5 Errors You may presumably perchance also very smartly be Making With Your Neatly being Habits


5 Errors You may presumably perchance also very smartly be Making With Your Neatly being Habits

Habits are a Hot Topic right now and a lot ofpeople have realized that the way that we can change our lifestyle is by leveraging the powerof habits because habits are the things that we do on autopilot and so if you can install a newhealthy habit into your daily life then you'll be able to easily achieve your goals right well thistheory is solid but the trouble sometimes happens with the execution if you have tried to adopt newhealthy habits and it didn't work or the Habit you know just didn't stick then you might be makingone of these very common mistakes that I see people making all the time in this video I'm goingto share with you the five mistakes that you might be making when you're trying to adopt a new habitand how to fix them now if you have watched me here on YouTube before then of course welcome backbut if you are new to my channel then welcome I'm.

Dr Kim Foster and I'm an MD turned coach Wellnessexpert and entrepreneur I was a family doctor for 20 years before leaving the healthcare system tofocus entirely on my Wellness business and I'm also the founder of the wellness coach Academywhere we train aspiring health and wellness coaches and help them to build their businessesand here on YouTube I upload videos with all kinds of tips and strategies for living your best lifeand if you're interested in that then be sure to subscribe and go ahead and hit the notificationBell now let's talk about the mistakes that people make when they try to adopt a new healthy habitthe first one is starting too big this is one of the major reasons why a habit fails to stickit's just too big of a change and you're trying to change way too much all at once attemptingto overhaul your entire lifestyle overnight is.

A recipe for failure many people make the mistakeof trying to adopt multiple healthy habits all at the same time which can be really overwhelming andvery difficult to sustain it's much more effective to focus on one habit at a time and reallynail that habit and then gradually incorporate additional changes and new habits down the linenumber two is focusing too much on the long-term benefits this is huge so I really want you to payattention here I know it sounds counter-intuitive sounds weird that I'm telling you not to focus somuch on the long-term benefits of your new healthy habit but this is a big mistake that a lot ofpeople make and honestly we all make this mistake and I don't just mean individuals but as a societywe make this mistake we think that if we just emphasize the importance of something that willgive us the motivation to keep us going if we keep.

The big picture goal in mind we think that'll beenough to keep us you know moving forward but the research actually does not support this keepingyour big picture goal and your vision vision in mind can be helpful and I use this as a strategymyself but in many cases it's not going to be enough that's why I said this mistake was focusingtoo much on the long-term benefits it's an over Reliance on your long-term goal it's really faraway that causes trouble humans are not wired to prioritize long-term benefit over short-term needsand wants we just aren't it's probably because in our prehistoric form it was not a survivaladvantage to do something that was short-term harmful or unpleasant in order to gain a long-termbenefit because of course if we didn't attend to our immediate needs there just wasn't going tobe a long term so that delayed gratification.

Thing it just doesn't come naturally to us so ifyou're starting a new habit that you don't really enjoy but you're counting on the fact that youreally really want it and the long-term benefit is going to be really worth it unfortunately youmight be setting yourself up for failure now I do go a bit more in depth on this topic in anothervideo that I uploaded recently it's all about how to boost your motivation including some strategiesto help you get through that in between phase when you're improving your lifestyle but your goal is along way off and of course that's when motivation really drops so if you're interested in a deeperdive on this topic then I do recommend watching this video next that I am going to be linking onthe screen but basically what I'm talking about here with this mistake is an over Reliance onWillpower to get you through thinking that just.

Because something is really important to you thatyou'll be able to grit your teeth and do whatever it takes to get you there because unfortunatelyrelying solely on Willpower is often unsustainable willpower is a limited resource that can be easilydepleted over time a better way to go is focus on crafting an environment that supports your healthyhabits and also try to make your desired habits more more convenient and easier and enjoyable andsurround yourself with people who can support you and help you stay on track so this brings me tothe very next mistake that people make when trying to adopt a new healthy habit which is numberthree failing to address your mindset so before I was able to make running a part of my everydayroutine I had tried a few times to adopt the habit of running and I really hated it I had a storythat it was painful and boring it was basically.

