3 O’clock Tumble: What is your significant rather a few’s most strange or most stressful addiction?


3 O'clock Tumble: What is your significant rather a few's most strange or most stressful addiction?

after their 1710 win over the Ravens on Sunday and punching their ticket to the Super Bowl Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes probably treated himself to a late night treat we only know that because his wife Britney says the football star is a seral snacker and he eats Doritos in bed every single night.

So it's time for the 3:00 drop with Kiki Brown here we're talking about our partners funny weird maybe annoying habits everybody has them yeah but what really grinds your gears and that to me right there I can just hear him crunching like while you're trying to sleep do you actually have to be doing that right now but knowing me I'm.

Probably like give me some and we're we're both just like in the bed chewing Doritos together yeah oh my gosh loud noises and Loud chewing is a big Quirk of mine my husband does not he's not a loud chewer I was trying to find weird and odd things and I was like is that odd that he's he's a silent eater but no we've been together 20.

Years so was there anything and you don't want to call him out perhaps no I don't and I know he's watching do is there anything that you do that gets on his oh everything everything I watch um Big Bang Theory and Modern Family every day at the same time and I have to have it on to go to sleep I love that though.

Both great shows yep I have to watch it um Mikey isn't here with us today but she actually commented on this one so we're going to get into some of the comments that we received okay Mikey said g I love my hubby but he unintentionally slams all doors front doors back doors car doors refrigerator doors closet doors bathroom doors it's.

Like he's Clark Kad and doesn't know his own superpower I have to yeah that's a good I slam the toilet seat when I'm I have to SL you got clothes toilet seat it's not like I'm doing it to say put down a toilet seat but I'm just putting it yeah they do make soft clo toilet seats oh so beautiful invention investment yeah I will definitely invest.

Promise it's worth it okay uh Karen Owen says you can hear my husband eating a banana oh it's one of the softest Foods on the planet I should not have to hear your teeth well eating one um that's disgusting I'm very sorry for you cara there is a condition and I forget the name of it but it is when you cannot.

Stand the sound of other people chewing I have this condition really I don't know if it's it's not Dag by a doctor there's nothing you could do for you're missing so many great Tik toks on that watching gorillas eat apples oh it's awesome oh I can't the cereal chew the slurping of soup oh okay rod says uh waking me up when she says I'm snoring I.

Don't hear me snoring let me rest rod says yeah do you wake up do you snore or I've been told that I do I don't believe it because there is no there are no receipts however comma I have heard him snore and i' and I wake him up he's like seriously um Frankie says that I snore that I sound like a truck driver like honking the horn like I don't know if.

That's true it's not true if there's no video there is get video he has video oh yeah he's done that very personal very personal just take that while I am resting I'm getting my beauty sleep leave me alone I get it Rod uh Joey Bag Jona too we love says what do you want I eat I don't know yes you do I'm not a mind reader do you guys have this.

Argument every day I don't know if this is more of a quirk or if this is like the coup's battle that happens in every single home I have seen a Tik Tok though where a guy asks his girl where do you want to eat oh I don't know you know what I thought about taking you to your favorite place oh my goodness scolis or whatever and he's like how did.

Youly so you trick them into the answer you trick them to tell you I'll tell you when when we get into this truly the reason is because I think that he wants something specifically and if I say the wrong thing he will nine times out of 10 appease me and say like sure but he doesn't really want yeah and I don't want to be that person he never knows.

What we want to eat he's like I don't care babies whatever I don't care yeah okay uh Sharon says he will not let anyone touch his hair he won't wear a hat he won't put a hood on it could be 20 below zero he just hates for anybody to touch his hair or guess anything and he doesn't really have that much of it oo not the shade um that's too cute I.

Don't have that problem cuz he's bald but yeah that's funny and Shady at the same time I wonder why that is don't you want to keep warm I'm not sure um Dolly says not stacking things biggest on the bottom and smallest on the top I will always say he never learned to play with blocks drives me crazy my OCD is bad PS I found a new one not putting the lids.

With the containers the putting them in sections there in sections for a reason don't put the plastic near the glass my I I would say one of the things that annoys me the most is probably and this isn't just him this is like everybody in the family I will go through the painstaking process of organizing something only to have somebody come.

Through and just yeah yep ruin it all mhm like why did I even bother mhm Adrien whistling he whistles to every song in the car and it drives me Bonker put on whmo in the car and see if he does it he can't whistle can't whistle wh uh maybe he might I don't can you whistle to Megan the salion I don't know uh would you.

Want to would can I don't know all right a thank you for the laugh Sydney says my husband has The Uncanny ability to come into the room at the last five minutes of a TV program or movie and start talking and I miss the end I think it's some kind of radar or so annoying Trigg I'm so triggered does this happen what's what is that oh so what's that oh so.

They're gonna so oh babe you know I forgot to tell you but like do you see I'm watching this I'm watching this well I will say and I love my mom dearly but anytime she's over and we're watching a pro like we'll watch like an episode into we were watching the Gilded Age this is the last time it happened we're in the middle of the program program and.

She says what is this how long have you guys been watching is this the second season or the first season oh this is really interesting who's that and I'm like mother just start from the beginning I will guide you do we have time for one more we have one more can we get to it bill says when I'm cooking dinner in the kitchen my wife will come.

In and start putting things away that I'm in the middle of using a oh well trying to be helpful it's a little OCD maybe clean up cuz you're not going to it's so much F I love when you're here we have so much fun we'll be right back after

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