2024 Transformation E book: Breaking Free from 24 Limiting Habits | Holistic Happiness Membership | EP 31


2024 Transformation E book: Breaking Free from 24 Limiting Habits | Holistic Happiness Membership | EP 31

Have you ever noticed that there are few things that waste a lot of our time these are just the handful things but they waste so much of our time that they hamper our personal growth they stop us from realizing our potential they stop us from achieving our own dreams and our own wishes these are just few things but if we eliminate them our life our days.

Will be much more productive and we will be on a much faster Lane to achieve our dreams and goals and we will we will live a much happier life much much satisfactory life much contain life so what are these few things that I'm talking about I have listed down 24 things that you can leave in the year of 2024 it's a bit bit of cliche that's why.

I have uh noted 24 things that you can leave in 2024 and that will make your 2024 a better year and subsequent year a better one and they will lead you to a better life so without further delay let's dive into the topic hi my name is AKA tiwari I am a holistic happiness coach author of the.

Book called Asher and the founder of holistic happiness Club holistic happiness Club is the place where we talk everything about happiness where we believe happiness is not a single faceted thing it's a multifaceted thing and that is why we need to look at happiness holistically we need to have a view of Happiness which is 360Β° which.

Covers everything about happiness which covers everything about life which covers everything about an individual so that is why we talk about spirituality we talk about finances we talk about personal growth we talk about relationships we talk about social uh social circles and everything that is connected with happiness so stay tuned.

Till the very end because a lot of things that we are going to talk are going to impact your life and at the end of the episode I will talk more about holistic happiness club and how can you benefit from this so stay tuned till the very end.

All right so let's begin with the topic of the day and let's talk about our list of 24 habits or things that you can leave in 2024 mind you that this list is not in any particular order that this is the top and this is the bottom nothing like it it is just the list of 24 things just pick those things which you are resonating with the most and just leave.

That from day one itself so I will be sharing what are those what are those things that you can leave and I will be also sharing that what you can pick instead and how how you can leave those things those habits all right so be prepared and let's talk about the first thing the first thing is negative selft talk we talk to just one person the most.

In our entire life and that person is us you I so when we are going to talk the most to just us to ourself then why not talk positively why not talk in a manner which is empowering see whenever there is an opportunity whenever it is presenting to us and this negative selft talk hampers us and it prevents us from.

Grabbing that opportunity so that is why it is very important that you eliminate this negative selft talk how you can eliminate this negative s self talk it is very simple you just need to replace it with positive selft talk it might sound like uh what am I talking about with negative selft talk replacing with positive self talk it is as simple as.

That for initially you need to do it mechanically so whenever there is a negative thought about you you are having about yourself if if you are thinking that you are not capable you are not good enough you are not confident you are not uh skillful you just need to replace it in the beginning that I'm I'm good enough I'm capable I'm.

Skillful I'm confident I can do this so all these things initially you need to repeat mechanically and over time it will become your internal beliefs and they will help you eliminate this selft talk and they will help you grab more opportunity because you are more ready you are more confident and you are think thinking that you are capable enough to.

Grab that opportunity right so that is why you need to remove this negative selft talk as the first thing in 2024 okay the next thing is procrastination we all have so many plans we all have so many dreams goals wishes but when it comes to action we don't do anything and because we don't do anything we just keep on postponing.

For tomorrow for tomorrow for tomorrow that tomorrow tomor never comes and we are left with that we are not doing anything at all for our dreams for our wishes for our goals so how you can eliminate those those this habit of procrastination I have dedicated a full episode on how you can eliminate this habit of.

Procrastination but in short I would say number one that you need to change your mindset first of all you need to tell yourself again going back to that negative selft talk point that you need to tell yourself that you are not a procrastinator you have a habit of procrastination so that that what is what does that uh one sentence will do.

Because if you are saying to yourself that you are a procrastinator that means you are associating your identity as a procrastinator and it is very difficult to break your own identity versus when you are saying to yourself that you have a habit of procrastination it means you just have developed a habit which can be broken.

And instead of this this habit you can develop a new one all right so that's why it is very important you that you have a that you have a mindset uh of that you have a habit and you are not that identity all right so this is very important for the detailed things and the three-step formula that you need to apply to.

