5 Reasons To Ditch The Rat Bustle, Retire Early & Gun For Financial Independence


5 Reasons To Ditch The Rat Bustle, Retire Early & Gun For Financial Independence

Hi everyone we're in Cameron Highlands enjoyingthe cool cool air! Such a refreshing change from the hot sunny Penang where we're from. And our lives1,000% improved ever since we ditched the rat race in 2020. Every area of our Lives got better likehealth, wealth and relationships and we've been living this lifestyle for the last three yearsand we love every minute of it! Wow the wind is so strong and the sun is in my eyes. Hang on guys. Okayhere we go. In today's video, we will share with you five reasons why you want to ditch the rat race,retire early and gun for financial Independence. Hi everyone we are Fran and John, the CorporateBreakout Couple. In case you're new to this channel we cover a lot on topics such as early retirement,financial independence and personal finance. Before we continue, we'll appreciate it if you hitthe Like button, Subscribe and join our YouTube family.

Imagine if you are someone who likes to travel.Hey when you ditch the rat race, you no longer have to apply for annual leave, there's no more bossesthat you need to get your leave approved and 365 days is 100% your own time. You can travel atyour leisure. For example, most recently the Penang government informed the residents that there willbe no water supply for five whole days just a few weeks ago and the reason was because they hadto change some pipes right and a lot of people were in panic mode, they're going to store a lot ofwater. Well for John and I, all we had to do was to book an Airbnb in a different state and off wewent. Being able to leave at a moment's notice and having the flexibility of time actually allows usto turn the situation to our advantage and we are able to leave with no pressure at all .Hey even ifyou're not a travel person, guess what? The moment.

You ditch your corporate job, you don't have tocrowd like everybody else on the weekends. What this means is is that you don't have to push allyour errands and all your leisure time just on your Saturdays and Sundays, which is very preciousright, but however what you can do is you can run your errands instead on from Mondays to Fridays,have your high tea, go for your cafes, watch movies at a a weekday rate, all at your own leisure.So what do you do on your weekends instead? You free up your weekends to spend quality timewith your loved ones and have your own me time. Speaking of quality time, this is the one of themain reasons why John and I we gunned for early retirement as soon as possible, so that we canhave all the time in the world to spend with our parents who are also aging already and withour friends and family. Let's face it. After a hard.

Day's work, the last thing that you want to do isgo home and have a lengthy conversation with the people in your house correct? Let's be honest here.Aside from that, the moment we step home, there's a lot of things that we actually have to do right?Kids are coming up to us crying, they need help on the homework, the dog peed on the floor, we have to clean up, we have to cook dinner, we have to wash clothes, there's a thousand and one things that wehave to attend to the moment we step home and it means that there's very little time and energyleft for us to have good quality conversations with the people that we love. What I find isthat sometimes when we are so busy with life and we happen to see family, let's say we'recatching up with relatives, it becomes something that we, that we do out of obligation, outof duty rather than this is a gathering that.

You know you specifically organize and you reallywant to see this person because, you know, you miss them, you want to catch up on their lives andyou really want to have really good qualityconversations. For John and I, over the last threeyears since we retired, one of our fondest memories actually is all with our friends and family. Youknow, we will have long conversations over tea with John's parents, we'll take my mom out forlunches and dinners with our aunties, we go on road trips together and I even have the time tocall my relatives in Australia and have lengthy conversations with them and we really catchup because it's very rare we get to see each other due to the distance. And these are all thememories that we will take with us till the day we die. The third reason to ditch the rat race andgun for financial independence is so that you can.

Pursue your passions, your passion projects withouthaving money at the back of your mind. What do I mean by that? Well if you are still gunning foryour retirement and you're still saving up money right, there might be very little left for you topursue your passion projects or the big one is you have no time because your time is actually eatenup by your work. You know, I generally find people very kindhearted. You know, during my conversationswith people all around the world, yes I have many friends all around the world, they will tellme things like, you know, when I retire, I want to, you know, volunteer at a homeless shelter orI want to volunteer at an old folks home or an animal shelter. I want to contribute my time andmy money when I retire. Now these are all very noble projects and contributions that you wantto do for the world. However have you ever stopped to.

