5 HABITS You NEED to ELIMINATE Forward of Or now not it is Too LATE (STOICISM)


5 HABITS You NEED to ELIMINATE Forward of Or now not it is Too LATE (STOICISM)

Imagine this you wake up one day only to realise that half your life has passed by in the blink of an eye what if I told you that the key to reclaiming your time to living not just longer but deeper lies in the wisdom of ancient philosophers.

Who face the very same existential dilemmas we encounter today yes I'm talking about stoicism a philosophy that isn't just about enduring hardship but about transforming your life into one of purpose resilience and fulfillment we live in a world brimming with distractions.

Where our piece of mind is constantly under siege by the next notification the next trend the next thing we're told we must buy to be happy but what if happiness isn't out there but within stoicism teaches us just that.

The art of finding contentment in our control focusing on our actions and accepting what we cannot change so if you're feeling stuck if you're wondering why that latest gadget didn't bring the joy it promised or why the grind leaves you more exhausted than fulfilled.

You're in the right place let's embark on this journey together discovering ancient wisdom for a modern life because stoicism isn't about dimming the chaos of the world it's about lighting up the tranquility within you.

Before we dive into the ancient wisdom that could potentially make your coffee taste better by simply watching don't forget to like share and subscribe because every click is a step closer to becoming a modern day stoic.

And remember watching this video in full without skipping is the first test of your stoic patience and endurance treat it as a warm up for the mind habit one morning routine and self reflection now imagine Marcus a Roman emperor.

Philosopher and generally busy guy finding time each morning to journal reflect and plan his day if he could do it amidst running an empire surely we can spare a moment before diving into our emails right the Stoics were all about mindfulness and intentionality.

Starting from the moment they opened their eyes they believed in greeting the day not with a grown and a frantic search for coffee but with purpose and Serenity so how do we translate this into our hectic modern lives let's break it down.

Stoicism style with a dash of humour to keep things light step 1 wake up with gratitude not groans imagine waking up and instead of cursing the morning light you channel your inner Seneca and think I've got another day to get this life thing right.

That's right start with gratitude it might feel weird at first like thanking the universe for your alarm clock's most annoying jingle but gratitude sets the tone for a day filled with positive vibes and fewer urges to throw your phone against the wall.

Step 2 meditate like Marcus next up meditation no you don't need to burn incense or chant unless that's your thing then chant away just take a few moments to sit quietly maybe ponder what Marcus Aurelius might say.

About your upcoming day something like today I will encounter the annoying the ungrateful and the rude but I have the power to choose not to be any of these meditate on that or simply focus on your breath.

And the sensation of being alive which let's face it is pretty epic step 3 journaling not just for teenagers Marcus Aurelius was basically journaling before it was cool his meditations weren't intended for us they were his personal reflections.

His way of coping with empire scale stress so grab a notebook and jot down your thoughts it could be as profound as your reflections on life or as simple as I really hope I don't spill coffee on myself today the point is to get.

Those thoughts flowing and start the day with clarity think of it as mentally decluttering before you've even had breakfast step 4 plan like a philosopher king now with your mind clear and your soul ready.

It's time to plan your day but don't just list tasks incorporate stoic wisdom ask yourself what's within my control what virtues can I practice today how can I be more like Ryan Gosling I mean Socrates this isn't about creating a to do list.

It's about setting intentions that align with your values and finally breakfast of champions yes even Stoics ate breakfast they didn't have avocado toast but if they did Marcus Aurelius would probably remind us it's not what we eat.

But how we eat that defines our virtue so eat mindfully savouring each bite maybe contemplating the interconnectedness of all things or just enjoying your coffee without scrolling through your phone incorporating these steps into your morning.

Doesn't just pay homage to the Stoics it sets you up for a day lived with intention resilience and maybe just maybe a bit of that stoic wisdom we all could use and remember it's okay to start small Rome wasn't built in a day.

And neither is a stoic inspired morning routine habit 2 journaling for clarity and reflection all right let's dive into Habit 2 which is all about the art of journaling a practice so ancient yet so revolutionary it would make Seneca pause.