Yourself to avoid to to break free from procrastination you can check out my episode about procrastination all right the next thing that you need to leave is unhealthy eating habits now this itself can be a very big topic but as you know that I like to keep things simple so there are so many things that can be considered.

As uh these are these are the good things these are the bad thing when it comes to nutrition everyone is saying uh it it looks like that everyone is contradicting the other person so I will keep it simple what I follow is you just eat homecooked food and you eat real food don't eat packaged food processed food that is not real food real food.

Means vegetables fruits legumes and different types types of pulses and U wheat and all those kinds of milet rice all these things these are real food if you have any specific medical condition of course you should consult with your health practitioner first before making any change to your diet but in general eating real food and.

Eating homecooked food will eliminate 80 to 90% of the problems that you have related to your health all right there will be specific things and there are very very specific things when it comes to nutrition but I don't want to over complicate things so if you are just sticking to home-cooked food and real food and if you can change a few things.

About your eating pattern that you make your lunch your biggest meal and eat early dinner as early as possible as close as possible to Sunset don't eat too much just uh keep your stomach 80% full if you can make all those tiny tiny changes in in your Healthy habit uh in your eating habit that will take care of 80 to 90% of your health problems eating.

Or food that is that is a a big contributor in how you look what your weight is and how your health is how well you sleep and how rested you wake up how much energetic you feel during the daytime and I'm not exaggerating but a lot of time it has a lot of say in what kind of energy and what kind of thoughts you are.

Having because every food uh everything has its own energy so the kind of food you are eating it will impact your thoughts your energy as well so keep your Healthy uh eating habits healthy and how you will keep it healthy just stick to homecooked food and just stick to real food if you you have any specific medical condition please.

Consult your uh Health practitioner before making any change to your diet all right let's go to the next one toxic relationships this is something that you need to leave most of the time we do not realize that how much time we are wasting in a toxic relationship how much energy we are wasting in the toxic Rel.

Relationship how much emotionally we are getting drained in that toxic relationship it can be anything and toxic relationship doesn't have to be romantic one it can be with your family member it can be with your friend it can be with your colleagues it can be with your seniors Juniors or whoever right there are few relationships that you can.

Leave so if there is some friend who is a toxic person to you then you can leave that friend you can stop communicating with that friend but if it's a family member sometime sometime there there is someone to whom you cannot leave then you need to find out ways that how you can limit that toxicity in that relationship how you.

Can limit your conversation with that person and how you can limit that relationship that it does not hamper your growth it does not hamper other areas of your life see when I'm saying toxic relationships I do not mean that if you are in a toxic relationship it means that the other person is bad no it does not mean that it means that you two.

Are not compatible together that's it the other person might be a very good person and you might be a very good person to all other people in the world but when when it comes to being together you just are not meant to be together and again it might not be a romantic relationship it can be just a platonic platonic relationship ship it can be a.

Relationship with your family member or anything so if you can cut down that relationship it is great if you cannot you need to find out ways that how you can limit that relationship that toxicity of that relationship does not go out and hamper other areas of your life right so deal with it and there can be another episode in in in the in the.

Talks in the ways in which you can manage those toxic relationship all right so but if you'll ask yourself how can I limit my time how can I limit the kind of negative energy which I'm getting from that person how can I limit all that you will get your answers all right so this was toxic relationship that you need to leave in 2024 all right.

Next is fear of failure it's a big one it was a it was a I wasted a lot of time thinking that if I will start something uh it was about podcast it was it was about social media it was about so many other things I wasted a lot of time that thinking that what if I start and if it does not work it may work it might not work if.

You start something there are 50% chances it will work there are 50% chances it will not work if it will not work at least you will learn something you will learn something that how it does not work and next time when you are starting you will start with the experience you'll not start with the zero all right so fear of failure is I.

Mean I will not say that it's it's a it's a rubbish thing it's just uh uh it's just it is just in your mind but this is something that you should not be worried about even I was in that same place that I should not be failing it it comes from the society it comes from that you have never taken any risk so I am someone who has played very safe in.

My life so I had never taken any risk so that's why there was this failure this there was this fear that what if I fail dude what if you fail nothing right you fail you fail it's okay can you go back to doing what you were doing can is it whatever you are starting is it too detrimental that it will change your life upside down if not then go ahead go.

