5 Wholesome Habits you MUST Incorporate in Your 30’s | INDIAN MOM 6 A.M Morning Routine in 2024


5 Wholesome Habits you MUST Incorporate in Your 30's | INDIAN MOM 6 A.M Morning Routine in 2024

5 healthy habits you must incorporate in your 30s, especially in your morning routine. In this video, I'm going to share with you some scripting techniques and manifesting techniques, Channels you should follow for your spiritual awakening and for your health and body. Also, there are some other things that I believe are rewarding in my life, so without further ado, let’s get started with this video. Every morning, after doing my basic exercise, the first thing that I do is scripting. I’m sure most of you have heard about manifestation. Nowadays, people share their experiences on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. Today, I’ll be sharing my personal experience regarding scripting. Two years ago, Huda from Huda Beauty told me about scripting. How to live the current moment of the things that we want to do in our future lives For example, if you want to be a doctor, you have to do scripting as a doctor right now. You have to think that you’re in that situation currently, and you have to maintain.

Your energy level once you reach your goal. Being honest, because of scripting, there are certain things that I’ve achieved in my life, and I swear by it. That’s why, today, I thought of sharing this with you, and this is the first practice that I do in the morning. Not just our soul; our body also needs some nourishment, and for that, I’m going to introduce LiveBettermd. It is a protein-filled health drink. It is all natural, non-GMO lab-tested, and made in the US. There are no artificial colors or sweeteners, and it is plant-based and nut-free. How to use it? It’s very simple. Simply mix one scoop of LiveBetter with 250 ml of water and drink as part of your daily routine. If you are a smoothy lover, then you can also add this powder to your favorite smoothy and enjoy it that way as well. There are many benefits to using LiveBettermd.

The benefits include increased energy, an improved immune system, reduced stress, slow aging, and much more. Also, if you have a balanced diet and regular physical activity, you will see the best results. So, I have tried this powder in just water, and it tastes really good because it has this little vanilla flavor to it, which I really like. Having a good source of protein in my everyday meal is really important for me, and with LiveBettermd, it gets really easy. Also, I love that the brand has this transparency where all the ingredients are listed on the package itself. LiveBettermd also offers a monthly subscription, and there’s also a one-time purchase option. If you want to try this out, please check out the link in the description box and buy it today for your health. So, in my 20s, doing breakfast was so irritating to me because I was always rushing. Either I was busy in college or working,.

I started working at a very early age in my career. So, from a very early age, it was always like a rush and chaos, but now I really enjoy having my breakfast. You guys have seen it; from the past so many years and from the last 2 years, I have focused a lot on the breakfast. My breakfast usually has many varieties, but on Tuesdays, I’m strictly vegetarian. On Tuesdays, there’s no egg. Otherwise, you have seen in shorts that I always incorporate eggs. I purchased 5–6 plastic containers like this, and these are really good. It is very useful to keep the leftovers in the refrigerator. Right now, I’m preparing mini Uttapam made from semolina and curd. With that, I’m preparing hot tea because Sunny has woken up. After dropping Charlotte, it’s our meal time. Being a couple, it’s so hard to get some time for yourself. So, we always enjoy having a cup of tea or coffee, or sometimes just a glass of water. A little bit of morning conversation always makes me feel very happy. I’m preparing my breakfast. Sunny is not a breakfast person. I shared this a lot of times with you guys, and since I’m in my 30s, this video is all about a routine.

So, I really want to share these things: in the case of spices, I’m avoiding red chilies, and I’m leaning more towards green chilies. So, these are some things that I’m changing, not just for my body but also for the sake of my health. Tell me one thing: how many of us are completely addicted to scrolling? I know it is something that is really concerning, and we waste so many hours just scrolling every day. It’s been a good 3 months since I minimized scrolling time on Instagram and TikTok. There are very few pages that I follow, which I’ll share with you on screen. Really, not just for your spiritual awakening but also for your good body and health, mind or soul, in all these aspects, these pages are a blessing on Instagram. I follow these pages, and then I get so many ideas to incorporate into my life and to live a healthy life that I can’t explain in one video. Finally, a big effect of the winter has started in Canada. We were really happy that the last two months have been good, but finally winter has arrived.