His philosophical musings and say wait they're still doing that nice yes we are Seneca because spilling our guts onto paper or a digital document for the modern Stoics is surprisingly therapeutic.

Well imagine you've had a day that's been a roller coaster of emotions from the highs of your coffee tasting exactly how you like it to the lows of realising you've been talking on mute during a 20 minute zoom.

Presentation enter journaling your personal therapist that doesn't charge by the hour it's a space where you can offload every triumph every mishap and those weird thoughts that visit you at 3:00am.

The Stoics weren't just about enduring life slings and arrows with a grimace they were about understanding reflecting and growing from every experience Marcus Aurelius didn't write.

Meditations as a bestseller to rival the works of J K Rowling he wrote it for himself as a means of self reflection if he were here he probably node a provingly at your bullet journal possibly asking if there's a template.

For virtue tracking how to journal like a stoic step 1 reflect on your day with a dash of stoicism start by recounting your day but instead of just listing events dive deeper how did those events.

Align with your values did you practice patience when your internet tested your will to live what could epic teachers teach you about dealing with that annoying colleague this isn't just recounting it's reflecting with purpose.

Step 2 the virtue check in ask yourself which stoic virtues did I nail today and where did I drop the ball maybe you showed wisdom in navigating a tricky situation or perhaps you could have exercised.

A bit more self control before devouring that entire pizza Marcus Aurelius might say the pizza is indifferent it's your reaction to it that matters step 3 gratitude stoically speaking.

End your journaling session with a nod to gratitude what are you thankful for and no it doesn't always have to be profound being grateful for that perfectly brood morning coffee counts.

Seneca might have been onto something when he implied that happiness doesn't require complexity but appreciation of the simple things let's be honest journaling can sometimes.

feel like you're either auditioning for a spot in a philosophy book or you're about to discover the cure for existential dread but here's where we can add a sprinkle of humor did you practice.

Moderation today or did you like a true epicurian gone rogue indulge in life's pleasures documenting your journey towards stoic wisdom doesn't have to be all serious laugh at your mistakes.

Chuckle at your successes and maybe just maybe sketch a doodle of Marcus Aurelius doing something utterly unstoic like binge watching his favorite show habit 3 embracing positivity and resilience imagine you're stuck in traffic late for an important meeting.

Your first instinct might be to let out a string of creative exploitives but what would a stoic do probably take a deep breath and see it as an opportunity to practice patience or catch up on some audiobook wisdom yes you heard that right.

Marcus Aurelius in his horse drawn carriage would have killed for such an opportunity to pause and reflect or at least to not have to smell the horse in front of him.

Now the Stoics weren't about pretending everything's fine when it's clearly not they were about control not the controlling the uncontrollable type but controlling your reaction to it.

So your coffee spilled all over your white shirt Seneca might say is this not a chance to practice my stoic face demonstrating that a coffee stained shirt does not a ruined.

Day make or perhaps great I've always liked the tie dye look stoicism might seem all serious and beard stroking on the surface but there's room for laughter especially at one self finding humour.

In adversity is a way to practice resilience didn't get that job you wanted perhaps the universe is saving you from becoming the office coffee fetcher remember every misstep is not a fall but a new dance move.

In the choreography of life Marcus Aurelius probably never danced a step in his life but if he did you can bet he do it with stoic Grace or at least.

A good sense of humour about his two left feet let's talk about reframing a technique that's as stoic as it gets it's about looking at your overcooked dinner not as a culinary disaster but as an experiment.

In creating charcoal or viewing a rainy day not as a mood dampener but as nature's way of saying hey maybe take it easy today it's Marcus Aurelius in the rain without an umbrella.

Pondering the impermanence of life or maybe just enjoying the sensation of being alive and wet habit 4 minimizing distractions for purposeful living in a world where our attention is the most coveted currency.

Being stoic about where we invested is revolutionary it's like choosing to invest in the philosophical equivalent of a high yield bond overthrowing it into the volatile.

Stock market of social media and 24 7 news cycles Marcus Aurelius might have said you have power over your mind not outside events realize this.

And you will find strength today he'd probably add and turn off those notifications Stoics were all about moderation and applying this to our digital consumption.