Ahead and experiment all right what will happen if you will fail you will just have another um setback don't consider it's that it's the life failure now you are not going to do anything else so many of successful people if you read their stories if you read their biographies if you listen to their interviews everyone has failed everyone.

Has failed multiple times not once everyone every successful bu businessman had started multiple Ventures and failed every successful actors has given so many flop film and list goes so on and on so there is I mean you will fail you cannot avoid failure all right so what you can do is you can avoid getting drowned in the negativity negativity of.

Failing if you have failed it's okay just learn from it and grow from it failure is the step on which you go to success failure is that uh learning that you need to in order to achieve success all right so Embrace failure Embrace failure that okay it is going to teach you something so come out of fear fear of.

Failure just tell yourself it's okay to fail it's okay to fail there there world is not going to end if you fail all right so it's not a big deal that if you fail if you'll tell yourself multiple time that belief will get ingrained in your head and and when once it once it becomes your belief it will become easy to start anything else all right let's.

Go to the next one excessive screen time I'm sure there is no one person in this planet who will not agree to this that more more and more people are wasting most of their time in front of the screen mindlessly scrolling some some reels some shorts some micro content and reading and commenting and.

They are wasting so much time for nothing for nothing I mean if you are entertaining yourself for 5 minutes 10 minutes 10 15 minutes it's okay if you do not have have any Ambitions and any goals you do not have anything else to do in the world maybe you can waste your you can afford to waste your time but if you have something if you want to do.

Something if you want to contribute to your own life if you want to grow you should have Ambitions you should have goals if and if you have that spending too much time in front of screen and wasting that time is not going to help you mindlessly scrolling through real and shorts it will not help you achieve your goals right so if you want to.

Entertain yourself if you want to educate educate yourself because yes of course we need to agree that our mobile our gadgets are great source of information as well so yes we can learn from it and at the same time they are great source of entertainment as well so if we want to entertain ourself or we want to educate ourself you need to.

Limit the time if you want to entertain yourself if you think that half an hour is good for you just assign half an hour if it if you think 1 hour is good for you assign 1 hour if you think four hours are good for you just I mean four hours are too much but whatever time you feel that it is good for you just assign that time allocate that time and use.

That time and come out of it do not uh be in the world pool that you are not able to come out of whatever free time you are having or whatever time you can afford to lose or afford to waste and you are wasting mindlessly in that screen that's not good that's not good for your goals that's not good for your personal growth that's not good for your.

Health that's not good good for your uh physical health that's not good for your mental health right so limit your screen time it is going to save you ton of energy mental and physical it will give you so much boost that you can achieve so so many things I mean I cannot exaggerate I cannot.

Emphasize enough that if you will leave phone for sometime just switch it off for maybe a day or two you will feel a different kind of energy if you want to feel it if you have something to do right if you do not have anything to do you will feel vo it's even worse so you need to find something you need to have something in your mind that you need to.

Work right so how can you limit your excessive uh screen time uh it's a simple what you need to do uh what happens these social media apps and these are there are so many apps every app wants that you need to be on their screen most of the time so they keep sending you notification and whenever.

There is a notification you have this tendency to go back to screen instead what you need to do is you can switch off all the notification of all the apps buying one or two which are very essential otherwise you can switch off all the notification you can use those app whenever you want to not when the app wants you to use it all right so if.

Somebody has posted his picture in some corner of the world it is not impacting your world dude whenever you have time you can go to Facebook or you can go to Instagram and you can check who has been where but if somebody has posted a photo right now there is no compulsion on you that you have to view it right now and you have to comment it comment on it.

Right now so switch off those notification and and have and and buy some peace of mind all right so that's how you limit your exessive screen time also you can delete so many apps that you are not using that but they keep on sending you notifications you can you can delete those app that will save a ton of time for you next is you need to.

Leave the Clutter see what where we spend time we spend time in our workplace we spend time in our living uh living place if that if these two places are messy that will create a mess inside your head because the outer world is the reflection of your inner world and vice versa your inner energy transfers to.

Your outer World whatever your your thoughts which are going in your head whatever the energy you are having inside you that that manifest whatever is outside of you and it goes vice versa if there is clutter there's mess in your workpl if there is mess in your living place it will create a mess inside your head and it will suck a lot of energy.

