7 Wholesome HABITS that CHANGED my LIFE


7 Wholesome HABITS that CHANGED my LIFE

Foreign for sponsoring today's video in this video I share seven healthy habits that have really changed my life for the better some are more on the physical side and some are more mental or abstract I share what mine are but will also add.

In some tips for you along the way the first healthy habit that changed my life is one that I shared about before walking I've been walking for many years at this point back when I had a corporate job quite far away from my home I took morning walks in the woods on the.

Weekends when I moved to the city and I had a corporate job which was also in the city I would walk as my commute back and forth it was basically free daily exercise and perfect when the pandemic struck and we were all cooped up at home I started taking my.

Daily morning walks an hour around the nearby Canal kept me sane and fit when I was diagnosed with cancer I kept up the hour-long walks throughout all the treatments I honestly think that my walks were a huge part of me feeling as well as I did back then.

How you react to treatments is very individual though so if you had it but were unable to get out of bed at all I hear you now two years later and after I moved to a different area in the city I don't walk as consistently in the mornings but I do still walk daily as my main means of transportation looking at the health.

App on my phone I averaged 12 to 14 000 steps a day these past couple of months so keeping active by walking has been huge for my well-being if you're not walking much but want to start start small and try hopping off the bus a couple of stops before your regular one or skip the car for shorter errands if you're walking already make your.

Walks more interesting by choosing a different route occasionally and discover new places another healthy habit I have is to remind myself to not put too much on my plate as a self-employed person it's easy to jump at every opportunity that arises to make more money because you never know.

If things will be slower later it's also easy to feel that you need to be present everywhere on social media when I made the decision to publish a video every two weeks instead of more often I gave myself the biggest gift I turned down a lot of potential sponsors because I have limited spots available and I only work with brands.

That I truly love and when I made the decision to only use a couple of social media platforms and quite casually it was such a relief because trying to be everywhere all the time is just too stressful I now have a schedule with a workplace that keeps creating content fun and that's very important in my book.

If you have too much on your plate learn to say no either to yourself to your co-worker or to your employer it's okay to decline additional responsibilities when your plate is already full regardless of what line of work you're in saying no really helps you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

working out I'm a naturally strong person but after having had some of that major surgery two years ago I lost some ability in my upper body but also some of that strength and that brings me to the sponsor of this video co-pilot.

Co-pilot is the best way to reach your fitness goals it's so easy to get started by simply filling out a questionnaire where you let co-pilot know your goals limitations schedule Etc you then have an onboarding call with your coach who creates a personalized workout program for you I started working out with a personal.

Co-pilot trainer back in April in the hopes to find a fitness routine that would work despite the physical limitations that I have I have tried to work out at home before but without guidance I kept injuring myself since I'm one of those people that jumps right in and overdoes it after each session I've submitted my.

Workout and my coach Chris has suggested any exercises that don't work for me for example I can't do ones that put too much strain on my wrist and Chris has then switched to ones that work the same muscles but in a different way that my body can handle I work out with weights twice a week and have an additional Mobility session once.

A week it's super flexible and working out at the gym is also an option but I love that on my workout days I can just hop on my mat at any time and all it takes is about half an hour on my way training days and 15 minutes on my Mobility day since I started I pretty much haven't missed the beat and have been able to be.

Super consistent with my workouts actually over 75 percent of co-pilot clients continue to work out after 100 days which means co-pilot clients are nine times more successful at sticking to their goals co-pilot has really improved the quality of my life since I started my workouts and I feel so much fitter and stronger.

Click my co-pilot link go.micopilot.com Benita Larson or scan the QR code to get a 14 day free trial with your own personal trainer I understand that the next thing I will mention is impossible for everyone but quitting my day job and working from home has probably one of the healthiest things I've done for myself.

Not just because it means that I only have one job I used to pretty much have two full-time jobs for many years blogging maintaining this channel Etc but also working from home and being my own boss has done wonders for my digestive system I have IBS irritable bowel syndrome I'm working in a corporate environment was.

Not great I always had problems feeling bloated and uncomfortable and the only remedy would be to not eat before going to work or during my work day I don't mind intermittent fasting at all and still practice it from time to time but that feeling of some constant discomfort is not something I want for.

Anyone working from home has come my digestive system down to a level I never expected and I'm so happy about that if you dream about quitting your day job and start something on your own or for whatever reason a good start is to save up you'll need to cover expenses during the transition so it's not too stressful.

In the beginning perhaps if you can go part-time to start with so it's not as intense moving last November I moved within the city to an area that's closer both to my son Villa and his girlfriend Victoria but also my best friends and Sana and Sebastian I really enjoyed moving back.

From the suburbs into the city almost five years ago but because I needed a patio that could be enclosed for my cats I didn't have a ton of options I ended up in an area on the other side of the city from everyone I loved exploring my new neighborhood Southern Mountain for the four years that I lived there and during the.

Pandemic it was a great department and location one of my favorite areas in the city has always been vasastando where I used to live so when the time was right I decided to take the plunge and move it's not technically a habit but it deserves to be on the list where I share things that have been beneficial for me.

It's been 11 months now and I'm so happy here I meet up with my friends all the time sometimes we make plans but most of the time we just decide spur of the moment to run some errands together or have an impromptu physical or a glass of wine it's so nice to just meet up and see each other casually.

Villa Victoria live only a couple of minutes away which is also so free and easy Villa doesn't need to pack to stay over he can just go between their place and mine when he looks after bonus and I can just drop things off or see them quickly.

Moving closer to friends and family has been rewarding on so many levels moving is a big undertaking so prior to moving research your new neighborhood if it's unfamiliar to you and make sure it aligns with your lifestyle and what you really want from the move is it walkable is there a library nearby Etc.

Oh and if you're considering a big move make it smaller by start decluttering now and on that note if you're a long time follower since my blogging days you know how much I've paired down my belongings these past 10 plus years I was always a bit of a minimalist but.

After I split up with my ex-husband 13 years ago I was really able to downsize not just because he took all his things but also because I could finally see what amount of stuff belonged to me and make my own decisions about what to keep and what to not there are only so many items of clothing.

That actually get worn I can only wear one pair of shoes at a time over the years I realized that I need less and less.

When I want a glass of wine I only need one bottle opener I don't need a kettle because I have a pot etc etc starting to pair down and continuing to be minimal has been such a mentally.

Healthy thing for me at the point where it's now a habit thank you there's no more retail regrets or buyers remorse I get what I need when I need it I don't ever feel like I deprive myself sometimes I'm tempted to get something.

But then I sleep on it I realize I don't really need or even want it anymore try carrying something you like around in the shop for a while but when you get to the cash register put it back and don't buy it if you still wanted the day.

After you can return to get it but most likely it doesn't feel as shiny and bright anymore and you can just skip it foreign I've had sleep issues for the past couple of years and while I do have an app that works when I wake up at night the best thing has been to not have to.

Set an alarm to get up I'm very much a morning person but when I've had a rough night I love knowing that I don't have to get up at a certain time it usually it just means I sleep in for an additional 30 minutes but the fact that there's no buzzer aside from Bonus is a much better start to my day.

Foreign thank you I understand that not everyone has the option to skip the alarm if you can't try to establish a bedtime.

Routine instead create a calming routine to signal to your body that it's time to wind down I could be reading a book taking a warm bath or practicing some relaxation exercises telling your body and mind that it's time to rest foreign.

I hope you found some things that resonate with you and that inspire you to adapt some additional healthy habits to the ones you practice already don't forget to click my co-pilot link or scan the QR code to get a 14 day free trial with your own personal trainer thanks so much for watching I'll see you.

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