Like banging my head against a brick wall it onlyfelt good when it stopped but years later in my late 30s I finally managed to try running againand this time I made it stick and the only reason I was able to do it was because I worked on mymindset first I had to become someone who enjoyed running and who looked forward to it and who hadit as a regular part of her life before it could become part of my regular life I had to start veryvery gradually so that it was not painful or hard or unpleasant at all and I focused on all the goodaspect of it so that rather than having a tape in my mind of oh this is awful when can it just stopI had to replace that with this feels good I love moving my body like this and that is what helpedme want to keep going so for whatever habit you want to choose pay attention to the story that youhave about that habit listen to the things that.

You're saying to yourself and ask yourself is thisself-talk supporting me and adopting this habit or sabotaging it if you're interested in learningmore about my thoughts on the role of mindset especially around attempting to lose weight thenyou may want to watch the video that I'm going to be linking on the screen here that I createdrecently to address the you know common reasons why people struggle with their weight loss effortsand why the diets that they have tried have failed them I've also created a free workbook thatyou you can download and it's called change your mindset change your life and I'm going togo ahead and put the link in the description box so you can just find that link below and thendownload that workbook for free Okay so let's move on to the fourth mistake that people makewith their habits and that is choosing a habit.

Just because it's what everybody else is doingchoosing the right habit is just as important as how you go about making that habit stick and whenyou decide to try habit because it seems really popular and trendy and everybody that you knowis doing it that's not a great idea but you're not alone it's called a bandwagon for a reasona healthy habit though needs to be right for you not what's popular it needs to be in alignmentwith your big picture goals and it needs to be something that is going to work for your lifestylefor the season in your life and a lot of other individual factors choosing a habit because it'sthe trendy thing it may or may not work for you but most most likely is really just setting youup for failure okay mistake number five the final one that I'm going to talk about in this video isbeing too inflexible with your habit many people.

Fall into the Trap of thinking that if they can'tmaintain a habit perfectly there's no point in continuing and this All or Nothing mindset can bereally demotivating and of course tends to lead to people just giving up all together so here'san example let's say you want to walk 10 000 steps in a day and maybe this is a lot more thanyou usually move if you currently have a fairly sedentary lifestyle so you get yourself all set upwith an app on your phone to track your steps or you know whatever device that you choose and thenyou start your day all excited you do your errands on foot you park further away from the shops toget more steps in you take the stairs a couple of times rather than the elevator and all day longyou're working on hitting those 10 000 steps and you come in at the end of the day day at 9 000steps and you look at that number in dismay it's.

Not ten thousand you feel like you've failed youtry to think of how could you have got more steps in during the day and you feel like you made somany changes and worked really hard but it didn't get you to that goal so you feel defeated anddisappointed and the next day you think what's the point I can work really hard all day and I'll justnever get to ten thousand forget it I'm not even going to bother today and you can see how this issuper heartbreaking right because if you actually did all those things that I described taking thestairs and parking further away and you know all those things and you lived like that every dayand kept it up for weeks and months and years that would make a huge difference to your healthlong term but the focus on the Habit on that arbitrary goal of ten thousand steps and makingit mean that if you couldn't hit that particular.

Target there was no point of course it's a largemagical and irrational but I think you know what I'm talking about and you know that we all fallprey To That All or Nothing mentality sometimes so this is one of the potential dangers of settinghealthy habits and then being really rigid in the execution so habits are great but if you getrigid and inflexible or you make yourself feel bad because let's say you didn't execute your 12-partmorning routine perfectly you only did eight of your morning routine rituals that's just not sogreat to beat yourself up about that because it's probably eight more supportive nourishing thingsthat you did for yourself and that's a win you can call that a win all right those are the fivemistakes that I wanted to go through in this video I really hope that the next time that youdecide to try adopting a new healthy habit that.

You keep these in mind which will set you up forSuccess much better than before so as a recap here are the five mistakes that we talked about numberone is starting too big just trying to change too much too quickly number two is focusing too muchon the long-term benefits and relying on Willpower rather than focusing on the short-term pleasureand benefit of your new habit number three is failing to address your mindset and who you needto become and what you need to think and believe number four is choosing a habit just because it'swhat everybody else is doing number five is being too inflexible with your habit and falling intothat trap of all or nothing thinking again if you're interested in learning more about how toreally examine your mindset and stop sabotaging yourself be sure to download my workbook changeyour mindset change your life using the link in.

The description box as always I would love tohear from you which of those mistakes do you realize that you have made in the past and howare you going to correct it with the next healthy habit that you are working on go ahead and let meknow in the comment comments below okay that's a wrap for this video take care have an amazingday and I will see you again very soon

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