From you it will not help you it will not let you do the work but either it is on workplace or it will not let you enjoy your living place so cut those clutters clear those clutter and once you have that space you will feel better you will feel positive you feel you will feel energetic and you will be able to do more and more things all right so.

Just take out some time weekly basis or maybe daily basis or maybe monthly basis depends on you and depends on your workplace and living place just clear those and if you can afford to delegate it to someone else please do that the bottom line is you need to keep it C clean and uh you need to keep it clutter free next thing is overc.

Committing to please people to be in the good books of the other persons we often tend to overcome it if somebody is asking for 4 hours of our time we say yes somebody is asking that can you come to a come to come for a dinner in our house you say yes why we do that because we want to be in the good books of the other people so if four different people.

Are asking for your attention if you are saying yes to everyone you will be left with no time for yourself so always assess what are your priorities always assess what you can do in the 24 hours that you have what you can do in the next week that you have what you can do in the upcoming weekend what all the things which are already aligned for you.

What are the things that are on your plate once you have that assessment clear only then commit to someone else about your time and if you have committed to something someone else do not overc commit and go on and commit to another another person and then create a mess and then you create a rise of time that I have to do this also I have to do.

That also do not overcome it just take whatever you can take on your plate right so over commitment what uh how it drains you because of course I mean it's no brainer if you have overcommitted you will be you will be left with less time for yourself and when you have less time for yourself yourself you will be Cutting Corner for your health you will.

Be Cutting Corner for your mental health you will be Cutting Corner uh whatever work you are putting in for your dreams because you will make yourself uh lesser priority compare compared to other people so make yourself a priority make your work a priority make your health a priority make your sleep a priority and after taking care of your priority.

Allocate some time that this is the time which I'm going to allocate for other people all right and in that time only commit to someone else all right so it does not whenever whenever I'm saying allocate sometime allocate half an hour 15 minute it does not have to be hard and fast when I'm saying 15 minute it can go to 17 18.

Minute 18 minutes it's okay I'm not asking you to be a robot I'm not asking you to be a machine you are a human and little bit here and there is fine all right but it gives you a rough picture that if okay you have 15 minute or half an hour for screen time it gives you a rough picture that you have 4 Hour in upcoming weekend which you can commit to.

Someone else all right so just have that rough idea and then and uh assess your plate and only then go on and commit to someone else for some for anything else next is perfectionism let me tell you there is nothing called perfect there is nothing called um absolutely perfect ffect something all right any anything is.

Anything in the world is not ideal there is some lack somewhere some in some corner there is some dir always all right so this perfectionism is it becomes one of the reason for procrastination number one and it also uh keep us in in a in a in a Zone where we do not take action I would not say it's a comfort zone it creates a.

Lot of stress as well why let me explain that to you that if you want so let's say that you want to start a business now you are waiting for the perfect time perfect customer you are trying to uh first Outreach the market that okay I first I will have a market ready only then I I'll launch the product you are waiting for everything to be perfect.

That never happens all right for simple analogy I can give you again uh I use this analogy a lot that if you want to go somewhere you cannot wait that when all the signals will be green only then I will leave from house you go on you stop at the signal whenever it is read you wait there you navigate the traffic and you go on then you can reach to.

Another signal some signals will be green some signals will be red it's okay nothing is nobody has figured all out in first attempt just go on make your version one version one is always better than version none and then improve from there right so be agile and uh be flexible make your first attempt and be and rest assured that it.

Is not going to be perfect it's okay because it's is not it is never going to be perfect even if you're if you're making your 100th attempt you still will have some scope for improvement and that's that's what that that will keep you going that will um that will keep on pushing you to make make things better all right so do not wait for things to.

Be perfect do not wait for the perfect moment do not try to create a perfect something only then you will launch it or only then you will do it perfectionism perfect thing never happens so just make your first attempt you will you will be proud of you I was waiting that um when everything will be right.

Only then I will be launching this podcast whenever when my light is light my when my camera is uh right when my microphone is right and because of that I was never able to launch but one day I decided okay let me launch it my mentor helped me but I decided that okay let me launch it with God's grace I launched it.

And the first episode if you will see it is um in the first episode in and in the current episode they you will find a stark difference in the way I speak in the way I present I have been making progress since then and if I have been waiting for perfect timing making it perfect when I'm launching it I would never have.

