8 ADHD Cleaning Solutions that Form It Actually That you just are going to be in a pickle to deem


8 ADHD Cleaning Solutions that Form It Actually That you just are going to be in a pickle to deem

Hey everyone welcome or welcome back if you're newhere my name's Nena I help people declutter their minds and their homes using practical applicationsof psychology and today we're talking all about why cleaning can be so hard for those of uswith ADHD and eight strategies that can make it a lot easier now cleaning is something thatcan even be challenging for neurotypical people let alone people with ADHD and as much as welove and appreciate our ADHD brains because they you have some amazing superpowers they alsounfortunately tend to come with the downside of making us a lot more prone to being forgetfuldisorganized and messy and even though most of us would absolutely love to live in a cleanspace we can also feel completely Paralyzed by just the thought of the process because ourbrains despise anything that we perceive to.

Be boring monotonous repetitive or non-creativeand I think we can all agree that cleaning seems to embody a lot lot of these characteristics so Iwant to quickly talk about some of these specific challenges that we can face and then offer eighttips and strategies that I have found to be the best ADHD friendly solutions for overcomingthese challenges that have helped me and many of my clients finally be able to live in a cleanand organized home now as I'm sure you already know one of our biggest issues here is that wedo struggle with executive dysfunction which can interfere with cleaning in a multitude of wayssuch as planning and prioritizing task initiation and follow through and organization and timemanagement we also tend to waste a lot of time because we have the tendency of hyperfocusing onspecific and often non-essential details that can.

Get us stuck in one area and lead us to neglector even forget about much more important tasks and because we are so easily distracted almostanything can pull away our attention and we can completely get derailed on our progress and ontop of all this many of us also struggle with frustration and overwhelm because our difficultywith cleaning and maintaining order can lead to a lot more negative emotions Than neurotypicalPeople experience when performing these tasks which can further demotivate us and make thetask itself seem even more challenging and miserable so these are some of the things that weare up against and this is not even an exhaustive list so if you are struggling here I hope thisoffers some valid found ation as to why and the good news is that I have found that there reallyare several solutions to successfully work around.

These obstacles so let's go ahead and talk aboutthem now the first thing that we need to do is to start by identifying priorities so we wantto walk through our entire home and take an inventory of everything that needs to get doneand we want to make sure that we notice anything that is unsafe or unsanitary because those thingsare going to need to come first so so for example if we see a bunch of dirty dishes or we see abunch of piles of clutter on the floor that are interfering with the flow of the home these arethe types of tasks that are going to be those top priorities so we want to list out everything withthe most important things first down to the least important and we want to make sure that everythingthat we are writing down has to do with function the actual function of our home and this is soimportant because it is so easy for us to get Sid.

By small details and Aesthetics and remember wecan get to all of these things eventually but we want to get into the habit of doing the essentialthings first now the second thing we can do is to use this list to make a specific plan ahead oftime and commit to sticking to it remember here that any big tasks are going to need to be brokendown into smaller manageable steps or we're going to get completely overwhelmed and paralyzed butwe do need a concrete plan and we never ever want to start cleaning without knowing exactly whatwe want or need to accomplish that day because otherwise we're going to waste the entire timetrying to figure that out now my third tip is to keep the to-do list for any given day short andsweet we're fighting with our attention here so we want to be realistic about what we can accomplishin one sitting and it's better to exceed our.

Expectations than to be disappointed that wecouldn't get to everything that we wanted to we also have to remember that if we start to getoverwhelmed that we can take breaks but we also do have to be aware that a lot of times when we takebreaks if we actually sit down we're going to find it very difficult if not impossible to get backon task again which brings me to my next Point get yourself moving before you start you are notgoing to be able to get yourself to clean if you think that you're going to be able to just pullyourself out of bed and immediately get to work or if you're on the couch in your PJ scrolling onsocial media and you expect yourself to just kind of spring into action it is not going to happenwe have to borrow momentum from something else and my trick has been recently to do a little bitof yoga or to go for a short run or a walk outside.

Because I know I'm going to come back with a lotof energy and I can usually just clean and blast through a lot of things very very quickly it'sactually one of the most helpful habits that I have ever adopted now my next tip is to alwaysstart with something easy for me that means always starting by removing any obvious trashin a room as the first thing that I always do it's something that's mindless it's something thatdoesn't require me to make any kind of difficult decisions and it gets me motivated because there'sthis huge visual impact I can see my progress and I want to keep going because it is the worstfeeling when we spend hours and hours and hours on something and then at the end no one knows whatwe even did our effort isn't even that obvious we did make progress but it's not that visible andthat's something that can demotivate us so we do.

Want to give ourselves those easy wins those fewthings that have that visual impact that can give us a sense of accomplishment that will allow us topush through those harder tasks now the next tip is to adopt the motto done is better than perfectwe need to start to strive for things to be good enough instead of always wasting endless hoursin One Singular area trying to get it to look exactly the way we envision so we have to giveourselves realistic and fair amounts of time to complete each task that we determine ahead of timeand then move on when that time is up now if we need an extra 5 or 10 minutes that's fine but ifwe start to want another 30 or 40 minutes we need to put an end to it because if we keep going inthis direction time blindness and perfectionism are going to to keep us from ever completing thattask so use a timer and be really really firm with.

Yourself now something else that we need to do isto remove visual distractions so put your phone down while you are cleaning and do not turn onthe television now realistically we do have to make it fun or our ADHD brain is not going towant any part of it but we are much better off listening to a podcast or our favorite music orjust the audio of a YouTube clip because it's way too easy for us to get sucked into watchingsomething or want to respond to Notifications which can completely pull us off task and the lasttip is to start to develop a routine as much as we're inclined to resist them having routinescan work almost like an external brain for us because they can take over some of the executivefunctions that we really do struggle with and by having a set schedule for specific tasks we don'thave to waste our precious mental energy trying to.

Figure out what to do and when and routines ingeneral really are excellent coping mechanisms for managing our ADHD symptoms overall so theseare the things that I have found to be the most effective but I would love to hear in the commentsif there are other strategies that you have found to be effective that you would like to shareso please let me know down below as always I truly hope you found today's video to be helpfuland validating if you did please like it share it and definitely become a subscriber if youaren't one already ADHD support is something that I talk about all the time not only because Ihave ADHD but also because I am fascinated by the topic it was the focus of my Master's thesis andit's something that I feel we should be talking about a lot more I want to thank you so much forwatching today and I hope the rest of your day is.


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