3 Toxic Habits That Are Destroying Your Mind Well being


3 Toxic Habits That Are Destroying Your Mind Well being

You are destroying your brain health by doing these habits on an everyday basis I've worked with hundreds of women oneon-one and I've noticed these three top habits come up the most especially when women are trying to build Great Brain Health unfortunately what these habits are doing is they're keeping them more stuck and they're keeping you more.

Stuck in the current place that you are right now and these aren't big habits I'm not talking about like binge eating or like you know those big things these are the little subconscious things that you don't even notice yourself doing because you're just doing them so on automatic if you're new to this channel my name is Dr ble natly I'm the holistic.

Brain doctor and I teach women how to heal their brain health so they can Elevate their self worth if you keep doing these toxic habits over and over again you will never get to a place of having high self- worth you will always feel like you're stuck in this current place that you are right now so I want to help you become more aware of these.

Habits habit number one that you are doing that's destroying your brain health is literally checking your phone every five seconds this is something that so many of us do on automatic like we are not even aware that we're doing it but we're just doing it constantly just picking up our phone and checking it picking up our.

Phone and checking it and I'm not even talking about checking social media I'm just talking about the act of you just reaching out grabbing your phone picking it up turning it on to see what notifications are there and just putting it back away I am so guilty of having done this so many many times in the past before and doing this completely un.

Automatic and you know before you know you've picked up your phone like you know 200 times in an hour which is ridiculous every time you pick up your phone it's a distraction you're distracting yourself from what it is that you actually need to focus on and do in front of you so when you you know reach out to pick up your phone what.

Ends up happening is that if you get a notification from social media or Miss call or message the hormone dopamine just surges in your brain right it just surges and then you put it away and then literally like 30 seconds later the hormone starts to go down and then your brain just like O Let's get more okay.

Pick up your phone again right and that's how it happens and the worst thing is that as soon as you lose focus on what you're doing so maybe you're doing something you go pick up your phone that's a distraction it's going to take you time to get back into the flow of things again like you've just majorly distracted yourself and lost your focus.

So you really need to become aware of this this is such a talk toxic habit it seems small but it adds up over time because over time you're frying your dopamine system it's going to be harder and harder for you to focus and concentrate on what's in front of you cuz your brain is always craving that Rush of dopamine that you know anything.

That can give it that and your phone does such a great job of just doing that and the thing is that what you'll notice over time is that you're just picking up your phone more and more often cuz what you were doing before the number of times you were doing it before just doesn't work the same anymore so you now need to sub subconsciously do it more.

And more to get that same rush and rise in dopamine like how you know powerful and a little bit wild is that right like how Wild is that this small Act is destroying your brain health it's taking away from your focus and concentration what you should be doing in long term it's literally wrecking havoc on your dopamine system so you need to be aware.

Of this the other thing too is that right subconsciously there's a reason that you're doing this too so yes there's that piece about that dopamine hit as well but so many of us who experience low softw worth we look for hits from other places we look for validation from other places and validation can look like calls messages.

Notifications from social media to know that we're valuable and worthy and that people love us so tune into to that do you find that when you're doing something in front of you that questions your value and worth you quickly run to your phone to just check something really important to tune into and look at because there's definitely a deeper.

Root piece happening here as to why you have this urge to constantly go and check your phone and I'm sure that if you look at it you maybe find a pattern right maybe you're working on something hard in front of you and you don't understand it or get it and you just have this urge to go and check your phone so you get that validation you.

Know that you you are good enough you're smart enough whatever it is so start taking a look at that when do you have these urges to go pick up your phone and instead of picking up your phone what can you do about it I try to actually keep a buck uh beside my table when I'm um doing my work so that instead of me reaching out for my phone I go and reach.

For that book instead so replacing a habit with another habit from Atomic habits this it's such a great and simple way to really start letting go of that habit of constantly reaching out for your phone so start taking note of this I know that you relate to this and do something about it because this is destroying your brain health the next.

Tip that I have for you the next habit that's really destroying your brain health is you putting a thousand things on your list to do for the day and then you know only really being able to get through like three four five of them you're being unrealistic about how much time you have to do things all of us we have these like I need to constantly.

Tune in and look and check in with myself every single day because all of us have these like really really giant and big massive lists of things that we need to get done but the truth is that we only have a couple of hours in the day only a couple of hours so you need to become really realistic about how much you can actually get done the.