Can be a game changer it's not about going full hermit mode but rather choosing what we consume with the same care as a stoic chooses his words think of it as a diet for your mind.

Too much junk food and you feel sluggish too much junk content and your attention span starts resembling that of a goldfish with amnesia minimizing distractions often means.

Learning to say no for Seneca this might have meant declining yet another lavish Roman banquet for us it could be saying no to a Netflix binge.

Or a weekend consumed by work emails it's about saying yes to what truly matters our peace of mind our passions and perhaps that long neglected hobby that doesn't involve a screen.

Imagine saying sorry I can't make it to your virtual hangout I'm busy reconnecting with my inner stoic FOMO fear of missing out is a modern plague but stoics.

Practice Jomo joy of missing out long before it was cool they found contentment in their own company and in the richness of their inner lives embracing Joe Moe means.

Finding delight in missing out on things that don't serve your higher purposes it's the stoic at the party who finds joy not in the number of conversations.

He's part of but in the depth of the few he chooses to engage in consider a stoic inspired digital detox not as a punishment but as a liberating return to what.

Makes life meaningful it doesn't mean you have to renounce the digital world entirely after all even Marcus Aurelius would have probably appreciated a good podcast.

On philosophy but it means creating spaces of silence and reflection it's in these spaces that we can hear our own thoughts and the whisper of stoic wisdom.

Guiding us towards a life of purpose and presence habit 5 continuous learning and humility consider beneficial stress as a form of mental gym just as lifting.

Weights builds physical muscle facing challenges with a stoic mindset strengthens your mental resilience imagine epic Titus in the gym spotting you.

As you lift a weight called life's unpredictability he's not going to let you drop it but he insists that you lift it yourself reminding you.

It's not what happens to you but how you react to it that matters you stress or positive stress is the idea that not all stress is bad.

It's the difference between the stress of running late for a meeting and the exhilaration of finishing a project that pushes your limits Seneca might.

Compare it to sailing on rough seas sure calm waters are nice but it's the storm that teaches you how to sail so next time you're navigating the high seas of life.

Remember that every wave is an opportunity to become a better sailor one of the most practical stoic practices is voluntarily.

Embracing discomfort like taking cold showers fasting or even sleeping on the floor now before you think we're advocating for a spartan lifestyle.

Hear me out the idea isn't to punish yourself but to remind yourself that you can handle more than you think it's about saying look at me choosing to take a cold shower.

Like a stoic warrior preparing for battle and not why did I think this was a good idea again finding humour in the face of stress is perhaps the most delightful.

Stoic practice imagine Marcus Aurelius as a stand up comedian poking fun at his own misfortunes you think you've had a bad day I've got an.

Empire to run and my horse just called in sick the point is laughter isn't just medicine it's armor it helps you face life's challenges not with dread.

But with a chuckle ready to take on whatever comes your way with a smile and let's not forget to celebrate the small victories overcame your fear.

And gave that presentation that's your stoic medal of honour manage to keep your cool in a stressful situation wear that like a badge of resilience.

Each small victory is a step towards mastering the stoic art of living well as we wrap up this journey through the stoic way of life remember that.

Embracing these habits isn't just about tackling the challenges life throws at us it's about transforming our very approach to living it's in the quiet reflection of our.

Morning routines the thoughtful lines of our journals the resilience in the face of adversity and the joy in every small victory that we find.

The essence of stoicism this philosophy ancient yet timeless teaches us not just how to survive but how to thrive to find harmony in the chaos.

And strength in the struggle so as you go forward carry these lessons close to your heart let them guide you not just in moments of quiet contemplation.

But in the heat of life's battles remember it's not the absence of obstacles that defines our lives but the way we navigate them with stoicism.

As your compass there's no storm you can't weather no challenge you can't overcome now if you're ready to dive deeper into the stoic way of life.

To arm yourself with more wisdom and to fortify your spirit for the journey ahead check out our playlists on the screen Stoic Life Lessons.

And Stoic Habits each one is a treasure trove of insights a guide to living with purpose resilience and joy choose your path and let's continue this journey together.

Step by step habit by habit lesson by lesson because in the end it's through these practices that we craft not just a life of endurance.

But a masterpiece of existence till next time stay with the creator

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