Launched it all right so do not again do not wait for perfect moment M just make your first move and improve from there next thing that you need to leave in this year is lack of physical activity you see you only have this body and you are not going to have any alternate thing from birth to death if there is anything which is going to be.

With you it is this body your parents will not be there your spouse will not be there your partners will not be there your friends will not be there your Social Circle will not be there your house car any machine they will not be there from birth to death every moment something is with you is your body so please take care of it if you are not.

Going to use it you are going to lose it so lack of physical activity becomes the reason for so many problems it becomes the reason for so many lifestyle disorder and if you are not having a healthy body you will not have a sound mind if you do not have a healthy body and sound mind it will hamper your growth if it will hamper your personal.

Growth it will hamper your spiritual growth it will hamper your business growth because if you are not energetic what kind of energy you are going to put in the business if you are not going to put good kind of energy in your business the output is anyways going to be garbage right so allocate some time for physical activity if you are not able to.

Do it daily do it on a on a weekly on a regularly basis not weekly basis on a regular basis in two days in 3 days all right if you are not too much into gyming you can pick some sport if you are not into sports you can just walk if you are not finding time for walk if you are too busy maybe you can take your calls but when you are walking you can.

Find something that you can do along with walking you can listen to audio B you can listen to podcast and you can keep walking for that time and if you are some someone who cannot walk because of some conditions you can always contact to physical uh fitness trainers they will suggest you something and uh they'll suggest you.

Something for you but there is always an option to do some physical activity baring some exceptions it's okay but majority of us can do some physical activities some or other form of physical activ is always possible for all of us all right so do that physical activity had that have that pump have that blood flowing and.

Keep your body healthy next is Mindless spending we don't even know how much we spend on things that we are we do not need we just see an ad and we that ad is lucrative to us and that triggers something within us most likely insecurity of vulnerability uh avoid and we end up spending for that.

Particular product most of us spend for clothes most of and so many of us also spend on gadgets but ask yourself do you really need that extra pair of cloth do you really need that extra Gadget are you not able to work with what you have currently right some people are obsessed with utensil some people are obsessed.

With so many other things some people are obsessed with things of arts and crafts see if you want to spend if you have thought that this is the money that I'm going to spend on something which I just love it's okay to spend that so that is what that is something that uh people teach on on different uh personal finance workshops that you can allocate.

Some amount of your money maybe 10% of your money or 5% of your money and you can say that this money I'm going to splurge I'm going to buy clothes I'm going to go on vacations I'm going to uh spend on things that are Mindless it's okay but you should not increase you should not you should not exceed that Koda all right because there is no end.

To it if you keep on shopping there is no end to it there are always seller available there is always some or other new available which will catch your fancy and if you keep on spending you will not have much Financial resource for your yourself for your personal growth and that will hamper your.

Personal growth so keep some money aside do whatever you want to do do uh fulfill your wishes fulfill your desire with that money and just just stop it there do not keep on spending all right all right so next is limiting beliefs so I have u a dedicated podcast I mean more than one podcast I think there are two two episode which I have dedicated how.

You can break free from limiting beliefs and how you can uh create positive limiting beliefs that will Empower you to the path of success to the path of Happiness to the path of growth but in short I will tell you that how uh any kind of belief comes from repetition so if you want to create an empowering belief for you you just have to write.

Down that belief and just keep on repeating that orally in writing and then you need to create some evidences for that so for example uh if you want to create a belief that you are an achiever you just write down for yourself that you are an achiever write down write it down multiple times and repeat it multiple times inside your.

Head and then then start writing the list what all you have achieved in your life in your life all right and then uh maybe you can create small small task for yourself and you can tell yourself if I'm able to do this task I am an achiever so you need to create you need to find past evidences and you need to create the present evidences that tells.

You that you are this person you are this belief and when you do all these two or three things then it becomes very easy to install the new belief for details you can always check out the episode which I'm referring to next is gossiping just like scrolling it's kind of an addiction it feels a void inside.

You it feels an insecurity inside you maybe it feels uh it touches some vulnerability inside you and that's why people keep on gossiping people keep on talking to each other about someone else which that person might be related or non-related they might be gossiping about the celebrities celebrities don't even care what you are talking about and.