And we have to go to get the daily needed stuff. Today, Charlotte wanted to try this Oral-B set, which was, in my opinion, very expensive. But she really wanted it, so I thought of keeping an eye on it, and if I get some discount on it, then only I’ll purchase it. These are the things that I really applied in my life, i.e., I noticed that whenever you buy something at full price, after a few days it’ll be available at half price. For example, take this container. It was 12.99 during Christmas time, and today it was 3.99. So, I always try to save every single penny because living expenses have increased a lot. Not just in Canada, but everywhere. So, being a homemaker, especially in my 30s (I’m 32), I really love spending money, but only on useful things. I don’t like to spend money on useless things or the things that, when available for sale, make one feel like they've wasted money on them for buying them before. Right now, I’m just checking out the home section, and I want to get some stuff for my kitchen, so I’m trying to find out what quantity is better at the best price. So, finally, I purchased my groceries, and most of the groceries are freshly produced only because I purchase groceries and spend my money thoughtfully.

So, for lunch, I'm going to make Bharwa Tinda. The process is a little bit complicated. I made a paste of onion, ginger, and garlic. In the oil, I added cumin, asafetida, and the paste, and after washing Tinda, we have to peel it and take the inside pulp out. So basically, we need to fill it with the masala that we’re preparing, and for that, we need to make it kind of a bowl. I will not throw the pulp; I will add it to the masala after fine-chopping it. This is how my mom used to cook. So, I know only that recipe. After the paste gets cooked, I’ve added that pulp, and for spices, I’ve added salt, red chili powder, turmeric powder, and coriander powder. I’ve added a little bit of dry mango powder as well, since it tastes good. Mix it well, cook it, and then fill the Tinda with this mix. It turns out to be very yummy, and now I've got to prepare its gravy. So, to make gravy, I’ve added a little bit of oil to the same wok, and in it, I’ve added salt and red chili powder, and then I’ve added tomato paste to it. After that, I’ve mixed it well, and when tomato paste gets cooked, we have to add all the Tindas to it, and it took around 20 minutes to cook.

After that, I’ve added a small amount of dried fenugreek leaves, and I’m serving it with curd. Sunny wanted to have curd, but I only wanted Tinda and roti. So, I’ve added salt and red chili powder to the curd and given it to Sunny, but I’m going to have Tinda with roti and salad. So, for the container that I’ve shown you during grocery shopping, I got it with a huge discount of more than 80%. Even the cashier was telling me that all of them were sold out and were available at a heavy discount, and even she didn’t believe it. There were just 3 cups left, of which I got one. Other than this, fruits and vegetables are freshly produced. I’m sure after looking at this, you know that it’s finally time to make Gajar Halwa. In every Desi family, once in the winter, Gajar Halwa is prepared. Sunny and Abhishek have been really helpful. They both helped a lot in cleaning, peeling, and grating the carrot. Sunny is cooking, and Abhishek was grating the carrots, so it was really helpful. You can see that I've got two big bowls of carrots, and I also made carrot pickles in the last video. If you haven’t seen it, definitely check it out. There are so many options to make with carrots. So in an aluminum wok, I’ve added clarified butter, and then I’ve added a whole bowl of grated carrots.

I thought I could add another bowl of grated carrots as well; I don’t know why I thought so. But after adding one, I’ve realized that there’s no space for adding another one, and that’s when I thought I should change it because, if you notice, this wok is rounded from the bottom and it won’t cover the whole gas stove, so it will take time to heat and make halwa. So, here comes my savior. Abhishek calls it a Halloween pot because of its color, but because of its 4 L quantity, it helped me. So, I’m making the gajar halwa in it. The recipe is very basic. You need to roast the grated carrot in clarified butter for 10–15 minutes, then cover it for another 5 minutes, and then you have to mix it well. After some time, you will notice that the quantity is reduced to half when the carrots are cooked, and at that time, you can either add milkmaid or khoya, as everyone has their own recipe. I’m making it in milkmaid because the khoya available here is not of good quality. So, I roasted the carrots in clarified butter, cooked them, and when I realized that the carrots were cooked to 80%, I added milkmaid to it. After that, I’ll cook it for another 20 minutes. It took me 1–1.5 hours, but I personally feel that the taste that homemade food gives us is unmatchable,.