Reason why this destroys your brain health is because ultimately it destroys your integrity integrity means to keep the promises that we make to ourselves when we tell ourselves we're going to do a thousand things on our to-do list but we really only have time for five we're disrupting our self trust we're we're you know we're promising ourselves false.

Promises and then we feel like longterm term we can't trust ourselves and long term that destroys our self-worth self-esteem and self-confidence so you need to start tuning into this the other thing too is that when you put so many things on your list to get done for the day but you only have time for a few you always go.

To bed feeling like a shitty person you feel like a failure you feel like you can never be successful so do you see how this small habit is actually keeping you small is actually keeping you stuck in your limiting beliefs and the cycle that success is hard you can't do this but really girl it's just a number of things that you're putting on your to-do.

List and if you just shifted that around you would feel so much better about yourself and you would have such great brain health because you're actually being realistic about how much you can do in a day so stop setting yourself up for failure and start setting your upself up for success by being intentional and mindful about how how.

Much you can actually get done here's the other thing too this is going to really help you get a control over your overthinking over constantly feeling stressed and rushed because now you're being realistic about how much you can get done and if you can only get five things done that's that's fantastic just focus on those five you don't have to do.

All thousand things today it takes it takes time and all of us have this like NeverEnding to-do list so you are definitely not alone when it comes to that but please give yourself Grace stop destroying your integrity and selfworth and confidence by putting on so many things on your list to do for the day the last toxic habit that I want.

To share with you that is probably destroying your brain health is you isolating yourself when stuff gets hard instead of reaching out I know you relate to this I know you do this is how you're keeping yourself stuck in your limiting belief you're keeping yourself more stuck in this place of feeling like you're not good.

Enough you're not loved that no one cares and you're doing this to yourself because instead of reaching out you're isolating yourself and keeping yourself further away from people we're not meant to live this life alone we're meant to live this life alongside other people that's what makes life beautiful what makes life beautiful is our community.

The people that we're around the experiences that we have and if you keep isolating yourself you never give anybody else a chance to support you and help you and be there for you and then you sit and wonder why nobody loves you why nobody is there for you people don't know they need to be there for you you have to be the one to reach out to get.

Help and support no one's going to come knocking on your door unless you know you really sew some crazy symptoms but no one's going to come knocking your door and be like hey I just had this like feeling I needed to come check in on you are you okay I just want to tell you you're loved no you have to be the one to reach out to get that help and.

Support you isolating yourself is is a way that you are self-sabotaging and I'm not saying don't get Space give yourself space and time I think that is very important to do so you can take a step back reflect calm that nervous system response down so you can act in the best way for yourself but ultimately you need to be the one to.

Reach out get that help and support stop letting yourself feel lonely stop letting yourself feel bad and suffer in your feelings all by yourself and all alone Reach Out get that help and support and if you feel like you don't have a good community of people first of all reach out to me okay I love this I love supporting women and helping them.

Build Great Brain health I'm offering you a free 30 minute brain health assessment you can use the link in the bio to um book that if you want that help and support and know that girl you don't have to go through this alone I'm here with you by your side the other thing too is that if you don't feel like you have a strong Community like start.

Building it right start looking at what are the places that you can go to and people that you can connect with or maybe it just requires you to just open up to the current community that you have so many of us we we're not opening ourselves up to our current community and then we get stuck in that mindset of no one understands me no one likes me.

But it's really because we never gave anybody the opportunity to understand us to love us how can anybody love you if you don't give them the permission to come into your world and love you they can't how can people be there for you if you don't actually reach out and ask them to be to be there for you right you need to ask you need to let.

People into your world no one is going to be able to be there for you to love you to support you if you don't let them into your world if you don't ever open up and become vulnerable so really take note and see if you're doing that because this is how you are destroying your brain health this is how you are destroying basically your selfworth and.

And keeping yourself small so these are the three toxic habit that I wanted to share with you you picking up your phone every 5 Seconds you putting too much on your to-do list to do and then you isolating yourself when stuff gets hard instead of opening yourself up to people become aware of these toxic habits showing up and do something about them.

And if you want support with it you know I got your back use the link below to book a free brain health assessment with me so that we can build your plan to help you elevate your self worth to help you heal your brain and to help you ultimately create the life of your dreams

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