Then people are talking about some other person that other person is not even present in the conversation there there is no point of gossiping except wasting your time if you want to learn something it's okay if it's okay you can talk about something and you can draw a conclusion and then you can leave it at at that point in in time make a rule for.

Yourself that you are not going to about any other person who is not present in the conversation all right so that that way you will save a ton of time not only you will save a turn of time you will save a turn of energy and you will you will save yourself from getting or receiving some negative energy and you will save.

Yourself from collecting some of the negative energy because when you are gossiping when you are talking some negative talks about some other person it is creating that NE negative energy inside you and with that negative energy if you are going to do something else chances are that you will not have good outcome from that so avoid.

Gossiping next is ignoring mental health we especially in India we often do not talk about mental health we do not talk how we can stay mentally healthy and we do not incorporate those practices that can keep us healthy so incorporate those practices uh start journaling start writing do meditation do pranayam and there are other.

Practices if you if you are having some issues if you want to talk to some professional if you want to talk to friends please be open uh embrace your vulnerability talk to friends talk to experts talk to professionals if you are having an issue if you are not if you are good health I wish you that you always stay healthy and you keep on.

Doing the practices that you are doing if you want to adopt you can adopt journaling meditation pranayam all these will help you uh help uh help you make your mental health better all right all right mental health is very very important because if mental health is not right your physical health cannot be right and any other area of your life.

Cannot be right because everything is connected to mental health right everything that you are experiencing whether it is growth whether it's love whether it's romance anything you are experiencing through your mind and body these are the things that give you that Sensation that experience so so so if you are ignoring either man mind or.

Body you are going to uh you will not be able to experience the experience that you are having right now so always take care of your mental health always take care of your of your physical health as well next is comparing yourself to others and as I have said multiple times that you have your own journey and.

Others have their own Journey you might be going to some destination a other person might be going to destination B and in between there there is some part of the path which is intersecting so for that particular time you both are together otherwise you you have your own Journey you have your own destination other person has their own Journey they.

Have started with some different resources you have started with some different resources along the way they might have been lucky they might have worked hard um prior to you and you might have worked hard prior to uh other person so you might be having some good things right now other might be having some good things so there is no point.

Comparing yourself to anyone else in this world your journey is unique to you as much as their journey is unique to them so there is no point of comparison if you will compare you will be making fool out of yourself all right if you want to learn something it's all right if you want to.

Make comparative analysis it's all right but saying that other person is successful but I am not because he is having this and this and this resources that will not take you anywhere right so avoid that kind of comparison and save your time save your energy save your resources and build your own confidence inside you and.

Within you that will take you places that will help you grow better that that will help you grow your uh achieve your dreams all right next is ignoring self-care and when I'm saying self-care it it it it takes care of your physical health it takes care of your mental health also it takes care of so many so small small things maybe for so many.

People taking care of the hair and taking care of skin that is also important so that is also that also comes under self-care but the most important thing is the discipline that you Inc inculcate to take care of yourself that's self-care saying no to someone when your sleep is hampered saying uh making your sleep a priority.

Making your health a priority uh making your work a priority that's self-care right it's not only about it's not only about brushing your teeth in the night uh this is that is one part of it but everything that contributes to your growth your health your wealth everything is can come under self-care so in a nutshell be so much disciplined.

Make yourself a priority that everything else takes the back seat next is overthinking they say analysis paralysis I think I think you must have heard this term analysis paralysis people think so much about one thing that they end up taking no decision or they end up taking wrong decision when you are thinking too much.

When you are analyzing too much most of the time people make a wrong choice a wrong move the reason is by thinking alone you cannot you cannot know everything about something or someone you need to experience it you need to get into it so take one decision take a small decision take a one take one step ahead and then see whether it is suiting.

To you whe take test the water and then see that whether you can go ahead or not if you keep on thinking uh uh it will not enhance your knowledge it will not uh it will not give you any kind of clear Insight what it will do is it will kill your enthusiasm and it will it might fill you in with lot of wrong.

Information so what you need to do is you need to trust your instinct you need to clear your priorities uh if you have to take a decision you need to clear your priorities for example if I have to take a decision I first see that how it is benefiting my family or if it is not benefiting my family it is just for me then is it is it hampering my family it.

