salt and lemon juice with water in the morning and that just helps to hydrate you as you haven't been drinking for around 8 hours so hydration hydration hydration consistent meals eating consistent meals will change the game for your health because you will no.

Longer feel like you need to snack snack and if you can eat consistent Savory meals you will recognize that your body will thank you so much your body will feel safe your body will feel taken care of and as a woman this is really really important and a tough lesson that I had to learn around 6 months ago when I actually lost my period And I was.

Thinking what the hell is going on but actually I wasn't eating consistently my body wasn't feeling safe therefore I lost my period so I had to bring it back two consistent meals three meals a day consistent and this helped within 2 weeks everything was back to normal after almost a year of having irregular and.

Then completely No period at all eat your meals Honeys don't worry oh but I'm going to gain weight if I eat this much I'm going to do this I'm not going to look good if I eat this much blah blah blah I think that's all a myth from diet culture consistent meals are what will make your body and you feel whole and safe and satiated that is the goal we we.

Have been told to eat as little as possible so instead of eating meal only have a snack and then what happens you end up binging it's this tough cycle eat your three meals now I'm not a dietitian but I think this will help if you do have questions about that by the way you can leave the comments below and I will try my best to help because I have known.

Other women who have also lost their menstrual cycle lost their period and been through this so if I can help then I would definitely will daily visualization visualize where you want to be so clear so that you can feel the feeling of actually being there doing this daily has been a game Cher for me writing down three to five visions that.

You have this can be in six months time in one year's time I usually don't like to go too far into the future you can even just visualize the day and the week what is going to happen what are you going to get done if there's a big task on your to-do list visualize yourself doing that task feeling so good about it completing the task feeling even better.

About it visualize everything and I promise you this will change the game this will change your productivity levels visualize your day visualize your week visualize where you want to be in 6 months time I think this is a great go-to so the day what task you want to get done today the week what big task.

You need to get done this week 6 months time where do you want to be do you want to be living your life in barley do you want to have a new job do you want to have a partner visualize it baby in detail and get excited about it this always makes me so excited when you can really tap into the feeling like that feeling you can feel it in your body.

This is where the magic happens love your past present and future self a healthy girl holds no grudges if you let yourself down in the past acknowledge that understand that you don't want to do that again and move forward we need these changes to come from a place of love and not hate because when we start wanting to make changes from a place of.

Ha hate when we feel stressed when we feel struggle a clinical psychologist called shaa Shapiro actually expands on the fact that when you judge yourself the areas of your brain that create change actually switch off so they actually zone out making you not able to create that positive change so it's important that whenever we want to.

Create change especially physically with our bodies that it's coming from a place of I love you as you are but let's change let's become even better let's become even healthier and this is totally possible I feel like as women we've been told to yeah operate from a place of stress of struggle of I want to change I hate my body when in fact this.

Doesn't work and it can be so much more enjoyable when we enjoy the process and love ourselves when we are creating that change movement especially if you are a young woman I am not joking here but I've seen this time and time again when you get to your late teens or your early 20s your body is Shifting your body is changing apparently when you get to your.

Mid 20s as well a lot of women go through like a second kind of puberty where they their hips expand and your body changes again it is so crucial to keep your body moving and active during your entire life I know so many girls who they leave high school and their body adjusts their body changes they are not moving they are sitting down a lot.

They are not prioritizing their health they're not eating consistent meals they're eating fast food and what happens everything gets chubby now I don't want you to feel hard on yourself and feel negative towards your body as I just said then change it's very hard to make that positive change but if you have found that your body has adjusted.

And you're not totally loving it then move keep your body moving every single day walk walk after your meals go for a walk in the morning it doesn't have to be strenuous gym exercises for hours on end but just moving your body is the bare minimum get out of your comfort zone every single day if possible this can be in small ways or in big ways but.

If you can push yourself to maybe go to an event meet a new person meet up with a new friend move away from home anything to get you growing and out of your comfort zone is a great way to develop more self-awareness to get to know yourself even more and if we want to embody this healthy girl energy this healthy girl persona it's.

All about self-awareness and getting to know who you really are what you really like what you say no to what you say yes to what maybe you should be saying no to where you like to spend your time all of these little things you might not fully know about yourself if you push yourself out of your comfort zone you will get to know these things far far quicker again.

If you're a young woman and you don't know yourself so much this is the easiest way to do that quickly this one isn't really a habit but it is embodying your future self now how does she move how does she act what kind of Lifestyle does she live really getting to know who that woman is and I know you might not have that big house.

That maybe you're envisioning or that beautiful car that that amazing partner that you want but you can still feel those feelings as if you have them that's a little bit about the law of attraction and man estation right but there is science behind this it's not totally Wu it's not totally spiritual but if you can really embody the feeling.

Of having those things right now then I know that those things will come even quicker and not only will those things come quicker but you will also enjoy your life right now because our future self right and that healthy Persona that we want she enjoys her life she loves her life and even the task that she doesn't really love she still Embraces.

Those and is grateful that she gets to do them so remembering that and embodying that attitude into your daily life if you enjoyed this video like And subscribe check out the community section of this channel that is where we can chat and I share more of Life Behind the Scenes let me just share a nice quote that I heard recently from Happy.

Sexy millionaire which is Steven bartlet's book which I really really enjoyed listening to there is no self-development without selfawareness and as I mentioned a lot throughout this video we're developing self-awareness because without that awareness we can't fully develop now my loves I'll see you in the next video have a beautiful day.

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