5 wholesome habits that can assist you learn about and in actuality feel fair correct all summer season


5 wholesome habits that can assist you learn about and in actuality feel fair correct all summer season

This morning we are talking about summer healthy habits five simple changes we can all make that will have a big impact so here to share them is health and wellness coach Natalie Gus Natalie good morning to you good morning I was happy to be here I love this idea five things we can all digest that and the first one is important you say get sunlight first.

Thing in the morning talk about that yeah so actually our bodies produce something called melatonin that makes us sleepy at night when we see Darkness sure so it's really in folk it's really important in the morning to get that sunlight to turn off that Darkness trigger and get us focused get some vitamin D to make us happy excited and.

Energized for the day do you have any suggestions let's say you work overnight or you work early in the morning you know how can you make sure you you kind of soak up the sun a little bit Yeah so any bright light is going to work let's say if you do a night shift something like that but no rules otherwise you can go out in your pajamas with your morning.

Coffee if you're walking your family to school or work or to the bus stop um open your car sunroof that just get a little yeah yeah yeah and get off the subway to get that night I love that all right Next Step you say movement snacking yes I love this one okay so a lot of us do kind of like a 45 minute workout maybe before work after.

Work sometime during the day but it's arguably more important to move throughout the day so two minutes every hour get up and move this can be anything if you're working from home maybe you're you know folding your laundry you're going out to to get the mail maybe if you're working in an office you walk over to a co-worker.

Rather than emailing them a question okay so yeah there's a lot of different things you can do only two minutes we all have two minutes every hour two minutes every hour all right so our next healthy habit you talk about I like this adding things into your diet instead of eliminating yeah it just even feels better just to say that so what are we.

Adding yeah so I like to play a little game with my clients add one fruit each week oh and so this can be a fun fruit like a dragon fruit they look a little bit scary on the outside but they're fun on the inside and they're such right absolutely yeah or you have lychees here again scary on the outside fun and the middle but the greatest thing is you can.

Bring your kids to the produce section have them pick out the fruit that they think looks good and then teach them you know a kiwi is ripe when it's a little bit soft you can cut it in many different ways you can eat it in different ways so it's a fun way to add nutrients into your diet without thinking about what you have to take off.

Your plant and I like it because quite frankly sometimes we go to the produce section and we just get what we already are familiar with and you don't try new things because you don't know what to do with it so why not try something new today just one all right the next healthy habit you talk about food prep versus meal prep what do you mean by.

That yeah so meal prepping can feel a little bit overwhelming not all of us have time on a Sunday evening to create a whole lasagna or for me it's intimidating and then I end up not doing it exactly sure introduce food prepping okay so you get home from the supermarketer you've got your produce okay you cut you wash it you put it in.

The fridge and Tupperware containers maybe you boil some eggs to have some protein snack because our lives get busy and so it's it's just as easy to grab some cut Peppers than it is to grab a bag of chips I like this too because you know where I mess up during the day it's the snacks it's not necessarily the meals it's just when I want something.

And I don't have anything ready so this is a really good idea all right this is good last you say keep it simple yeah here I love this one so um you know health and wellness can feel very overwhelming there's a lot of noise in the space but think about what you can do consistently don't worry about the latest juice cleanse can you just.

Add an extra glass of water during the day don't worry about the most expensive workout class can you just add a 20 minute walk during your day just get moving moving or do any of these steps five things okay easy things Natalie thank you so much and congratulations thank you so much hey thanks for watching don't miss the Today show every.

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