Is is it hampering my family time if it is a yes I will not take that decision because my family is priority to me all right and there are other things as well so clear your priorities know yourself well who you are and then whenever you are approaching a situation then you can then you can think from those filters.

From those angle that whether this situation is for you or not so there will be no need of overthinking all right so whenever you are taking a decision just clear your priorities clear your requirement and then the the need for overthinking will be will will be reduced drastically all right next is ignoring.

Passion Pursuit we always think that that something which we are passionate about maybe some hobby maybe some business maybe some uh problem solving idea maybe some volunteering work or whatever you are passionate about it is just a side work we always think that our our work is our priority our our family is.

Priority yes they are priority and so is your passion our passion always takes backseat if you have the passion of helping someone if you have the passion for creating art pursue that allocate some time for that because that is who you are that is what your gift is and imparting your gift is also your Dharma whatever you are good at whatever.

You are passionate about you need to give that to world even if you are able to give it to one person maybe maybe you I mean you never know how how it how it will U result in a longer term right you can create a ripple effect if if if if there is a pond and there's a the whole Pond is a still you just take one small um Stone and just.

Throw it in the middle of the pond it will create ripples throughout the pond that's how important pursuing your passion is maybe you will do some tiny bit of the work but it will create a ripple effect and you never know what it will result result in all right so do not ignore your passion do not at all uh think that do not make it a lesser.

Priority it is as important as your work and it is as important as your family all right all right it is your gift and you have to impart you have to give it to the world all right next thing is IGN ignoring sleep hygiene if there is uh something which.

Is very mysterious about health among other thing and which is some something which is very obvious as well it is sleep we do not know why do we sleep but we know that if we do not sleep there are so many horrible things that can happen if you are not sleeping for 48 hours your decision- making cap.

Capability will reduce by 50% if you are not sleeping sing for 72 hours or maybe 96 hours you will start hallucinating and so many toxins you will build inside you because when we sleep we detox we digest well we process our emotions we I mean sleeping is something that resets sleeping is something that is Boon for your whole.

System all right and if you are training and if you are an athlete sleep is extremely important for you it doesn't matter whether you sleeping for 7 hours or 8 hours or 2 hours or 3 hours what matters is when you are waking up you must be waking up rested you must be waking up with energy and enthusiasm for life all right uh so seven I do not.

Believe in seven 7 hours 8 hours 6 hours whatever you feel is good it is good for you the bottom line is when you are waking up you should be feeling rested so so there are some sleep hygiene that you need to follow in order to sleep better that your uh temperature of the room should be lower and there should be no light uh at least high.

Intensity light darker is better so these are few things that you need you can keep uh keep in mind so that you can sleep better and sleep hygiene also means that you are making your sleep a priority you are not discounting sleep for anyone else and anything else because if you are not sleeping you are not healthy.

Physically and mentally you are building toxins inside you and that will make you sick and if you are sick you are not growing in any direction neither in your relationship neither in your finances neither in your uh career or spiritually as well so do not ignore sleep it's a simple thing but it is very very.

Important and its impacts are profound all right next is ignoring boundaries if you let someone in in your personal space so much they will create your create their own space within your personal spaces and if your personal space is eaten up chances are that you are not growing you are living for others or you are uh.

Living I mean you are man uh spending a day from the from the angle and from the perspective of others all right so if you are not ignoring if you're not resp sorry if you're not respecting your boundaries other will keep on encroaching in your personal space and when you will not have any personal space left you will feel suffocated you.

Will not be able to give time to your personal things you will will not be able to time give time to your passion Pursuit and all in all you will feel U claustrophobic in that in that space where you do not have your own personal space you do not have your own privacy so respect your boundaries communicate clearly to others that this is the.

Personal space and this here you are encroaching that personal space communicate clearly if you you are not communicating other person will always take the advantage and I should not say Advantage other person will not know how much is too much so you need to communicate them that this is too much this is my personal space do not.

Encroach that because if your personal SP is space is encroached your mental health is encroached that will lead to complications in physical and uh physical health and that will lead to so many other complications so so always respect your boundaries and how do you respect your boundaries by communicating.

Clearly to other people who are encroaching it all right next is impulse reacting somebody said to said something to you and impulsively you reacted in a manner that the other person did not like and in these instance a relationship can be made or break right so these instance are so.

