5 unhealthy habita that can age you faster|Anti rising earlier|Healthy habits|doctorly advice


5 unhealthy habita that can age you faster|Anti rising earlier|Healthy habits|doctorly advice

Aging is a natural process which of course happensto all of us but did you know that some of most simple everyday habits could be making you lookolder before your time you might have heard that Aging is mostly genetic and it's very true butsome extrinsic factors also trigger age faster the chronological or natural aging process isalso referred to as a intrinsic aging and it's different to something called extrinsic agingwhich is caused by environmental factors rather than genetics so let's dive into that five habitsfirst one is going to bed late the clinical study shows that the poor quality sleep on the skin wasmeasured a group of women who typically slept for less than 5 hours were compared to group groupof women who typically sleep 7 to 9 hours late so poor quality sleep group experience more unevenpigmentation greater appearance of fine lines.

And wrinkles it is important to take a fine 8hours good sleep second is your daily commute pollutants in the form of traffic fumes tobaccosmoke industrial emissions and many other are the sources of of free radicals our own built-indefense such as production of antioxidants are not always effective in counteracting freeradicals so over the time there is a cell damage which is linked to skin aging which contributeto hyperpigmentation appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and progression lack of firmnessso you can neutralize that free radicals caused by pollution through skin care routine UV damageis one of the principal cause of premature skin aging and also there is a risk of developingskin cancer so sunscreen should be a part of your daily routine applied 15 minutes before sunexposure and reapply it every 2 hours 40 minutes.

After swimming sweating or towel drying don'tforget to apply your facial sunscreen every day and exposed areas like ears hands and necksunscreen should be one year around to help protect against both skin aging and as wellas skin cancer the fourth factor is eating too much sugar sugar can also cause skin agingthrough the process called glycation glycation in which the skin loses firmness and elasticityand contributes to making us look older than we really are so we can slow down the process ofglycation by using skin Rejuvenation creams and which directly related to loss of firmnessand elasticity in the skin last but not least not taking your makeup off when you arefeeling exhausted or getting tired it is forget to remove your makeup and wash butmakeup can trap oil impurities in the skin.

Including dirt pollutants which can contributeto aging process through free radical damage so it is very important to regular nighttimecleansing if you know such type of habits or factors which fasten your age then do let me inthe comment section below these are five habits which when you followed regularly it contributesto slower down your age so thank you so much bye-bye

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