5 Easy Properly being Habits for a Better Work Day | Jennifer Jiménez – Properly being & Properly-Being


5 Easy Properly being Habits for a Better Work Day | Jennifer Jiménez  - Properly being & Properly-Being

How would you love to boost yourproductivity with five easy health habits for a better work day? Maybe you've heard of the bookchange or die by Alan Dushman. What they found in these reports wasthat people facing life or death. In terms of quitting smoking or quittingdrinking or changing their health habits because of potential stroke or heartattack or cancer, only one out of 10 could actually make a change and sustainit, even when their life depended on it. So how can we as normal peoplewho aren't facing life or death shift and change our habits?.

Well, I'm going to tell you five easyhealth habits for a better work day, but I'm also going to give you somesecrets around really what's driving your habits and how to change them so thatyou can create and live a vibrant life. Healthy life that you love. Now, if we're meeting for the firsttime, my name is Jennifer Joy Jimenez. I'm one of the co founders of the BraveThinking Institute, and I'm the founder and director of the Health and WellbeingDivision, where I have coached literally hundreds of heart centered souls fromall over the world to shift their results of feeling stuck, burned out.

Frumpy, frazzled, fried, really notliving their best life into being someone who is on top of the world inpeak health and well being, creating abundance, living your purpose. So how do you bridge that gap? What are some of the ways thatyou can just begin this process? So that's what we're goingto be talking about today. The first thing that's important that youunderstand is that we believe in people. We know that each one of us is far morepowerful and contains more potential than any circumstance, situation or condition.

And we believe that we're spiritualbeings having a human experience. And so we're not just operating from ourhuman emotions or our human operating system or the regular world might callit habits, your habitual way of moving your body, your habitual way of eating. And we all know that if it was justenough to know what to eat, to know that we need to move our bodies, the wholeworld would be healthy, we wouldn't be dealing with a literal global pandemic of. unhealthy people that are not thriving. And there are some ways to make a shift.

We want to be more productive,but oftentimes we're productive at the cost of our health, at thecost of our relationships, at the cost of our work life harmony, andthat does not have to be the case. So the first thing to understandis that what is driving your habits isn't The habit itself isn't thefact that you might be addicted to sugar or the fact that you might beaddicted to your workaholism, right? What's driving yourbehavior are your thoughts. Where do thoughts come from? Our thoughts come from our beliefs.

Ultimately, deep down withinus, we have empowering beliefs and disempowering beliefs. We have an operating systemsimilar to the device that you are watching this video on. There has been an installed. Operating system that helps create thelens through which you look at life through which you operate in your life. And so one of the first places tolook if you want to shift your habits and you want to be more productiveis let me challenge my beliefs.

About being productive. Most people believe that if youwork harder, you work longer hours, hence you'll be more productive. And what we've learned throughhealth and wellbeing science is that harder is not smarter andit is definitely not healthier. We want to work smarter. healthier, not longer and harder. So step number one tool, number one inthe five health habits for a better work day is that movement shifts, your moodmovement shifts your mood, because here's.

What happens when work gets hectic. We forget our health habits. We often will just push through theday and sit for many longer hours than is really good for our body. And what happens is when you'renot moving your body, you're not creating circulation. The lymph system cannot moveblood through your body. That's why they saysitting is the new smoking. So it's very simple.

You'll just stand up. You'll play your favorite songand you'll hop up and down. You'll stretch side to side, maybe dosome jumping jacks, just have some fun. Even just three minutes of funmovement will kick off your happy hormones, your endorphins, right? Your dopamine, your oxytocin. Your sub serotonin and yourendorphins, happy hormones all day long, a few minutes of movement. I like to set my alarm a fewtimes a day so that I'm doing.

Some movement and simple dance. Now your tool number two inhealthy habits, right, is to actually make time for lunch. No, I'm not talking about sitting at yourdesk and scarfing and inhaling your lunch where you didn't even taste your food. I'm talking about moving. Outside, if the weather permits,separating yourself from your work environment, breathing deeply, actuallytasting your food, your ability to transform what you're eating andturn it into proper fuel for your.

Body relies on you being in a restand digest parasympathetic nervous system response, which means chewingslowly, mixing your food with saliva. Your saliva has digestive enzymes init that provides the ability for your gut, your stomach your, digestion toassimilate the vitamins, the minerals, the nutrients that your body requires. If you just take 15 minutes,even 20 minutes at most. To actually chew slowly,smile, be undistracted, right? So not on your phone, not on yourcomputer, just eat and enjoy your food. Good nutrition improves your physicalhealth and decreases stress and anxiety.

So a lunch break is super important. Our third tool, our third healthhabit is that making minutes matter. You want to allow breaks throughoutthe day, even if you just stand up, go grab some water, go to the bathroom. And walk back to your desk, even justfive minutes of a break where you go outside and sit under the sunlight or putyour feet in the grass and on the dirt. Now, of course, that's weather permitting,but a few minutes of a break actually can make a really big difference. Here's what's fascinating.

I've worked with a few peopleto help them stop smoking. Think about what a smoking break does. You go outside You get some freshair for a minute until you start smoking, then you inhale veryslowly and you exhale very slowly. The challenge is, there'snicotine involved. If you just do the same thing, but youdon't activate the cigarette, you're going to experience a lot of the samemood boosting endorphins and hormones that you are looking for, but you don't needthe nicotine to experience that response. So a break with a few powerful,deep breaths, it'll help you handle.

Stress, recharge your body, andmost importantly, reset your mind. Now our fourth health habit. Is to provide yourself with more focustime with less district distractions. So here's how you do that. You take your phone, you put iton airplane mode or silent mode. Do not disturb mode. You find ways to create fewer disruptionsfrom coworkers and family members. You create block time. Have your work area clean.

Clean, put busy on the door so that youcan really focus in because limiting distractions makes you more productive. Whether you're working at home oryou're working in an office now, our fifth Health Habit to help you be more. Productive is to magnify your gratitude,creating small wins throughout the day. Maybe just keep a journal nextto your workspace where you write down a win or something that you'regrateful for, and you can also encourage coworkers to do the same. You can also just send atext of love and gratitude.

It will help also boost yourhappy hormones, thinking positive, increases your optimism, andactually improve your mental. health. Now, if you've loved this, if you'veloved these tips, please share this with the loved one, family member, or evencoworker that you know might need this. Also, please, we have some free giftsavailable to you, including my confidence kit, which includes five minute tools. That are just like these, includinga movement practice that I think you're absolutely going to loveany five minute guided self love.

Meditation that you can use to helpreset your mind, body, and soul. So it has been my absolutepleasure to share this with you. I encourage you to continue to thinkoutside the box, think bravely, act boldly and live vibrant and healthy. Bye for now.

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