5AM MORNING ROUTINE (2023) | wholesome habits & productive launch up of the day


5AM MORNING ROUTINE (2023) | wholesome habits & productive launch up of the day

These months I have been working behind the scenes in aproject that I'm really excited to finally sharewith you all My Farm to Table Cookbook πŸ™‚ many ofyou know that I spent a lot of time in the kitchen because as a doctor I learned the importance thatfood plays in our overall health and well-being food can be our medicine it nourishesnot only our bodies but our souls and I wanted my cookbook to be a representation of that beautifully created dishes made with nutritiveand nourishing vegetables, fruits and whole foods with a collection of over 40 recipes, I dividedit in three categories: drinks, baked goods andwhole meals since I'm allergic to gluten andintolerant to dairy, all my recipes are naturallygluten-free and dairy-free written for a flexitariandiet because some recipes include eggs or organic.

Free-range meat most of the recipes areadapted for a vegan or vegetarian diet it is a printable recipe cookbook that you willdownload and have it with you always on hand either in your phone, tablet or computer to usewhenever you want so you always have all therecipes and ingredients list available withyou when you travel or go to do groceries and all of this has been possible thanks toSquarespace which allowed me to launch my first website an online store back in 2014 andhas allowed me to launch my second one as well Squarespace is an amazing platform for buildingyour brand and growing your business online they help you to stand out with a beautifulwebsite which I easily created in less thana week with their fluid engine you can easilycustomize your website with the new drag and drop.

Technology from your desktop or mobile, theirservice offers many different features such as selling physical & digital Goods, bloggingTools, mailing lists, member areas or the ability to link any social media platform to your webpage so you can share your beautiful creations with the rest of the world, if you're interestedin effortlessly creating your own blog or website go to squarespace.com/eugeniadiaz for a free trial and a 10%off your first order of a website or domain I will leave all the links in the descriptionbox and look forward seeing you sharing your unique talents with the rest of the world so wecan support one another and grow as a community

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