5 BAD HABITS That Make Males Light / Fabricate no longer enact these, be a REAL MAN


5 BAD HABITS That Make Males Light / Fabricate no longer enact these, be a REAL MAN

World is filled with carefully designed traps to keep you weak and compliant why because they want you to be obedient and easily controllable contrary to being strong intelligent and ambitious they don't need more leaders they need more docel workers in this video I will talk about five habits that keep you weak in a way you've never heard before by the.

End of this video you will learn how to break free from them and I would be delighted if you subscribe to my channel and like my videos let's get into the video the first and second habits are social media and pornography you might wonder why I mention these two together I didn't see the need to separate them because nowadays there is hardly any.

Significant difference between the two you are exposed to overly stimulating content on social media when you open Instagram you encounter naked Instagram influencers seeking attention when you open Tik Tok you see semi- naked women engaging in various scandals to gain views once you fall into this social media.

Swamp getting out becomes incredibly difficult these platforms are designed down to the smallest detail to keep you scrolling you are literally fighting against artificial intelligence if you swipe through two videos then take a look time has already slipped away alongside all this time wasted you find yourself in an environment where.

You only see the best moments of people's lives this in turn depresses you when compared to your daily routine even worse the stimuli you see on social media eventually lead you to something worse namely pornography you might say but it is said that pornography is perfectly healthy on the internet it is said to be normal.

Hush look let me explain in simple terms our primitive brain the caveman part that hasn't evolved yet struggles to cope because evolution is not something that happens in 15 20 years it takes millions of years and this modern technology has only been in our lives for 15 20 years so our brain doesn't understand that all of this is fake and.

It genuinely thinks you are conquering when you watch your brain believes that you can be with the woman in that video or all the women on that list and after you're done your brain says you figured this out you've successfully reproduced our life purpose is complete you've succeeded as a man now do whatever you want go eat the most processed greasy.

Food sleep for hours why strive to be productive why should you get bored after all we've completed our life purpose we've successfully reproduced and your stomach is full and this situation takes away your motivation it prevents you from truly becoming a superior man and building real relationships with women you don't.

Want to strive for your goals because you lose your ambition when you realize that you are in in fact a loser you fall into a void and experience depression the third and personally deemed dangerous habit is video games now I'm sure a few people would come and say it's not that harmful look hand eye coordination improves I'm going to be an.

Orts player anyway I play for an hour a day and so on stop we both know you don't play for just an hour look let me tell you something I've never heard before you actually don't want to play video games why would you spend so much energy changing pixels on the screen with your brain after all as I mentioned this modern technology entered our lives.

In the last 15 20 years you want to improve compete with others expand your community and friend Circle achieve status and feel great you feel this drive within you but you with the masculine laziness within you resort to video games and as a result no matter how advanced you become in a video game you achieve nothing in real life so why.

Do you think you're not doing this in real life why do you play a truck driving simulator for 9 hours instead of starting a business or learning a skill because doing these things comfortably sitting down thinking that you've achieved success is much easier than going out and struggling to achieve something trust me big game companies.

Know this better than you they have special people to direct these games and they make plans to attract you to these games instead of developing in real life instead of honing a skill you spend your days weeks months and sometimes even years on a game and let me give you this information it takes about 10,000 hours for a person to master something like a.

Skill or a job I'm sure if you're from the generation growing up with computers you've spent at least 5,000 hours on a game think about it these hours could be spent on something that would really benefit you something that would make you money maybe you were living the life you wanted in real life instead of the fake status is in the game especially.

Video games Steal Your Potential from you and the better you are in a video game the more likely you become a weak and fragile person in reality the fourth and perhaps the most overlooked habit is nutrition I observe that many people tend to eat with the mindset of satisfying their hunger rather than making conscious choices about what they.

Consume while they have the option to choose clean and healthy foods unfortunately many individuals opt for the most processed and chemically Laden products of available at the market it should be remembered that what you eat directly affects how you feel sugary Foods fast food and the hidden fats and processed foods can negatively impact.

Your health by introducing substances that have become alien to the periodic table your economic situation may not be ideal but making an effort to prioritize clean eating is crucial if you are someone who regularly consumes fast food taking steps to break this habit and shift towards healthier food choices can be a positive move over time you may.

Find that you are able to allocate more of your budget towards cleaner eating the strange fats found in ready-made foods can influence hormones and emotions paying attention to these fats which can particularly lower testosterone levels is important in today's world it is noteworthy that the testosterone levels of a man in his 20s.

Can be comparable to those of his grandfather emphasizing the need to be mindful for maintaining a healthy lifestyle regarding what you can do in this regard consider the following steps avoid package sugary foods reduce your consumption of fast food and cook healthy foods such as chicken potatoes and eggs with butter or olive oil if you.

Don't know how to cook these foods you can easily learn simple recipes online especially make an effort not to skip the post-workout meal and consider consuming a minimum of three four egg yolks during breakfast you will likely no notice positive effects on your health over time with these changes the last thing that weakens you is your.

Emotions if you've been conditioned not to hide your emotions by social media and your environment until now in your feminine side barish now that's a different story but let me tell you the truth your emotions weaken you now you might say no no my girlfriend doesn't mind if I cry she still loves me no if your girlfriend senses that you are an.

Emotional person from that moment on she won't respect you anymore she'll only pity you if you express your emotions openly people around you might still treat you well however it's not because they respect you it's because they pity you and they enjoy feeling Superior to you if you don't want to be respected by girls in your environment you can.

Continue being emotional but if you want to be respected and acknowledged by your surroundings you need to learn emotional control troll a man who cannot learn this cannot be a high value man even if he accidentally succeeds he might eventually realize that he's destroying himself or falling into a trap as a man striving for emotional control I.

Strongly recommend embracing stoic philosophy you should be like a rock in the middle of a flowing river emotions like water should flow around you and you should observe them you can be aware of them but you shouldn't let let them affect you maybe what I'm saying seems a bit controversial to you because you might have been led to believe that the.

World has been all Rosy so far however whether you like it or not I'm talking about things that will truly develop you a man who can't control himself how does he handle pain you won't be able to avoid feeling emotions you can't prevent them but what a man feels is not important he just needs to focus on his duty am I crazy for working so hard of.

Course I get bored I have a duty you may be stressed sad or happy none of it matters there's only one thing you need to do focus on your duty and work if you can't control your emotions and let others rule over you through them people won't respect you and they will control you through your emotions there are many more topics we need to discuss so you.

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