Think that, you know, when you're 70, 75 year old,75 years old, after you retire you might not have the energy nor the time left to actually dothe volunteer work. What you have now is strength, time and money but guess what? Most of your timeis eaten up by work which means that you tell yourself, I don't have the time, I don't have theenergy to actually start volunteering. Some of these passion projects also take up a lot of moneyand time. For example I've heard people say that they want to open up a B&B, a bed and breakfastright, or an art gallery, an art studio. You know, all these things require a lot of time, a lot ofmoney and a lot of effort, your energy. You need to put all that in and you might not have all threeof those if you follow the early, the tradition sorry, the traditional retirement route. When youretire at 70, 75 and you draw down on your pension,.

You might not have all these three things so youmight want to start thinking ditching the rat race early and gunning for early retirement, financialfreedom so that you can pursue all these projects. The fourth reason why you want to ditch the ratrace and retire early is so that you have the time and space to slow things down, to reflect, to ponderto wonder, to imagine and enjoy what life has to offer. Sometimes life is so fast spaced in the ratrace that you have no time to catch a breather and to have the me time to think about your future. Youknow, being retired, I'm so grateful that I actually have the luxury of time say like 3 hours to justreflect on my past actions, my results and really plan for the future without worrying about what'snext to do. How many of you actually sit down with your spouses or partners to reflect and think backabout your past year and to plan for your entire.

Year ahead that has nothing to do with any workKPIs? Fran and I actually take our retired life very seriously and we plan one year in advance,with proper vision board, timeline and deliverables. And the reason why we do that is so that wecan move ahead with our lives by design and intention. The fifth reason is health andwell-being. Even though everybody knows that health is important but somehow health relatedexercises always get pushed down the priority list. For example, you had a busy day and yourmeeting at the end of the day overran and that gave you the perfect excuse to not go for yourplanned gym session and on top of that, you go for unhealthy dinner or drinks to make yourselffeel better better so that's like a double whammy on your health. Somehow where work is concerned andthe pressure piles in, our health and overall wellbeing.

Always takes a big hit. Let me give you an example:for when I was in sales last time, I always had to spend a lot of nights out there entertaining,whether it's clients or business partners and on top of the time that I couldn't go to gymor exercise, I had to go, okay, well I had to go for drinking sessions which actually de-provesmy health as well. Here's something I like you to think about as well. During your 9 to 5 weekdays, your Mondays to Fridays, there are at least 10 meals which means, your breakfast and lunch,that you spend either rushing through because you're rushing for work or during lunch time isvery short, you're rushing or sometimes you even skip lunch or have late lunches that actuallyhas a detrimental effect on your health overall because you cannot slowly chew your food, youcannot have a proper meal and that is no good..

Our lifespan and our health span determinesour quality of life and how long we get to live. Shouldn't we all place top priority onthis aspect of our life so that we can live long and live strong? One of the reasons why wecreated this video is so that we can encourage you to think out the box and not be a slave to thesystem. There's more to life than just exchanging time for money, to work at a job that you're notpassionate about. We understand that many of you want to ditch the rat race but don't know howto start and that's the reason why we created the Breakout Community so that we can guide youand help you along to get you to your goals. Click on link below to join. Guys, all you need to dois to take that leap of faith and just start. You never know where life might lead you. However ifyou take zero action, it is absolutely guaranteed.

That your life will remain the same. The world isfull of opportunities. All you need to do is to say yes and grab them. With that, thank you so muchfor watching this video. We really appreciate it. Do hit the Like button, Subscribe and join ourYouTube family and see you in our next video!

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  1. Wow both of likelihood is you’ll maybe very neatly be so younger yet likelihood is you’ll maybe very neatly be retired. I retired after I am 61 . I do know I genuinely private already ample retirement fund . Yet I budget on every day finance now that I genuinely have not any earnings and the final prices

  2. Factual video however u are preaching to the choir – Of direction…fact is… in interpret for folk like us who retire early to derive pleasure from lifestyles, we would just like the majority of oldsters to work and never note this direction. In some other case, this might occasionally maybe all give arrangement and there’ll be no companies or companies. In theory, let’s exclaim that 20% of oldsters work till real 40years feeble and retire, the realm will be rather a varied effect!! Maybe not for the better! 😂 So, possibly it’s valid that contributors don’t draw shut this direction. Let them work till 70 minimally! Luxuriate in heaps of youngsters who end the an identical, derive heaps of debt, exercise exercise exercise, draw shut overpriced things, let them eat, work and in the end die.

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