And I prefer eating homemade food rather than outside food, especially desserts and Indian sweets. I love the homemade Indian sweets rather than the outside ones. In clarified butter, I added almonds and cashews to fry, which I’ll add to the Gajar Halwa, and I’ll use pistachios for garnishing only. After offering the halwa in my home temple, me and Charlotte tasted it, and it was delicious. I love to make stuff for family, especially for kids, which they like. So, guys, it’s currently 4:30 p.m., and my routine is still going on. Now I’m feeling a bit relaxed, and I wanted to sit down and talk to you guys for a minute. I really wanted to thank all of you who commented on my previous video. If you guys don’t know, in the previous video, I shared about a giveaway in which I’ll be giving Amazon gift cards to two lucky winners. Not only in the previous video, but in the next video, I’m going to select two lucky winners from the comment section, and I’m going to give them Amazon gift cards. So, in the month of January, I’ll be selecting four lucky winners. So please, the more I read your comments, love, appreciation, feedback, constructive criticism, ideas, etc., the greater your chances of winning because, from this, I can remember your names. This year, I really wanted to know you guys,.

Not just by your name but by your personality. I know it’s very hard on YouTube to get to know everyone, but I really wanted to know you guys. So, please share in the comments section about your personality and how you are in real life. Since you guys know me, I really wanted to know each one of you. So, do write about it in the comments, and do share one thing with me: how you reward yourself in your life. There was a time I really liked having expensive bags and stuff, but I feel like I find peace in just a cup of green tea, sitting in my own house, and minding my own business. But I’m very blessed that with your support and with the blessings of Kanha Ji, Sunny and I live a life that is, of course, not the smoothest one, pretty messy with ups and downs, but that’s how life is. No one’s life is simple; there are ups and downs; some may have more, some may have less. 'My last two years were really messy, as you guys already know. But this year, I really wanted to create everything from my heart. For me, the most rewarding feeling is having not one or two but hundreds and thousands of friends like you, in front of whom, without any makeup or messy hair, I can sit and talk without any hesitation. This is the biggest reward, and I’m grateful for it. I'm grateful to each one of you.

Who gave me a place in their lives, and I cannot put into words how much your support and love matter to me. For the last 2 years, I have not been in a space where I could speak to you. I was really busy with Charlotte, the house, and a lot of personal problems. But I feel like things are getting better with time, and I really hope that things will always stay better. My hands are getting cold talking like this. You guys know that I’m a little emotional. But anyways, I would love to see you guys in the comments section, and in 2024, I promise every video is going to be different, and every video is going to be different from the other video that I used to post on my channel. This year, I’m working really hard, not just from my mind but also from my heart, and this year, I really want to have that genuine connection that I felt was missing because I was not consistent. There were times when I also felt like I wasn't doing it from my heart. But now, I’m happy that I’m making content again, all by my heart, and I’m just putting it out for all of you to maintain that stronger connection that we always used to have. So, I hope you enjoyed today’s video, and if you do, hit that like button, don’t forget to subscribe, and do share this video with your friends and family who want to see new content or content related to motivation.

And I have received something really huge, guys, and I’m very excited about it. I’ll talk about it in the next video, and according to me, for those who cook, especially Indian people, it's the biggest life saver. So, if you want to know what it is, then tune in at 7 p.m. IST on Friday for the next video. So, let’s meet next Friday at 7 p.m. and see what that magical product is that is a lifesaver. It's something huge. I posted a sneak peek on Instagram, and people were like, It’s a robot vacuum, weighing scale, or home appliance. It’s a huge kitchen appliance and a very viral product, and I cannot wait to share it with all of you. If you’re noticing my excitement, then there’s something to be excited about. So, I’ll see you on my next video on Friday. Till then, take care, show your love for this video, and tell me about yourself in the comment section. I will read each and every comment of yours, and I’ll reply to each one of you. Till then, take care. Bye.

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