Important so it can lead to all sorts of complications right so always take a pause before reacting and it it is not limited to just saying something or hitting someone it is also limited uh it is ALS it also covers that if you have seen a situation if you are seeing an ad let's say for for buying something there somebody some.

Some Advertiser is advertising about a new car and you think impulsively that I want this car or maybe you have some argument with uh some friend over a car and now impulsively you decided that I want to buy a new car whether that decision is supporting your Finance or not if it is not taken.

Into account chances are that it is going to hit your finances badly this is just one example and it can happen in any area of our life if we are impulsively reacting chances are we are hampering our own growth so just take a pause just think whether whatever decision you are going to take is it going to impact you positively or.

Negatively if it is a negative thing better not to do it right so just take a pause think over it just for a few second before actually deciding it before actually reacting about it all right pessimism thinking that this will not happen nothing good ever happens to me it is always that I am at the.

Receiving end of the bad things so thinking bad about life if you are thinking bad about life what will happen only bad things will happen even if good things are happening you will not be able to see it because your your mind is tuned that on bad things are going to happen good things you will take for granted okay it.

Happens with every event all right so passivism creates a very narrow and dark view of your own life and I'm sure nobody wants to be in that space at least I do not want to be and if you are in that space your growth is very limited because all you are seeing all around you is negativity you are not seeing the opportunity you are not.

Seeing the positive side you are not seeing the bright side and until unless you are not seeing opportunity the past positive side the bright side how will you grab one how will you grow how will you feel better you will not so how you can remove this pessimism from your life just count your blessing gratitude is your.

Answer being mindful is your answer be mindful be grateful for things that you have be grateful for the blessings that you have and if you are grateful obviously slowly this pessimism will go away all right and next last is avoiding personal growth It's a combination of multiple things if you are not caring for.

Yourself if you are not if you are ignoring your boundary if you are ignoring your physical health if you are ignoring your mental health if you are ignoring your uh if you are not respecting your own time if you are overc committing all these thing will hamper your personal growth so if you are doing anything I mean anything other.

Than this also if you are thinking that it is hampering your personal growth and personal growth can be anything personal growth can be multiple things for multiple people different things for different people whatever whatever is personal growth so let's say for some people it might be reading something and uh uh gaining knowledge for some people.

It might be working on their physical health that is personal growth for some people it might be working on their wealth and working spending quality time that is also personal growth whatever is personal growth for you whatever it is for you if it is being compromised in any way you need to.

Take care of it you need to protect it it is your personal space it is your personal growth you need to protect it so anything that is eating up that time anything that is hampering that growth you you need to take care of it you you canot say that okay currently this is the priority and I will take my.

Personal growth I will give it a backseat and I will come back to it because if you are doing it one time chances are that you will do it again and again and again and that's how it is stops that's how your personal growth stops all right so don't do that make yourself a priority make your care a priority make your health a priority.

Make your sleep a priority make your vision a priority make your passion a priority whatever feels like being uh whatever feels like personal growth to you make that a priority and everything else can wait everything else is secondary all right so these were 24 things I hope you have must have uh related related with one or two things.

And I hope you must have got some insight about how you can get rid of them and how you can create some something positive instead of them all right let me know in the comment box that what you have liked about this whole episode and what are those things that you are willing to let go in 2024 and what are the things that you are.

Willing to adopt in 2024 for a better year for a better life all right so with that we have reached to the end of the topic but before we end this episode I would like to announce that holistic happiness Club has memberships and there are so many perks for that memberships like uh weekly calls Q&A sessions um one toone sessions and so many other things.

There are so many other courses there are so many um there's a uh there will be a support from the community who will help you in each and every step of your personal success and personal happiness right so be a member of holistic happiness club and take the advantage of all those perks if you want to connect with me personally um social media you.

Can you can connect connect with me on social media Instagram is the place happiness architect is my handle also you can connect with me on my website a.in is my website so that's it for this episode let me know how did you like it and what did you find useful whether you find it or useful or not if you want me to speak.

On some topic uh please let me know uh in the feedback I would I would be very happy to create an episode about it all right so this is the end of end of the episode till the time we are not seeing each other again take care of yourself take care of your loved one take care of the people around you love everyone respect everyone and always remember.

Happiness is a lifestyle

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